What Are The Best Sofa Manufacturers? 6 Top Brands

If you want to know what are the best sofa manufacturers, we have six companies to introduce to you. This list is in no particular order because we want to include manufacturers for every type of sofa buyer. You’ll get brands that offer couches, sectionals, sleepers, recliners, leather furniture, and outdoor sofas.

This list of the best sofa manufacturers includes everything from small sofas and furniture models that vary from affordable to high-end. Some brands even allow custom sofas. But if you also want to know how to buy a couch that will last, check the four secrets we shared.

what are the best sofa manufacturers


What Are The Best Sofa Manufacturers For Quality Furniture?


Ashley Furniture

One of the most popular providers of sofas in the US is Ashley Furniture. In particular, the products are sold worldwide by the store chain Ashley Homestore that both have corporate and independently owned stores. Ashley Furniture’s headquarters is in Wisconsin, and the company has over 2,000 locations worldwide. 

Ashley Furniture offers everything from sofas, couches, recliners, sectionals, loveseats, futons, sleeper sofas, and even recliners. With the extensive price range, homeowners should easily find a furniture piece within their budget. Just make sure to check the materials and reviews of the specific model you want. 

Do you own an Ashley recliner, and you want to relocate it? Here is a guide on how to disassemble an Ashley recliner sofa easily. 



La-Z-Boy might be more attributed to their signature recliner; it’s worth noting that this manufacturer is among the best sofa producers. They offer couches, loveseats, and sectionals besides the famous reclining La-Z-Boy sofa. They even have sleeper sofas, and using their online website for shopping is very intuitive to help you get the perfect furniture.

Does La-Z-Boy make good sofas? It’s safe to say that the prices are worth it for their products. In addition, the company tests their furniture twice the industry standard to guarantee the best quality. 


American Leather

Are you looking for a custom-made sofa? A leather furniture manufacturer that started in 1990 is American Leather. This company set the standard for custom furniture by producing after 30 days instead of the usual 12 weeks. 

American Leather uses top-grain leather for their sofas, which should be among the things to look for when buying a leather couch. But despite the brand name, American Leather also offers fabric sofas made from Turkish yarns, Toray Ultrasuede, and cotton velvets. And finally, American Leather has sleeper sofas, rocking chairs, recliners, and sectionals as well. 


Simplicity Sofas

Floating the sofa in the living room is a fantastic styling technique in smaller spaces. However, did you know a well-reviewed and awarded sofa manufacturer specializing in apartment furniture? The company is Simplicity Sofas, and they create models meant for small spaces.

Simplicity sofas build their own frames from solid oak lumber, use high-density foam for their cushions, and offer quality memory gel foam and spring down sofas. And because they don’t sell through retailers, you can purchase their products at a lower cost than a typical sofa with a middleman. The North Carolina manufacturer offers everything from sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and sleeper sofas. 


Lane Furniture

Founded in 1912, the list of the best sofa manufacturers would be incomplete if it doesn’t include Lane Furniture. The company offers stationary sofas, loveseats, sleeper sofas, and sectionals. They also have reclining sofas, and Lane Furniture is even one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. 

With the array of sofas available, you should easily find the material that suits your lifestyle well. Lane Furniture uses the industry’s cleanability code to help you care for your furniture correctly. Remember that a sofa’s expected lifespan is affected by how you maintain and use it. 


Century Furniture

If you want a high-end sofa, one of the largest manufacturers to check out is Century Furniture. The brand has even worked with well-known designers like Oscar de la Renta. You can also get your furniture custom-made with over 2,000 fabrics, leathers, trims, finishes, and frame construction to choose from. 

For example, the company has the Cornerstone collection that gives you the freedom to make the sofa or sectional according to the size and style you want. In addition, you can select from different frame configurations, arm styles, base styles, and depths. Century Furniture also offers sofas, loveseats, sectionals, sleepers, and recliners that you should quickly find in their online catalog. 


What Is The Best Sofa For The Money?

The best sofa for money will vary for every homeowner because we differ in needs and wants. A helpful tip is to set a budget and compare different models from various manufacturers. Always check the brand’s reputation, the craftsmanship and materials of the sofa, and if it suits your lifestyle while also providing the style you want for the living room. 



Shopping for a sofa can be intimidating because you want to get the best quality furniture. You should know what are the best sofa manufacturers, so you’ll have reliable places to check out. This list comprises Ashley Furniture, La-Z-Boy, American Leather, Simplicity Sofas, Lane Furniture, and Century Furniture.

Each of them offers an array of sofas, sectionals, sleepers, and even recliners. Consider checking them out and compare different models to get the best sofa for your living room. 


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