How To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa

There are three steps to learn how to disassemble a Lazy Boy recliner sofa correctly. Lazy Boy or La-Z-Boy is a popular upholstered recliner, but it can be bulky for moving. Therefore, it would be helpful to know how to take it apart accordingly to avoid damaging it. 

We also recommend that you check this tutorial on how to dismantle a sofa recliner. While most recliners are similar in their mechanism and parts, reading these general guidelines should only be for your additional understanding. It’s still better that you refer to your specific couch’s guide. In this case, let’s disassemble the Lazy Boy.

How To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa


How To Take Apart A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa

La-Z-Boy offers a range of recliners ranging from rocket recliners, wall recliners, swivel recliners, power recliners to even nursery gliders and recliners. While there are various designs and styles, the mechanisms should be pretty similar where the brand combines a framework, padding, and upholstery. However, it would always be best to study your Lazy Boy recliner’s parts and mechanisms.  


Step 1. Remove the back cushion

Find the levers that secure the back cushions, typically between each side of the back and base. You only need to fit your fingers through the gap and feel for the release lever. Next, rotate each lever upward and then pull the back cushion out and up to remove it from the Lazy Boy recliner sofa. 


Step 2. Dismantle brackets

With the back removed, flip your recliner sofa so that its base is facing the ceiling. This will help you access the furniture’s framework, including the metal brackets. These parts are what connect the sofa arm to the seat cushion. Next, use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove each screw. 

A helpful tip is to have resealable bags labeled with each section of your Lazy Boy recliner. This will help you know what to use later when reinstalling the couch. After removing the screws, you should quickly pull the bracket out and towards the center. 


Step 3. Uninstall the rest of the sofa

Return the Lazy Boy recliner sofa to its upright orientation. Then, lift the front of the seat cushion to access the bolts. They attach the rear side of the cushion to the sofa’s arms. Remove the bolts with the proper tool to dismantle the cushion from the base completely. 

Tip the recliner to help you access the bottom mechanism. Next, remove the bolts that connect the sofa arms to the base. Then, have the furniture upright again and pull each arm outward. 


Do Lazy Boy Reclining Sofas Come Apart?

Lazy Boy reclining sofas come apart, but remember that the company offers different models. For example, La-Z-Boy also has stationary sofas, and you can assume that you can’t disassemble them. However, all motion sofas are designed to be made apart. 

The good news is you can still save on bulk with Lazy Boy reclining sofas because their feet typically attach with bolts or screws. Therefore, you can remove these parts to save a bit of clearance. In addition, you can read this guide on how to fit a sofa through a small door for more tips during moving. 


Can Lazy Boy Recliners Be Taken Apart For Moving?

You can take apart the Lazy Boy recliner for convenience during moving. However, it’s still better to refer to your recliner’s instruction booklet to know if there are some sections that you can dismantle. Here is a general guideline for moving a Lazy Boy recliner:


  1. Check if you have enough clearance to go through spaces and walkways before dismantling the recliner as you might be able to fit it without taking it apart completely
  2. Plan your maneuverability through the walkways, such as the angles you can do
  3. Have someone guide you through stairs and prepare the area beforehand to avoid hitting other furniture that can damage them or the La-Z-Boy. 
  4. Remove the cushions, including those with motion seats
  5. Lazy Boy recliners with motion seats require you to lift their levers to help you slide them off the furniture
  6. Lift the back off if it allows or find the hinge between the seat and back on both sides and undo them 
  7. If your La-Z-Boy recliner can’t come apart, locate the screws or bolts on the feet and undo them instead

How Do You Separate A Lazy Boy Sectional?

There are also Lazy Boy sectionals, which are perfect for those who love adjusting their furniture for decorating or moving. You can follow the tutorial below, and we have also written a guide on how to take apart a sectional sofa that you can study regarding sectionals. 


  1. Find the latches that connect each section, typically between the turns of the sofa
  2. Tilt the sectional backward to access the latch better and undo them accordingly
  3. Some La-Z-Boy sectionals simply have each section slide in place, while others require you to lift and drop each section onto the latch
  4. Return the sectional to its upright orientation and do the proper practice
  5. Have someone hold one sectional to keep it from sliding off and push or lift each section from the latch



Do you need to transport or relocate your La-Z-Boy furniture? To recap this guide on how to disassemble a Lazy Boy recliner sofa, you only need to release the lever, remove the brackets, and uninstall the screws or bolts for each section. Then, of course, you have to adjust according to the furniture you have since some Lazy Boy recliners only allow the removal of feet. 


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