What Is The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

We found out what is the best heavy duty sewing machine by comparing three brands. We’ll also include how to select among them to get the most of your money. 

And since heavy duty machines are often used for tough materials, it’s best to know what materials to use as well. Start with reading what thread is best for sewing leather as it might be what you’ll need with a heavy duty machine when working with leather projects. 

what is the best heavy duty sewing machine


What Is The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine To Buy


Janome HD3000 

Janome is one of the most popular brands when it comes to Japanese sewing machines. And as one can expect with Japanese quality, the Janome HD3000 would be a fantastic heavy duty sewing machine to get because it’s guaranteed to last long. 

Upon a quick look at the Janome HD3000, you will realize that it’s basic and not overwhelming, especially to those who are not tech-savy. But despite its simple look, it makes up with its heavy-duty aluminum body, and it can handle various sewing projects without jamming. 

You’ll get 18 stitches with buttonhole, standard accessories, and even a hardcover. Reviews call it basic and economical, which most households are looking for in a heavy duty machine. 


Singer Heavy Duty 4452

The list of the best sewing machines won’t be complete without Singer. And if you’re looking for something that can withstand daily use and wear, consider the Singer Heavy Duty 4452

It is made from a heavy duty metal frame, and Singer ensures that it can handle anywhere from basic sewing to working denim and canvas thanks to its powerful motor. The speed of this sewing machine won’t also let you down at 1,100 stitches per minute. 

The foot pressure on the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is even adjustable, allowing the sewer to have complete control regardless of the material. But if you want to know more about Singer’s craftsmanship, read where Singer sewing machines are made


Brother ST371HD

Brother makes a safe consideration for first-time buyers who don’t know which brand to get for heavy-duty machines. And if you want something relatively affordable that won’t let you down, consider the Brother ST371HD

Brother calls this model strong and tough, and it’s versatile enough for sewing materials as heavy as outdoor fabrics. The bobbin is also designed to not jam but still easy to set up for quick preparations for every projects. 

The Brother ST371HD is also capable of 37 built-in stitches and a free arm to make sewing comfortable on tube-shaped fabrics. Overall, this machine is versatile not just for heavy-duty sewing but for basic household sewing as well. 


How Do I Choose A Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?



The first factor to consider when choosing a heavy duty sewing machine is its overall construction. It should be solid and heavy to withstand the demands and wear from sewing heavy materials. 

Consider a sewing machine weighing 10 pounds or more for a heavy duty sewing machine so it would stay stable during sewing. Some materials to consider for the machine parts should be metal like stainless steel, aluminum, or brass, but never plastic if you want them to last long and not break. 



You also want the heavy duty sewing machine’s motor to be powerful and capable of sewing heavyweight materials. Otherwise, sewing precise stitches would be impossible. 

You will also struggle to sew with good speed if the machine’s motor is underpowered. The last thing you want is to have the motor burn out in the middle of a project. 



Large and heavy projects are still possible to finish quickly with a machine capable of high-speed stitching. Those buying a heavy-duty model are likely to use it for industrial needs, so it should perform accordingly to meet the deadlines. 

Get a machine capable of 1,100 or more stitches per minute if you want to save time and effort with your sewing projects. Getting a powerful motor is an indicator of the machine’s sewing speed. 


Features and versatility

You’ll get the best value for money if the machine you’ll buy is equipped with functions. For example, there could be various stitches to aid beginners and other intuitive features such as automatic threading, automatic tension, or even a simple drop-in bobbin system.

Make sure also to check what accessories will be included with the machine. For example, an array of sewing machine feet should allow versatility for different projects.  


Ease of use

Sewing heavy materials can already feel demanding, to begin with. Therefore, the model should be designed to be intuitive to use so you can use it smoothly and quickly. 

You may prefer push-button controls for operation, but others may want to use dials or touchscreens. A generous workspace is also ideal for easier fabric manipulation on large projects. 



And that’s it! We found out what is the best heavy duty sewing machine, which revealed three brands to consider. 

They are Janome, Singer, and Brother, and all of them are seemingly simple but capable models. They are also easy to use for comfortable sewing, and they are well-made to withstand the wear from heavy duty sewing. 

We hope you learned a lot, and if you’re new to leather sewing, read what is the best sewing machine for leather


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