How To Get Labiaplasty Covered By Insurance? Fascinating Information!

How to get labiaplasty covered by insurance? It will first require showing labiaplasty for medical reasons. The insurance provider will also further be convinced to cover a specific part of the surgery. Prepare a letter coming from the attending doctor that details the reasons for undergoing labiaplasty surgery. Cite the reasons also why this procedure is medically necessary.

Document opinions of multiple doctors and not only the plastic surgeon. This is for some initiating factors like mental health, physical discomfort, and health reasons.

how to get labiaplasty covered by insurance

Prove that you’re having a current medical issue that labiaplasty can resolve. It is the key to getting the insurance company to accept your coverage application. Below is more information to know about getting insurance pay for labiaplasty.


Things To Do If The Application Is Rejected

The insurance company may suddenly reject your application. Thus, appeal before them your decision. Let your doctor submit their application again for further insurance coverage. Better to get the case opened with the insurance company. Discuss with the agent assigned to handle your case best. It is to know more information needed.


Insurance Coverage of Labiaplasty Depends On Certain Factors

It will depend primarily on the situation and the insurance coverage. The majority of insurance companies will not accept to cover the procedure. It is true if the surgery is only for cosmetic purposes. However, it should highlight the fact of being medically necessary. A confident team of plastic surgeons explains it.

How to get labiaplasty covered by insurance includes understanding that most insurance companies will not cover elective procedures. It would include laser eye surgery or plastic surgery.

These are only just performed since a person wants it for themselves. It is not the result arising from a medical need. Therefore, it’s essential to determine the reasons for undergoing surgery. Consult your doctor to achieve your goals best.


Medical Reasons For Getting Labiaplasty

Two main concerns are faced in undergoing labiaplasty: comfort and cosmetics. Some would want to become self-conscious, specifically their vulva. So it is if it does not appear normal. Now, this might interfere with the sex life of a person or a self-image.

But the Society of the Plastic Surgeons in America best explained the procedure that can combat physical discomfort. For one, those who have longer labia may suffer pain because of physical exercise.

It is like playing sports or riding a bike in such a tight-fitting undergarment. In addition, an elongated labia may bring about pain while on sexual activity. It includes intercourse, for instance. Moreover, it might result in chronic urinary tract infection. Thus, the vulva is then irritated.


Understanding More About Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is entirely focused on treating the vulva. Other areas paid attention to include the skin folds surrounding the vaginal passage and vulva, labia majora, labia minora, and the vulva.

This is carried out by removing the excess skin thru the vulva’s lips. As mentioned, a lot of reasons are considered for undergoing surgery. But, the cost and insurance are always kept as considerations.

Labiaplasty is carried out under general or local anesthesia. It somehow depends upon the preference of a surgeon. It involves the swelling of the vulva and labia tissues. The folds desired are removed after being clamped.

An attending doctor may utilize several methods. The operation will rely much on the individual condition. That also includes the excess skin and the severity. So far, this is a regular and quick operation. Patients will leave the clinic or hospital on that same day. The recovery will include anti-bacterial treatment and cleansing. It’s advised to take a day off for a week as healing requires just a few days.


Situations That Labiaplasty Is Medically Deemed Necessary

Labiaplasty is medically necessary if it is caused by congenital conditions, excess testosterone, and chronic irritation. This is based on the released statement of ACOG. So, a piece of additional information read everything you need to know about labiaplasty


Referral Still Needed Or Not

It’s not needed anymore to obtain a referral for the surgery. But, it’s possibly recommended in a claim of a Medicare rebate. This rebate can cost 73-dollars only for consultation. So, it is true, considering you have a referral.


The Cost of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty can cost between 4,500-dollars to 6,000-dollars. The price may still vary from one patient to another.


Feelings Lost During Labiaplasty Or Not

No nerves will be damaged or removed during the surgery. The sensations can still be felt similar even before the treatment. Unnecessary tissues will be removed. Women who have undergone it report an enhanced sensation. It is right after the labiaplasty.


Recovery Of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is not considered a painful procedure. Patients are further encouraged to just be straight away. Bruising, swelling, & soreness will be felt after the procedure. The swelling can settle during the first few days and also the early weeks. If I were you, know the ten labiaplasty recovery tips


Professional To Perform The Procedure

The surgeon carries out gynecologic surgery. One is specialized in aesthetic & vaginal surgery. It is to offer you functional and aesthetic results.


The Minor Cost

The nominal cost of labiaplasty can be at an average of 975-dollars to 1,175-dollars. It is true considering every treatment.


Wrap up!

Follow the guide above on how to get labiaplasty covered by insurance. Then, just prove to the insurance provider that it’s medically necessary for the pain commonly experienced during sexual activity or other physical activity. Then, prepare a budget for it and be on your way to normal recovery without pressure on the cost to pay because it’s covered! For more insurance articles, read how much pregnancy blood test costs without insurance and plate glass insurance. Thanks for reading!

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