How To Clean Singer Sewing Machine In 2 Steps

how to clean singer sewing machine

If you want to know how to clean Singer sewing machine, there are two steps to maintain it properly. We’ll mention specific models and the ideal way to clean and lubricate them. We’ll also talk about deep cleaning for those instances where there is too much gunk buildup on the sewing machine.  Since we’ll discuss … Read more

What Is A Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

what is a walking foot industrial sewing machine

The answer to what is a walking foot industrial sewing machine is that it has a special foot that makes it more suitable for demanding projects. We’ll compare a traditional industrial sewing machine to this type to understand why this industrial machine is more useful on heavy-duty projects, which are already the forte of industrial … Read more

How To Store Sewing Needles: 2 Best Ways

how to store sewing needles

If you want to learn how to store sewing needles, consider two DIY solutions. We’ll teach you how to use a cushion and reuse containers. We’ll also help you with threaded needles.  Furthermore, do you want to know where to buy sewing machine needles? Then, please read our guide to help you find the best … Read more

How To Sew Patches On Sleeves With Sewing Machine

how to sew patches on sleeves with sewing machine

You’ll be pleased to know how to sew patches on sleeves with sewing machine in just two steps. We’ll share tips throughout the process to make it easier, even for beginner sewers. We’ll also teach you some basic information about patches and if you can apply them without sewing.  Besides patches, sequins can be intimidating … Read more

Smartek Mini Sewing Machine How To Thread

smartek mini sewing machine how to thread

Those who want to know Smartek mini sewing machine how to thread will be pleased with this step-by-step guide based on its manual. We’ll also share tips on setting up the bobbin thread in a mini sewing machine. However, note to follow still the manual of the specific mini model you have.  Speaking of mini … Read more

How To Backstitch On A Brother Sewing Machine

how to backstitch on a brother sewing machine

Here is a simplified two-step tutorial if you want to learn how to backstitch on a Brother sewing machine. We’ll talk about the proper setup and usage according to Brother itself. You’ll also learn some quick fixes regarding backstitching issues with your sewing machine.  But if the issue is on the button, read our guide … Read more