Where Are Singer Sewing Machines Made

The answer to where are Singer sewing machines made is in China. This is because it’s a brand by SVP Worldwide, which we’ll also discuss in this article. You will also know if Singer manufactures in other countries like UK and Japan. 

Additionally, do you know who makes Singer sewing machines? It would help you to read that article as well to know more about this brand. 

where are singer sewing machines made


Where Was My Singer Sewing Machine Manufactured?

Singer is among the brands under SVP Worldwide, which means the sewing machines are made in China. In particular, SVP Worldwide has its sewing machine factory in Shanghai, China. The company’s global headquarters is also located in the US, and they have various locations in Italy, Mexico, and Australia. 

It’s worth noting that Singer is not the only sewing machine brand under SVP Worldwide. For example, when we talked about where Pfaff sewing machines are made, we discovered that this brand is under SVP Worldwide, with Husqvarna Viking.


Where Are Singer Sewing Machines Made Now?

Singer sewing machines are now made in SVP Worldwide’s manufacturing factory in China. However, the brand started in a small machine shop in Boston in 1850. Then after three years, Singer’s factory transferred to New York, and the company was called the Singer Manufacturing Company.

By 1867, Singer also started manufacturing sewing machines in Glasgow, Scotland. But in 1999, Singer filed for bankruptcy, and Kohlberg and Company acquired them. This company will then go on to obtain Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking to create the current SVP Group.


Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In UK?

Singer sewing machines are no longer being manufactured in the UK. However, the brand used to have a manufacturing factory in Glasgow, Scotland, that started in 1867. It was so massive with around 7,000 employees and about a million square feet of space that it was the world’s largest sewing machine factory. 

The factory in Scotland produced 13,000 sewing machines per week that the US Singer Company registered in the UK. The building was even six stories, and Singer had a railway station to assist in transports. However, financial problems and lack of orders led to the factory closing in June 1980, and the buildings were demolished in 1998. 


Are Singer Sewing Machines Made In Japan?

There were Singer sewing machines manufactured in Japan. You can identify these models because they have a suffix U to their model numbers. In particular, Singer was located in Tokyo, Japan, since Singer bought a 50% take in Pine Sewing Machine Company in 1954.

By 1956, the sewing machines were sold through Singer, and the brand even financed the Pine factory. After three years, the Pine Sewing Machine Company made 70,000 units, and even 15% of this production was for export. 

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How Much Is A Singer Sewing Machine Worth?

Singer sewing machines come at different prices, so finding a unit that suits your budget should be easy. For example, there is the affordable and basic $149.99 Singer M3220, but the more modern Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 costs $599.99. You can even visit Singer’s website to know sales where you might get bonus accessories and price deductions around $100 to $290. 


How much is an antique Singer sewing machine worth?

Because Singer has been producing sewing machines for a long time, you’ll probably find antique and vintage units. Some of them may even be worth a reasonable price if you plan on selling one ranging from under $100 to even more than $2,000. But how do you know the cost of your old Singer sewing machine?

  1. Consider the age or date the sewing machine was produced
  2. Check the machine’s condition whether it’s excellent, very good, good, fair or poor
  3. Singer sewing machines that still work with complete parts will sell nicely
  4. Assess the device for any desirable traits or historical value

How Do I Know If My Singer Sewing Machine Is Antique?

A Singer sewing machine will only be considered an antique if it was made more than 100 years ago. If it’s not, it’s likely to be vintage. Regardless, enthusiasts and collectors can still be interested in your old Singer sewing machine. To keep your unit in pristine condition, read how to polish a vintage Singer sewing machine

How old is your Singer sewing machine?

You can find out the age of your Singer sewing machine by checking its serial number. Then, you can refer to the Singer Serial Number Database to determine what year it was made. Here is where you can find the serial number on Singer sewing machines:

Treadle and hand crank sewing machines have the number on the throat plate or bed, and the number itself is composed of 8 digits. Treadle and electric sewing machines only have 6 digits on the right side, while electric ones are composed of 2 letters and 6 numbers under the device. Finally, units made in 1960 up to date will have the model number on the front or side of the sewing machine. 



And that’s it! The answer to where are Singer sewing machines made is in China. The brand is under SVP Worldwide similar to Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking. 

As for those who own a vintage or antique Singer sewing machine, consider checking its age. You might be able to sell it for a good price. If not, take care of it properly and it should last long considering Singer’s track record of quality. 

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