What Is An Integrated Fridge? 3 Other Amazing Fridges!

The fridge is debatably one of the essential appliances in the kitchen, but what is an integrated fridge? This type of fridge is becoming more and more popular with its aesthetic design that many households want to have.

Since your kitchen is a big focal point of a house, minimalistic designs and integrated appliances are becoming a trend in recent years. Now, a lot of companies are offering this particular design.

what is an integrated fridge

Keep on reading to find out more about this kind of fridge. Before anything else…


What An Integrated Fridge Is?

What is an integrated fridge? Integrated fridges or designs, particularly by many manufacturers, blend into the rest of the kitchen decor by matching its door concealed once you close the door. Some would refer to integrated fridges as seamless models.

That is because it is designed in such a way that it will fit into the cavity in your kitchen without any edge sticking out. In other words, it provides a seamless design for any household.

Since the kitchen is frequently the central hub of any activity, its looks, as well as its operation, is a crucial factor for many people.


Is It Worth It To Invest In An Integrated Fridge?

Although an integrated fridge is not the most affordable option, this can provide the ‘wow’ factor you may look for in your kitchen. This suits everyone that wanted to achieve an aesthetically pleasing kitchen design.

Given its style and design, it does not necessarily sacrifice various features and capacity of a fridge that other standalone models can offer. So basically, it is easier to acquire this despite its bigger price tag given its functionality and design.


Comparing Integrated Fridges From Built In And Overlay Refrigerators

This section will get to know the difference between an integrated fridge from built-in and overlay models. Those three are somewhat the same, but they are variances that distinguish one from another.


#1. Built-in fridges

This type of fridge is particularly built into the house, with its sides sitting flushed to the cabinetry in the kitchen. Its doors are sticking out of the cabinet so that there will be about 2-inch clearance in between the built-in model and the cabinet.


#2. Overlay fridges

An overlay fridge is also known as a panel-ready model that facilitates the installation of your cabinet panel to match the rest of the kitchen design. Overlay fridges are also designed to be built-in. But it that it will fit into a panel to match the cabinet design.


#3. Integrated fridges

Note that the over fridge is only designed to match the cabinets, but it does not necessarily blend into it. And that is the main determinant that distinguishes an integrated Fridge from an overlay one. But both of them are paneled. Overlay fridges are designed with doors that are still protruding from your cabinet.

Furthermore, their compressor vents are at the top of your fridge. So, although it is designed to match the cabinet, its location in the kitchen will still be obvious. On the other hand, an integrated fridge will camouflage with a cabinet completely when installed.

Its compressor vents won’t be visible. For their more, they are designed with the inspector that will sit perfectly flushing to your kitchen cabinets. If you close the fridge it will look completely identical to other cabinets in the kitchen.

This very reason is what makes integrated fridges is popular among kitchens that are professionally designed. That is because it is allowing great versatility for custom placement and design.

In essence, built-in fridges include stainless steel, overlay, and integrated bridges that you can build into the kitchen cabinet. Both the integrated and overlay fridges accept panels.

The only difference is that overlay fridges have their vent visible and doors protruding out of the cabinet. In contrast, an integrated fridge can be installed completely flushed and paneled with the cabinet.



Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions:

#1. How do integrated fridges work?

When it comes to integrated fridges or any other appliances, the premise is quite simple; you are getting a standard appliance modified to fit in your kitchen unit.

This also makes it possible to have your kitchen door fitted in front of it. In other words, the appliance will appear invisible since it simply looks like any other door in the kitchen.


#2. Can I use an integrated fridge as freestanding?

Integrated fridges are particularly designed to be built into the cabinet in the kitchen. It has similar doors that are attaching in front of the model. Unfortunately, this can’t be used as a freestanding fridge since it requires a housing cabinet during installation.


#3. What makes an integrated fridge expensive?

Although integrated appliances provide a superior aesthetic, they tend to be more expensive. That is because this appliance is harder to replace when needed. Furthermore, space is another important consideration during installation.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know what is an integrated fridge as well as its difference among other relatively similar fridge models. Therefore, it is understandable why you want to acquire this kind of fridge given its excellent features and design.

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