What Is A Bar Fridge? 4 Important Features!

If you are frequently hosting a cocktail or barbecue party, then you should know what is a bar fridge. This is an excellent addition to your house, given its compact design.

A lot of our fridges are available online at various price ranges. This is ideal to have in your kitchens of a studio apartment, mobile homes, dormitories, granny flats, holiday homes, and small offices.

what is a bar fridge

Rest assured, you will love how much a little fridge like this can store. Furthermore, most bar fridge models include an icebox compartment that is perfect for storing frozen veggies, ice cream, ice cubes, and more.


 4 Important Bar Fridge Features

A bar fridge is the same as those standard appliances, but individual models come with varying design functions and features specifically developed to improve organization, cooling, and storage.

Remember it’s important to find a model that will suit your personal needs interims of snack and cold drink storage.

Here are the features that you should take note of to understand what is a bar fridge:


#1. Size

This factor is among the essential ones when choosing a bar fridge. If you get a model that does not have sufficient storage room, it will defeat the purpose of getting a bar fridge.

Perhaps, you only need the fridge for storing few drinks then just get a model with the compact size.

A lower fridge volume of about 42 liters will be enough for a couple of drinks, but if you intend to store plenty of beverages, then you must look for a model with a higher volume for up to190 liters.


#2. Interior lighting

A bar fridge having premium quality LED lights not only improves the appeal of the fridge, but this is essential when getting items to store in the fridge. This will allow you to see make king into her lighting as a convenient fridge feature, especially when the condition is dark.


#3. Doors

When it comes to the fridge door, you have to remember the particular direction in which the door opens. This is especially true if you are planning to install the bar fridge in a hardly accessible area.

Fridge models are available both on the left and right hinges. Make sure to find a model that will suit your purpose and your home layout. Some brands even offer fridges that feature a reversible door that you can easily adjust with a rehinging kit.

Most doors of bar fridges are opaque, but others are designed with glass doors for you to be able to see what drinks and foods to get inside before having to open its door.

More so, bar fridges with glass doors may also feature a heated front that is responsible for preventing the condensation to build up. Bar fridges are also available in double or single store variance.

A double-door fridge offers a fridge compartment mounted at the top that is designed to provide a freezer space.


#4. Adjustable shelving

This handy feature creates more space by dividing it for a various drink and food items. Shelving differs among bar fridges brands and types. But the most common ones is tempered glass.

Some bar fridges also offer bottle racks that are made of metal which makes bottle storage even simple. Furthermore, some also have wine racks that make airflow optimal through the entire fridge.


Bar Fridge Styles

A bar fridge is an essential part of the bar area, entertaining room, or rumpus room. So you would want to have it integrated the best way possible. With that being said, it is important to choose the style which can complement your decor or tie in the area altogether.

Luckily, bar fridges come in multiple finishes including stainless steel, as well as, red, white, and black colors making it easy to suit the appliance in any aesthetic. You can even acquire a retro style if you want.

Some brands like Smeg and Husky offer various bar fridges that are inspired by the 50s design. Essentially, you will be getting modern cooling technology with a vintage appearance. This is an excellent choice for an alfresco or home bar dining area.


How Do Bar Fridges Work?

A bar fridge absorbs heat inside and transfers it outside. Once enough heat has been removed from the fridge’s inside, its content will start to become cold. However, just like any other refrigerator, cooling will be possible with the help of the refrigerant liquid.


Can I Store Food In A Bar Fridge?

Yes, you can store food in a bar fridge but remember to turn off the economy mode setting. Also, ensure that the temperature stays at 5°C or below and every cycle.

The LED lights of a bar fridge are also safe for storing food. Remember that if your bar fridge has a glass door, you must not place somewhere direct sunlight can reach.


It’s A Wrap!

To answer the question: what is a bar fridge? It is an appliance designed with the general purpose of offering sufficient space for snacks, garnish ingredients, and drinks. They have a similar function as those large fridges, but they just come in a compact size.

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