What Is The Best Temperature For A Wine Fridge? 2 Wine Fridge Types!

Now that you already acquired a wine fridge, you would want to know what is the best temperature for a wine fridge. Is it supposed to chill or store the bottles? Some people tend to set their temperature at its lowest setting because they don’t know the appropriate temperature for their wine bottles.

But after finding out that some wines get spoiled, they realize that there is an appropriate temperature for each wine type in storing each wine type.

This can be confusing but do not worry because in this guide you will know everything about storing those expensive bottles.

Well, there are many more things that you should know about this. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Ideal Temperature For Wine Storage

Indeed, everything can stand different temperatures. And that’s the same true with wine.

Different wine types require different temperatures when serving. For instance, red wine will express its aroma and flavor at a high temperature. Rose, sparkling, and white wines, on the other hand, are best served when cold. That being said, people often get confused as to what is the right temperature for each bottle.

But this is very simple. Think of those additional cellars you can usually find in an old mansion or the basement, it is not designed with separate chambers for every type of wine. Likewise, these chambers do not have different temperatures.

Meaning to say they are just contained inside storage with the same temperature. You can store all types of wine at a similar temperature of about 55°F. In other words, if you are planning to store your wines inside a wine fridge, then you can enjoy any type, may it be red or white.

This is possible even if you invest in the fridge unit. That is because it has sufficient capacity to accommodate all of your wine bottles. However, it is different when it comes to serving wine. This is because the serving temperature of each kind of wine also varies, just like their storage temperature varies.


2 Wine Fridge Types Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature for each wine fridge will depend on the particular purpose of having this appliance. It’s either you would want to keep your wine at its serving temperature or if you intend to use it in storing your wine.


#1. Single Zone

If you have a single zone fridge unit, the ideal temperature for it is about 55°F. Remember that it is the ideal temperature for storage. Starting this point, it would be easy to either warm-up or chill the wine bottle, depending on how you enjoy it.

But if you intend to keep the wine bottles at their serving temperature, you can set the temperature higher or lower depending on how you would like to drink your wine.


#2. Dual Zone

The more versatile type of fridge is the dual-zone. You can use it both for storing and chilling or even warming up the wine bottles in one appliance only. For the majority of the dual-zone wine fridges, you will have to set one compartment a bit warmer than the other.

Remember that it is not a general rule. Refer to the manual to know more details about which apartment should be set warmer and which can offer the maximum temperature among the two zones.

You can set one zone at about 55°F, the storage temperature, and the other at serving temperature. If you want to drink your red wine, you can move up the wine bottle to warm it up a couple of hours before drinking.

But if you prefer drinking white wine, you can set one zone of the fridge at storage temperature then set the other zone at its serving temperature, which is generally lower. The same is true with red wines; move the battle a couple of hours before serving it.

Correspondingly if you enjoy both white and red wine, you may set the temperature lower or higher than the usual temperature in separating the drinks for your white wine.

The temperature must be about 52°F for white wine, and for your red wine, it should be around 58°F. These temperatures are a good average for both storing and keeping the battles close it serving temperature.


What Is The Best Temperature For Your Wine Fridge To Be Set?

So, what is the best temperature for a wine fridge? The best temperature should be ranging from 50°F up to 65°F for storing red wine. The other zone should be set at about 45°F up to 50°F for white wines. It is good to have a dual-zone wine refrigerator since it makes managing the temperature for various wines more convenient.


It’s A Wrap!

When it comes to chilling and storing wine, it is an art rather than science. You should know what the best temperature for a wine fridge is. The information above provides the ideal temperature, but you can test it yourself and see what will work best for you.

Meaning to say, the best temperature will still depend on how you like to drink your wine. You can adjust the wine fridge temperature accordingly.

But remember that if you are storing the wine for a long period, it is best to set the temperature at about 55°F.

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