What Are The Dimensions Of A Mini Fridge? 2 Best Styles!

Do you have any idea what are the dimensions of a mini fridge? Knowing the dimensions is very important before purchasing a product. Mini fridges are the best option for rooms with small spaces, for their volume only varies from 1.5 to 5 cubic feet.

Maybe you are always bothered about where you will store your foods and drinks when you are staying in your dormitory, where unfortunately doesn’t have a fridge or freezer. Perhaps, you don’t want to go in and out of your room to grab some snacks.

what are the dimensions of a mini fridge

Fridges are usually bulky, and sometimes, it’s hard to find a place where they can be positioned properly. However, different kinds of fridges now include mini fridges which are relatively small compared to “normal” fridges.

This article will discuss the different styles of mini fridges and some of the best choices and their features. It doesn’t matter what reason you have that made you read this article. The important thing is that you get to learn some significant truths. So, dear friend, if you are interested enough, keep scrolling!


Two Different Styles Of Mini Fridges And What To Choose

We are now capable of shopping without even getting off from our comfortable seats in this present time. With just one click, you have any item you desire on hand just for a few days. Luckily, the mini fridges that we will tackle can be found in Amazon and Walmart.

The importance of knowing the dimensions of the mini fridge that you want to buy is on par with its high specifications and quality. Let me tell you why by asking a question.

What will you do to a mini fridge with a distinct quality if it cannot fit anywhere in your house or car? We already gave an average answer to our main inquiry, which says, “What are the dimensions of a mini fridge?”. However, it is also crucial to know the dimensions of some good choice mini fridges.


Style #1. Portable mini fridge

It may have disappointed you to find out that your supposed-to-be cold drinks became warm after miles of traveling under the blazing sun. Oh, what a frustration! Who wants that?

Good thing, we are now introduced to portable mini fridges, making our travels more enjoyable and less hassle. Thanks to the advancement of technology. We can now grab some cold drinks while inside our cars.


Gourmia GMF668 portable mini fridge

This mini fridge is not just excellent in keeping our foods fresh and drinks cool but can also lighten up the burden of the travelers by way of music. Yes, you read it right.

This mini fridge can accompany you and your friends for long hours of trip with any of your squad’s favorite playlists.

How can that be? It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker! However, if you want a less fancy mini fridge, you are fortunate to consider this model because you choose to eliminate this feature.

The dimensions of this mini fridge are 0.89 x 0.83 x 0.62 feet. This fridge can hold up to four liters of drinks. It weighs around 4.85 pounds. Talking about shelves, this model has only one.


Frigidaire EFMIS129 portable mini fridge

This mini fridge is budget-friendly and quite smaller than the previous featured model, for it only weighs 3 pounds.

This is best for travel especially when you have a baby and his or her milk needs to be kept fresh.

The interior measures 5 x 5 x 7.5 inches. You can alter the position of the shelf regarding the kind of goods you want to put inside the mini fridge. The same with the mini fridge above, it can hold up to 4 liters of goods.


Style #2. Cubic mini fridges

This one is best for people who are always considering aesthetics. Cubic mini fridges are easy to position in the house. One advantage of this style is that it is very lightweight.

However, if you are one of those who are seriously monitoring their electricity bill, then you must be aware that this mini fridge may cause you a little shock.

For the advantage discussed above to be secured, the design has compromised the value of its insulating material.


Midea WHS-65LSS1

This model of the cubic mini fridge has excellent features. One of which is that you can change the height of its legs. Also, location becomes less of a problem, especially if you consider opening the fridge’s door because you can change it either left or right.

Its dimension is 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches. It weighs around 35 pounds and can hold up to 1.5 cubic feet of goods. You also don’t have to worry about the rust because its exterior is covered with stainless steel.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned the dimensions of a mini fridge and get to know 2 of the many styles and some models under each category. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this article. You are very much appreciated!

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