Where To Buy Wedding Aisle Runners

You can consider three places if you’re unsure where to buy wedding aisle runners. They are Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart, all of which offer various wedding aisle runners to fit any wedding ceremony. 

We will also discuss the expected costs for a wedding aisle runner so that you can prepare your budget accordingly. And speaking of budgeting, read how much does wedding decor cost for additional reference. 

where to buy wedding aisle runners


Where To Buy Wedding Aisle Runners: Guide For Buying Aisle Runners



For your convenience, you can browse Amazon if you want to know where to buy wedding aisle runners. In addition, you can easily compare different wedding runners, and the reviews can also help you understand what to expect. 

As of this writing, you can expect to spend under $40 for a wedding aisle runner on Amazon. One of the most popular ones is from Healon, which costs under $33. 

It can be cut or trimmed, but it measures 100 inches long and 36 inches wide. There are also aisle runners with floral patterns or wordings if you think they fit the theme of your wedding venue better. 



Would you prefer an aisle runner that is unique and less commercial-looking? Perhaps the wedding aisle runners on Etsy would be ideal for your wedding theme.

For example, you can opt for a custom wedding aisle runner for under $210. In addition, you can put the words you’d like on the aisle runner, and couples on a budget can take advantage of Etsy’s option of paying in four installments. 

There are also metallic aisle runners on Etsy that show the venue’s reflection. They’ll be perfect for an outdoor wedding where you want to showcase nature as the backdrop. 



Finally, there is also a selection of wedding aisle runners in Walmart, and you can easily browse or shop the options online. The prices typically start at $20, and the runners come in different materials, prints, and colors. 

You can then select an option if you want to pick up your purchase, have it delivered, or you’ll visit in-store. Whichever you choose, remember to consider the time needed to decorate the venue. 

Ideally, you want to bring the venue decors the day before the wedding so the place will be dressed up on time. Talk to your coordinator and discuss the potential regulations specific to your wedding venue with your decorator. 


How Much Is A Wedding Aisle Runner?

The average cost of a wedding aisle runner is under $50, but some can go for over $100. The material, design, and size affect the total cost of an aisle runner. 

But do not worry because most shops offer aisle runners for under $25. Runners are probably the most affordable wedding decors, and you don’t need something too grand anyway. 

Remember that you can also decorate the church pews or wedding walkway with other details to dress up the aisle. The aisle runner can be as simple as a white cloth in some themes. 

And speaking of church pews, you may want to read about how to decorate a church for a wedding. Remember that there are limitations, especially in religious wedding venues. 


What Material Is Best For An Aisle Runner?

Muslin is the best fabric for aisle runners because of the various colors and weights. There are even flame retardant muslin aisle runners if the venue requires you. 

But if you’re feeling creative, you can consider buying a canvas fabric and customize your aisle runner yourself. You can paint on canvas and have it personalized for your wedding day. 

But if you’re having an outdoor wedding, the look and durability of burlap would be perfect. It won’t give out easily, and it fits the aesthetic of a rustic outdoor venue. 


What to use to hold down an aisle runner? 

It can be tricky to secure an aisle runner for an outdoor wedding because the dust or grass can shift the material, especially during the processional. In addition, the outdoor elements like the wind can also move it. 

That being said, ask the venue for a plywood base. The added stability will help both with the looks and act as a safety structure, especially with heels. 

What about indoor wedding venues? You risk slipping with the aisle runner against the flooring, so use double-sided tape on the aisle runner when installing it. 


What Can I Use Instead Of Aisle Runner?

Instead of aisle runners, you can use carpets and save on costs. Perhaps you have a carpet or rug that matches the wedding theme. 

Another option is to scatter flower petals on the aisle. Use a considerable amount so there’ll be a noticeable path on the aisle. 


Do Brides Still Use Aisle Runners?

Using an aisle runner is up to you. You may want it for aesthetics, or it’s crucial to have one for functionality since the venue ground can be slippery or cause sinkage on the shoes.

Discuss this decor with your venue coordinator and decide accordingly. 



And that’s it! To recap where to buy wedding aisle runners, try Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. 

We hope this list also familiarized you with choosing the best aisle runner for your venue. Remember that besides its decorative value, you want the aisle runner to be safe and functional. 

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