What Is A Marquee Wedding: Pros And Cons

The answer to what is a marquee wedding is at the name itself. It is a wedding held in a marquee tent. 

We will discuss this setup in more detail below and help you discover if a marquee wedding is for you. Speaking of tents, do you know that even the venue styling can be budget-friendly?

what is a marquee wedding

Here are some tips on how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget if you decide on a marquee wedding. 


What Is A Marquee Wedding And Is It For You?

A marquee wedding is a wedding held on a particular type of tent called a marquee. A marquee is a large tent often used for outdoor wedding receptions, and some might even do their ceremony on it. 

A marquee wedding transforms the outdoor venue into something more stylish and elegant. Being underneath a tent also protects the guests from the elements. 

If you’ll be doing your wedding on private property, a marquee is also an excellent option to make the space more suitable for the occasion. Depending on the style and decor, it can make the area more reserved despite being in an open space. 


Pros of a marquee wedding

  • Can be placed on any venue as long as the terrain allows and you checked on the legality
  • Added comfort for outdoor weddings
  • Can serve as an extension for the reception
  • Open space and structure allows for complete control over the decorating and styling of the wedding 
  • Option to increase or decrease the size of the wedding venue
  • Unlike other venues for weddings, you’ll have more flexibility, if not, an unlimited amount of time when doing the event under a marquee
  • You have control over the caterers and bartender since some indoor wedding venues require the use of their vendors


Cons of a marquee wedding

  • Can’t be used during challenging weather conditions (e.g., heavy winds, rain, snow)
  • Might cost more than a traditional wedding, depending on the services you’ll hire 
  • Need to ensure that the site allows the putting up of a marquee tent


Can You Get Married In A Marquee?

You can get married in a marquee much like how it’s possible to get married in other locations such as in the garden, backyard, boat, or even via Zoom. However, make sure that the ceremony will still follow all the legalities for the marriage to be valid. 

You should be married by an ordained officiant, and you have arranged and prepared all the papers beforehand. And because marquee tents vary in size and style, make sure that you choose the one that can accommodate your expected number of guests. 


Are marquee weddings more expensive?

Marquee weddings can get more expensive than renting a venue, but this still depends on the rental company you’ve chosen, the type and size of the marquee, and other additions to create the wedding venue. Basic marquee weddings can cost under $600, but some may get up to $6,000 or higher. 

You can always contact different rental companies and compare their quotes for your wedding. Create a list of about three companies so you’ll easily find the one that fits your needs within your budget. 


Can you have a marquee wedding in winter?

It’s possible to have a marquee wedding in winter but note that it will be more challenging because of the cold weather and snow. You will need to get wooden floors and heaters, which might cost you more than renting an indoor space to begin with. 

The best season for a marquee wedding would be in the summer or spring to take advantage of the outdoor venue. The tent will be easier to decorate, and you won’t need elaborate structures to keep your guests comfortable. 

Regarding winter, consider reading what to wear to a winter wedding to remain warm during the cold season while still being formal for the wedding.  


Do You Need Planning Permission For Wedding Marquee?

It’s best to check with the location if you need a permit to put up a marquee and hold a wedding in that area. Some wedding marquees are done in parks, which are public spaces that will require you a permit. 

To avoid any hassle as the wedding day approaches, apply as soon as possible and prepare for the payments as some applications will charge you. You also want to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of where you’ll put the marquee. 

Weddings can get loud, and the event can take several hours. Check with the area regarding time restrictions and noise policies to avoid issues. 


Can You Put Up A Marquee Anywhere?

You can put up a marquee for your wedding anywhere if the ground is flat and level. The area can also have various trees, shrubs, and flowers to enhance the wedding venue. 

But if you can’t find a ground, it’s also possible to put up a marquee on a solid base. This is even more cost-effective since you won’t need additional flooring. 

From here, expect that you’ll need to plan the spot for the catering tent close to the main marquee of the wedding. Depending on the location, you may also need portable restrooms



Was this article helpful? We just learned what is a marquee wedding, which is a wedding held under a marquee tent. 

You can save on costs when planning accordingly than renting an indoor venue. Just make sure that you check all the permits and restrictions on where you’ll set the marquee up. 


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