What To Do With Grandma’s Wedding Ring

Those who are curious about what to do with grandma’s wedding ring, try three options. First, we will talk about how to incorporate the ring into your wedding. 

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what to do with grandma's wedding ring


3 Things To Do With Grandma’s Wedding Ring


Have a discussion about it

Before anything else, you want to discuss what to do with grandma’s wedding ring with other family members. This prevents miscommunications and misunderstandings in the future. 

Your family might have other expectations around the ring, so it’s best to talk with everyone involved. Furthermore, you’ll be able to mention all your intentions about the wedding ring. 

This shouldn’t be complicated in most families, especially if you’re the one chosen by your grandmother. If she’s still alive, then you can also ask her about what she’d want for her wedding ring. 


Get it insured

More than the sentimental value of grandma’s wedding ring, the significant purchase made for it is worth getting insurance for. This way, you can properly care for the ring, especially when it someday needs a repair or replacement. 

But first, you have to get an appraisal for grandma’s wedding ring. Since it’s been bought a long time ago, you will need an independent appraisal to assess its value for insurance. 

Then, find and compare the best jewelry insurance companies to know which one offers the value for coverage relative to the cost. For example, you will generally insure the wedding ring for up to $2 for every $100 of its value annually.  


Incorporate it on your wedding

Perhaps the most common and arguably the best thing to do with grandma’s wedding ring is to use it at your wedding. There are many ways to do this, as long as you get the signal from other family members or grandma herself. 

Family heirlooms will traditionally transfer from generation to generation. But if you don’t intend to give a ring to your children, you might also get interested in resetting and personalizing it. 

Another way to incorporate grandma’s wedding ring into your wedding is to have it tied to your bouquet. You can even wear it like a pendant if you already have a wedding ring. 


What Do I Do With My Deceased Parents Wedding Ring?

You can choose to keep your deceased parents’ wedding ring by wearing it on your other hand if you already have a wedding ring. If not, you can also discuss with your partner if it would be okay to use that ring for the wedding. 

Another option is to use it as a pendant or convert it all together into another type of jewelry. You can have it melted or have its parts like stones incorporated into your new wedding ring or as a new piece of jewelry. 

If you have siblings, check with them on what to do with the wedding ring of your parents. Some families just choose to display the ring in their homes for sentimental value, while others even set it on the parents’ tombstone or bury it with them. 


Who Gets The Wedding Ring After Spouse’s Death?

The widowed will get the wedding ring after the spouse’s death. It’s also possible for the person’s close family to get their wedding ring after dying. 


What to do with wedding ring after spouse’s death

You can choose to wear the wedding ring still or transfer it to your right hand after the spouse’s death. It’s also perfectly okay to keep and store it somewhere instead of wearing it. 

Some even treat the ring as a family heirloom or donate it to those in need. If it has a sentimental value, then you can have it transformed into a pendant or brooch as well. 

You can also keep the ring with the urn or have it buried in the cemetery with your spouse. There are no right or wrong things to do with the wedding ring after your spouse’s death, as each person grieves differently. 


Who gets the wedding ring kept?

The recipient of the wedding ring will keep it even if the engagement didn’t proceed or the marriage does not fall through. After divorce, the recipient is also entitled to keep the wedding ring.


What Can I Do With Old Rings?

After learning about what anniversary you upgrade your wedding ring, you might be left with old jewelry pieces, and you’re unsure of what to do with them. First, you can have them remodeled instead of buying an entirely new set of rings. 

This way, a part of your new rings will still be from the ones you wore on your wedding day. You can also give the rings to your children as a family heirloom, especially if it’s too sentimental to be reconstructed. 



Was this article helpful? We’ve just discussed what to do with grandma’s wedding ring where you start with discussing with family members, consider getting it insured, or even have it on your wedding day. 

You can include the ring on the bridal bouquet, a pendant, or the wedding ring itself. We hope we have given you ideas on what to do with the ring, and if you have more questions, feel free to leave them below. 


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