What Is A Grand March At A Wedding

If you’re curious about what is a Grand March at a wedding, it is a procession before the wedding dance. We will discuss this part of the wedding in more detail and how it is done below. 

We also recommend that you read about how to run a wedding rehearsal. This will help you and your guests practice the flow of the ceremony before the wedding. 

what is a grand march at a wedding


What Is The Meaning Of The Grand March At A Wedding?

The Grand March at a wedding refers to the procession typically done by an experienced couple to open the wedding dance. Having a Grand March at your wedding symbolizes the beginning of your new life with family and friends. 

The Grand March is a folk dance ritual still practiced nowadays in some places. Unfortunately, there is not much information about this tradition’s origin, but generations after generations do it in Texas Czech weddings. 

According to the Library of Dance, the Grand March was also danced as the first dance of the evening during the 19th century. This dance is led by the ball host, master of the ceremony, president of the organization, or an honored guest. 


How Do You Do The Grand March At A Wedding?

The Grand March starts with the couple being led around the room then separated. This symbolizes the circle of life and their separation as the quarrel. 

From here, they will return together as if they made up, and then other couples will join them in rows. The increase of people symbolizes the growing family before the dance creates a single file similar to a serpent. 

The snake shape signifies life’s twists, and then the couples form a bridge. Each person will go underneath this formation to symbolize the strong bond of the newlyweds. 

Finally, the bride and groom will dance together with their guests and the wedding party around them, signifying their support for the marriage. Because of the size of the wedding in Grand March, it is a fantastic way to include more people in the reception dance. 


What Is The Grand March Song Called?

In the 19th century, the music chosen for the Grand March was a marching tune. During this period, there are many types to choose from, and it is played moderately during the dance. 

Nowadays, the Grand March song at the wedding is upbeat, and some sources even said that it could be any song that the couple wanted. It’s a song that can remind the bridal party of good times to help everyone get into the mood since the Grand March signifies the start of the dances. 

As seen in weddings in the West Texas and Big County areas, different songs are played during the Grand March. Some suggest Under The Double Eagle, while others mentioned a traditional Czech song called Na Rozloucenou. 


Who Leads The Grand March At A Wedding?

A couple who’s been together for many years will lead the Grand March. This symbolizes that they are leading by example because of their experience of being married for a long time. 

Then, once the guests and wedding party surround the newlyweds, your DJ will change the music for the first dance. Speaking of which, here is a helpful guide on how to DJ your own wedding in case you don’t want to hire one. 


What Do You Do At A Wedding Grand Entrance?

After the wedding ceremony, the guests will head to the reception, and then the MC will announce the bridal party’s arrival. The bridal party will enter in pairs, but it’s also possible for some members to go alone. 

The bridal party should go to the head table and remain to stand until the bride and groom arrive. After the newlyweds are introduced, the reception will officially begin. 

The order of the grand entrance shouldn’t get confusing because it’s the same as the wedding processional. This way, the guests can easily remember the bridal party members. 


What is the order of entrance to the wedding ceremony?

  1. Ushers
  2. Groomsman and bridesmaid
  3. Best man and maid of honor
  4. Bride and groom


How do you put a grand entrance in your reception?

Before the reception officially starts, the bridal party will enter before the newlyweds. You have the option to introduce the bridal party members by name in pairs or individually, but some weddings also have the entire part enter as a group. 

The latter is ideal if there is no practice to avoid confusion when entering. But if you want to highlight your friends and family, especially if they are of enormous help during the wedding, it’s best to introduce them as well. 

Make sure you practice or opt for a more straightforward grand entrance where only the newlyweds are introduced if you lack the time or have a small wedding. 


How long does a grand entrance take?

The wedding party entrance can take five minutes, then the newlyweds’ entrance can also take another five minutes. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed what is a Grand March at a wedding: it is a procession or dance before the wedding dance, typically the newlyweds’ first dance. 

It is often led by a couple who’s been together for many years. The song played during the Grand March is usually something upbeat. 

We hope this helped you learn more about this tradition; leave us a question if you have any. 

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