How To Style Hair Without Hair Dryer? 8 Best Tips!

How to style hair without hair dryer? You may follow a few tips on wearing a hair spray or a wet bun, part the hair to twist it after, plop your hair, wash it with milk, or maintain a curl or braid.

Choose whatever you want as a lady to become a fashionista. Remember that perfect hair is a crowning glory to complement your personality.

How to style hair without hair dryer

Style your hair, although it’s a familiar agony regarding maintenance. A styled curly or straight hair has a limited span that it vanishes overnight. But it’s up to you how well it will stand by in the morning. Style your hair too without a hairdryer.


Tips To Style Hair Without Hair Dryer

Stop wondering how to style hair without hair dryer; below are the tips to follow when you decide to style your hair without a hairdryer. 


#1. Wearing wet bun

Curly hair in most women is suitable when worn in a wet bun the entire night to reduce the frizz in the morning best. The damp bun maintains your curls and doesn’t irritate the skin. However, don’t choose a rubber band or clip in tying the bun. Better yet, use a small cloth or scarf to connect your hair up a bit loose. Plus, it’s set up in place perfectly.


#2. Parting your hair, including twisting them

Doing so is similar to what a beautician does as you undergo a haircut. Twist your hair in tiny sections to achieve fair and light curls during the morning. Thus, you will not restyle the hair the next time.


#3. Wearing your hair spray

Wear a hair spray the night you’ll go to bed to maintain your hair crunch. It does increase the curl and its staying power. It affects the hair and preserves its curls as you go to the next shower.


#4. Washing your hair using milk

Washing the hair using milk at night will make your hair straight as you wake up the following day. Apply milk using your fingertips. Allow it to stay there for thirty minutes. Follow the usual procedure as you wash your hair. Use lemon to remove the smell of the milk.


#5. Plopping the hair

Plopping the hair is like placing a towel into your wet hair. Twist until dry completely. Spray a hair spray onto a damp hair to drop the hair next. Get the corners secured with a towel at the back of your ears to keep the curls safe inside.

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#6. Using a satin type of pillow cover

Using a cottony pillow cover will result in a flat scrap, especially if you’ve not washed it during the day. Use a silky or satin pillow cover that avoids hair friction while you’re sleeping to reduce frizzy hair upon waking up the next day.


#7. Styling your hair with serum

Achieve a lighter hold in your hairstyle to keep the scalp and hair in good condition. It’s ideally suitable for a wet set of hair rollers to protect the hair. It will never weigh the hair down but only a casual, relaxed, sleek wave. Achieve thin and fine hair plus the curl on coarse and thick hair. The serum formula is a hair care product to provide an extra styling function. It does not bring damage, but it strengthens the hair every day and is repeated. It protects the hair against heat, ultraviolet rays, and humidity.


#8. Dividing the hair into four sections

Place the rollers cleanly and neatly after dividing your hair into four sections.  Be sure to place the ends perfectly without that fish hook ends. Clean the sectioning using a tail comb. Comb the hair in a forward motion as you put each roller on. Thus, each roller is perfectly and smoothly placed. Handle and check the rolled section of the hair on a roller. Clip it in place to be sure of a perfect curl. Ensure to directly place the roller onto the base without a drag for the root volume.

Spray an extra serum or little water on the tips of the hair that stand up against the roller. Securely close the roller to the roots using hair clips, as this will leave around one centimeter following the safety margin that will not overly pull the scalp.

Air-dry the hair until it’s dry and naturally achieve a stylish and carefree look with multitasking and drying the hair naturally. If you want, search for more styling tips and expert guidance from expert hairdressers to help you. Lastly, remove the rollers that you loosen with a huge tooth comb and finger and brush out those curls.


It’s A Wrap!

You finally have learned how to style hair without hair dryer. The choices are limitless and will depend upon your mood in a day. Style your hair with serum, divide your hair into four sections, or plop your hair all you want. Achieve the goal of having stylish hair without using a hairdryer. Always think that it’s something achievable to make your day fulfilling and happy! So keep in mind the styles mentioned to ease your day!

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