What Is A Diaper Raffle At A Baby Shower

The answer to what is a diaper raffle at a baby shower is, it’s a raffle where guests can win prizes by giving diapers in exchange for raffle tickets. If you get one raffle ticket per diaper, giving more diapers means you’ll get more tickets and a higher chance of winning the prize. 

We will discuss what else to expect in this event below. And for the diaper sizes you must bring to the baby shower raffle, please read what size diapers for the baby shower

what is a diaper raffle at a baby shower


What Is A Diaper Raffle At A Baby Shower?

A diaper raffle is an event at the baby shower where guests can bring diapers in exchange for tickets. These raffle tickets will be drawn at the baby shower, and the winner will get a prize.

To encourage more people to attend the diaper raffle, the host can prepare enticing prizes like gift cards or baskets that are worth a good amount of money. But of course, you don’t want to force guests to give a diaper.

You can simply indicate on your baby shower invitations that a raffle ticket will be given to the guest who brought a diaper. Then, make sure to put all the raffle tickets in one container, seen by all the people for transparency.

You can prepare several prizes to provide a chance to everyone who participated. Your grand prize can be a gift card, while the second and third prizes can be packages or gift baskets you think your guests will love.


What is a diaper fund?

A trend with baby showers nowadays is the diaper fund. It’s a slight modification of the popular diaper raffle because the baby shower guests can buy a raffle ticket at a fixed price.

The collected money will be used for the diaper budget once the baby arrives. This ensures that the parents can choose the diapers to get rather than collecting diapers of different brands and sizes that their baby might be unable to use. 


Should You Host A Diaper Raffle Or A Diaper Fund?

It’s up to the expecting parents to decide if they’ll have a diaper raffle game or a diaper fund. The diaper raffle is easy to communicate to people, and guests are less likely to assume that you might use the money for other things. 

However, the diaper fund will mean you can get all the diapers your baby will need in the correct size and brand. In some diaper raffles, the guests might give a size too big or small for the diaper baby. 

Some brands might also be incompatible with the baby. But to ensure that your guests know what will happen to the diaper fund, you can always post about the diapers you bought with the fund on social media. 


How To Host The Diaper Raffle Game For A Baby Shower

If you have a diaper raffle game for the baby shower, follow these steps for a smooth event and ensure that everyone who’ll participates will have fun:

  1. Design and print the diaper raffle tickets
  2. Mention the diaper raffle on the baby shower invitation 
  3. Plan the budget for the diaper raffle prizes 
  4. Set up the table for the guests to put their diapers on when they arrive at the baby shower
  5. Find a container for the raffle tickets
  6. Prepare an enthusiastic script for drawing the raffle tickets 
  7. Draw the winner’s ticket and hand them the prize


How to word a diaper raffle on an invitation

  • Use a simple wording at the bottom of the invitation card like: “Guests are free to bring a pack of diapers for a raffle ticket and a chance to win [grand prize of the raffle]” 
  • Some expecting parents don’t mind if they get a variety of diaper sizes as they can use them as the baby grows up. However, you can also request sizes 1 and 2 only 
  • Mention that you don’t need guests to bring a separate gift for the baby shower
  • Explain the rules of the diaper raffle 


Should guests bring a gift if they have already participated in the diaper raffle?

The parents-to-be should not expect everyone who’ll participate in the diaper raffle to bring a gift to the baby shower still. Diapers can be pricey, and you don’t want to insinuate that you expect to get multiple items from each attending guest at the event. 

You can word to the invitation that those interested in bringing a gift can join the diaper raffle game instead. Alternatively, you can offer a baby registry option for guests who don’t want raffle tickets.


Do You Wrap Diapers For A Diaper Raffle?

If you’re a baby shower guest, you don’t need to wrap your pack of diapers for the diaper raffle. The host must see how many items you have for the equivalent tickets,

But of course, you can always tie a pretty bow onto the diapers for a personal touch. Here’s what to write on a diaper at a baby shower if you want the expecting mom and dad to have a good laugh during diaper changes. 



And that’s it! You just learned what is a diaper raffle at a baby shower, where guests can bring diapers in exchange for tickets. 

The raffle tickets will be drawn at the baby shower, and the winner will get the prize. You can have a grand prize and runner-up prizes to make guests want to participate in several entries.

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