What To Write On Diaper At Baby Shower

There are different creative and funny messages to try if you’re unsure what to write on diaper at baby shower. Diapers are often requested at the baby shower, and including a message will surely make the expecting parents laugh. 

You can always be thoughtful with your baby shower gifts; there are many words you can play with for diapers. And for the host who wants to include diapers in a baby shower game, you can refer to how to make a dirty diaper baby shower game

what to write on diaper at baby shower


What To Write On Diaper At Baby Shower

Feel free to modify your diaper messages with these message ideas for the diaper gifts at the baby shower:

  • Stinky but cute
  • Stinking cute
  • Open with caution
  • Mom, I’m full again!
  • This one’s for dad
  • Honey, beware!
  • Hold your breath in 3,2,1
  • We have a smelly delivery for [parents’ names]
  • Made in [family’s hometown]
  • Mom’s turn
  • Dad’s turn
  • It’s time for a change
  • Changing time
  • Late night package
  • Good morning mom


How Do You Ask For Diapers On A Baby Shower Invitation?

The most tasteful way of asking for diaper gifts at the baby shower is with a diaper raffle. You will put the information about this baby shower activity on the invitation. 

Explain to guests that those who’ll bring diapers will get a raffle ticket that they can use to enter the raffle and win a prize. The host can prepare gift cards or gift baskets, so guests will want more raffle entries and bring more diapers.

The etiquette for the expecting mom who want to be specific with the baby shower gift is tricky, as you don’t want to insinuate anything. But with some baby showers, you might get away with the right words to request specific gifts. 

Try mentioning in the messages that those who want to bring a gift can opt for a diaper instead. This way, you are not obligating the guests to bring a diaper. 


What Do You Do With Diapers At A Baby Shower?

Diapers are often given at the baby shower, but the host might incorporate them into a baby shower game or decor for the party. Here are some ideas on how to use a diaper in a baby shower activity or decoration:

  • Decorate baby shower tables with centerpieces made from diapers; here’s how to make baby shower diaper cakes for inspiration 
  • Have a diaper raffle to inspire guests to bring their own diapers for a chance to win a prize
  • Wrap them creatively and add funny messages that the parents-to-be can laugh at during diaper changes once the baby arrives
  • Use a reusable diaper to wrap something for a creative baby shower gift
  • Give the mom-to-be a month’s worth of diaper supply for the best baby shower gift
  • Post funny messages on the diapers for decoration around the venue
  • Gift a diaper bag to the expecting parents


What Are Some Humorous Baby Shower Games With Diapers?

The host can arrange a baby shower game where a diaper is the show’s star. It’s not a baby shower without these hilarious ideas for a baby shower activity that features diapers:


Dirty Diaper

Your icebreaker baby shower activity can be the dirty diaper, where guests can win a prize. You’ll prepare one diaper per guest, with one being called dirty. 

Smear some baby food on the diaper to make it “dirty,” and then mix it with the other diapers. Hand out the diapers as the guests arrive at the door, then have them open the diapers later in the party. 

Whoever has the dirty diaper wins a prize. This game is fun and easy regardless of the size of the baby shower. 


Competitive Diaper Changes  

Another fun baby shower game that features diapers is to have guests race to change the diaper of baby dolls. This game can be a group activity and have members do a relay. 

Co-ed baby showers can also play this game as dads compete with moms. You can even include the preparation of the changing station in this game. 


Diaper Guessing Game

Besides diaper changes, another diaper game to play at the baby shower is a guessing game. For example, you can smear different baby food on each diaper.

Guests will guess what baby food is, and whoever is correct will win the prize. You can also put a baby item inside each diaper, and guests guess what is it, like, a pacifier or a safety pin. 

Combine this diaper-changing game with the prize is right, or use the diapers as hilarious props for matching the baby to the parents. 


Is Diapers A Good Baby Shower Gift?

Diapers make good baby shower gifts because they are practical. You can always wrap them creatively or put messages on them to give the expecting parents a laugh when they open a bag during diaper changes.

But if there is a baby registry, you might want to check it first. There might also be a diaper raffle at the shower where you’ll get a ticket entry if you bring a diaper. 


How Do You Gift Diapers In A Cute Way?

  • Baby shower diaper cakes
  • Inside a diaper bag
  • Wrapped in a baby blanket
  • Rolled as flowers 



Do you find these messages useful? We’ve just provided examples of what to write on diaper at baby shower if you’re gifting them. 

Puns and words on the diapers are always a hilarious find for unsuspecting parents during diaper changes. It’s a great way to make the task less frustrating, especially in the middle of the night when mom or dad barely has any energy. 

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