Why Does My Space Heater Make Noise? 3 Shocking Causes!

Are you wondering: why does my space heater make noise? You cannot pinpoint the exact source of the noise. The heater may keep heating up but, the loud noise keeps distracting you. You would want to know what causes this so that you can resolve the issue.

Do not get alarmed when you hear your heater producing noise. Often, it is normal and can happen to most heaters.

why does my space heater make noise

But you should not ignore it as well. Inspect your unit to know the exact source so that you can have it repaired or replaced when there is indeed an issue. In this post, we will discuss the most common issues that result in the clicking sound of your unit. You will also learn whether or not your space heater is faulty, as well as what the sound indicates. Keep reading!


Why Does Your Space Heater Make Noise?

At times they are producing a clicking noise. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that your heater is broken. Below you will know whether or not a certain sound is a cause of concern. Although spaces heaters are designed differently, there is common to almost all of those devices. So, why does my space heater make noise? Whatever type of heater you have, the reasons below would still apply.


#1. Tension

One reason behind the noise of your heater is the expansion of its surface metal. This happens when the heater begins to heat too much, affecting its surface materials. In such a case, you will probably hear the clicking noise when the material is heating and expanding. During that time, tension is created. This will lead to the clicking sound. With that being said, if you are hearing a clicking sound, you should not worry. It is a natural occurrence that happens to most heaters.


#2. An oil space heater is noisier

If you have an oil heater at home, then expect it to produce a crackling and popping noise. This is very common. It happens because the heater warms up. This may also occur when the unit has been upside down. Take note that all oil heaters make noise when you turn them on. That is because metal and oil are heating up. So even if you hear a crackling noise, note that it does not have to cause concern. It even signifies that the room will be warm and nice soon. Suppose you moved your heater, and it has been positioned upside-down along the way. When you turn it on, expect it to produce a noise. The oil is settling down towards the channel again. Probably, a gurgling noise will be heard.


#3. Temperature changes

As you turn on the heater, it will set into a particular temperature range. It would be up to the unit if it would remain in such a temperature range. In some cases, your space heater will shut off and on again to maintain the desired temperature. The heater uses a control called the two set-point, which can be a little noise for this to happen. It is not uncommon that people will hear it produce a clicking sound as the control shuts off and on again. Although it is very noticeable, remember that it is entirely normal.

Many space heaters come with this feature. This ensures the unit will not overheat and the correct temperature is produced. As the temperature rises, your space heater will provide lower power, so the heat will also become lower, and the unit will not overheat. When the temperature begins to drop again, its control will gradually increase the power. However, controls are using working harshly. If the temperature is over the threshold level, it will turn off the power. It will only turn the power back when the temperature falls under the threshold. It is more common than other controls since the development cost would be cheaper, and it is easier and safer to shut off and on larger current amounts than limiting them. You may also be interested to know why the space heater plug gets hot.


What Can You Do About The Noise?

If you get annoyed by the noise of the heater, then consider getting a new one. In general, oil-filled radiators or infrared heaters are more silent. Although they can also produce a clicking sound, it would be less often. They will not have continuous noise since they usually do not include a fan as they heat. 


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this post has answered lingering on your mind: why is my why does my space heater make noise? The clicking sound you hear will not cause harm. It also does not mean that the heater is broken. But for instances when the heater produces squealing or screeching noises, the probable cause would be the transformer that is not working correctly. This is an indication that the heater is broken so you might invest in a brand new heating unit.

Nonetheless, we hope that you learned some insights about the noise produced by your space heater. Next time that your heater has a sound, you can already tell if it is something to worry about or not. You may want to read related articles; know how much does it cost to run a space heater 1500w and where to place a space heater. Thank you for reading!

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