What Is A Bed Riser? 3 Best Reasons To Get Yours Now!

A lot of people have been asking, what is a bed riser?

Well, this is a type of sturdy mold that is utilized in supporting the mattress and the bed frame.

what is a bed riser

Since it raises up the base of your bed, you can have more space for storage.

This will also increase your bed’s overall height.


What A Bed Riser Can Do!

So, what is a bed riser?

You will enjoy several benefits if you raise your bed from the floor, below are some of them.


#1. Increased height

With the help of a bed riser, you can elevate your bed for about six inches or more.

However, it may depend on the particular model that you will choose.

Given its taller height, space underneath can accommodate your storage bins.


#2. More storage space

People mainly use the area below the bed to store items that they seldom used such as summer clothes, snow gear, or sweaters.


#3. Comfortable sleep

Using a bed riser does not compromise your bed’s stability.

With that being said, you can sleep more comfortably all while enjoying more storage space.


4 Disadvantages Of Bed Risers

Although it comes with a lot of benefits, using a bed riser also has several disadvantages.


#1. Inconvenience

Bed risers are typically six inches tall so the bed will be raised for a few inches only.

Despite that, it can be a bit inconvenient for you to get in and out of your bed.

This is especially true for short people and for those with mobility issues.

But you can utilize a stepping stool to get your legs in the bed.

This will also assist you so that you will not lose your balance or slip off when you step out of bed.

If you use a bed riser, it may also be hard for you to reach the middle of your bed as you are making the bed or adjusting the sheets and blankets.


#2. Instability

In some cases, the bed can be unstable if you raise the bed by a couple of inches using a bed riser.

If you try to move the bed or lean on it while it is on the riser your bed can fall out of the bed riser.

Furthermore, when you lay in the bed and you shift more weight from one side than the other or when you move around, the base of the bed might also slip off the riser.

This unfortunate event can even lead to injury if you fall or if the bed land on your feet.


#3. Unsightly

Not all the time that the bed riser will complement well with the entire room.

Sometimes, it might not look appealing.

The bed riser can cause the entire frame of the bed as well as the headboard and baseboard to look unappealing.

That is because the majority of the bed risers do not match the bed’s woodwork.

More so, if you have a higher bed, anything you store underneath the bed can be easily seen.

If the clutter beneath your bed is visible, the entire room can appear untidy too.

Although you can get a bed skirt to conceal it, you can hardly find the one that can reach the floor from the bottom of your bed.

But of course, you may also get a custom fit.


Types Of Bed Riser

Bed risers are available in several variances. You can pick among its different types, depending on the legs of your bed frame.

When we say a bed riser, it is a rectangular piece that is designed with a tiny groove on top. These grooves will prevent the bed riser to slip.

There is also a cup style of bed riser. This is made out of cups constructed onto a metal riser.

Another style is clamp bed riser which is attached to the bed frame that is made of metal.

This will act as the new and longer leg.

It works for particular bed frames that have casters or wheels.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the answers to common questions:


#1. Is there a weight limit for bed risers?

Most of the bed risers have a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds.

For the maximum capacity of the set, it can accommodate up to 1200 pounds.


#2. What is the height of a bed riser?

Commonly, bed risers stand more than 23.5 inches tall.

So it can raise the bed for more than 20.5 inches.

This is four times taller than cheap and plastic bed risers.


#3. Is a bed riser dangerous?

No, they are safe since the base is more stable and broader as compared to the actual legs of your bed.

Remember that even if they are safe, they can also cause accidents if you use them incorrectly.

Make sure to get a bed riser that is designed for the particular frame of your bed.

Also, consider your weight capacity requirement.


It’s A Wrap!

So, what is a bed riser?

Again, this is a type of mold that is used in supporting the bed frame as well as the mattress.

It is also used to raise the base of a bed from the floor thereby providing more space for storage as well as increase the height of the entire bed.

Furthermore, bed risers are made out of different heavy-duty materials.

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