How To Make Bed Higher In 3 Easy Steps

If you want to know how to make bed higher, hello! You’ve come to the right place.

By any chance, do you find it uncomfortable that your bed height does not match yours?

how to make bed higher

We will be giving you ideas on how to and why a higher bed might benefit you more!

Bed height may come off as an irrelevant topic since there are so many things to worry about when it comes to beds.

However, with all the fiasco for pillows, cases, mattresses, and sheets, one can hardly bother about having their bed reach particular tallness.

Hopefully, this article may open your mind to the life-changing facts of bed altitudes that can make you sleep better than ever before.

Read on!


Why Make Bed Higher?

You probably think that it’s pointless to ponder on this drama.

That is why first things first, we will discuss the benefits of engaging you in this topic.

These discoveries will surely convince you to make plans to elevate your bed right after.


#1. Keeping up appearances

Bed heights affect the overall impact of a room.

For example, shorter beds look good in modern interiors.

In contrast, taller beds are often chosen for traditional and contemporary looks.

They elevate the luxurious feel and artistry of intricately designed bedrooms.

Higher beds also suit higher ceilings. It allows a balance of space from your roof to your bed and not an awkward difference between them.

In addition, the smaller distance between the two can make your room well put together and not forced.


#2. Manifesting your chakra

Okay, what will you lose if you don’t try? Lower beds often hinder the continuous flow of energy that is a cause for restless nights and grumpy mornings.

I mean, if you want to start tomorrow, right, end today on a good note!

Meanwhile, taller beds are elevated at a higher altitude.

And it allows the energy to be transferred all over you effectively, giving you a good night’s sleep and, of course, an actual good morning.

Who knows? You might even be a morning person after this.


#3. Convenience

We find prized treasures on the most mundane things.

In the basic setup of making it easier to access the night desk of the bedside table, taller beds give us that convenience.

Most decks are elevated to a certain point, and small, lower ones are incredibly uncommon if not impossible to find.

Getting up in the morning is also improved with a taller bed.

A higher elevation forces our body to stretch longer from the bed to the floor.

In just getting off the bed, you’re already provided with good exercise!

Plus, making your bed won’t require the usual back effort to bend over in a smaller rest area.

Taller beds also involve larger spaces in the bottom.

Of course, we will not be letting these go to waste.

You can use these spaces for storage.

The taller the bed, the more things you can fit underneath it. You may even get creative and furnish it if large enough.

Cleaning is also made more accessible since vacuums can fit easily under the bed.

For sure, it can give the machine a bigger scope for more effective cleansing and adjustment—no more manual cleaning.


#4. Personalization

There are, of course, tall beds for tall people.

Since small beds don’t allow enough comfort, elevated beds can still be used, whatever your height is.

However, for taller people, you will no longer have to fit yourself into a small area.

Tall beds also prevent minor hazards that can be possible for some homes.

For example, in a family with small children, they may end up climbing over the bed to play and end up falling.

Also, some pet owners may not like their pets in their personal space. A higher bed gives a boundary to where they can lay.


Steps To Make The Bed Higher

Here are the steps on how to make bed higher:


Step #1. Buy a tall bed in the get-go

Why bother with making a bed higher when you can have a tall bed from the start?

An original, tall bed may be less expensive without the need to buy additional equipment to elevate it.

Not to mention, it can save you from working too.


Step #2. Bed risers

Of course, the handy, dandy bed risers. These tools were made for a specific purpose, making them easier to use, especially for beginners.

It also elevates your mattress if you want to.

There are three types you may have access to; wood, plastic, and metal.

Plastic risers are less heavy, making them faster to install. Wood risers give a decorative feel and are more durable than plastic.

Metal risers are the toughest, yet they may be quite a bit to place but worth the hassle.


Step #3. Other alternatives

If a tall bed is out of the question and bed risers are inaccessible, don’t worry! There are still ways to elevate your bed.

One of them is placing a hard, durable object under each leg of your bed.

Make sure these objects are equal in height, tough and dense.

And the legs are centered or at least placed carefully on each of these foundations. Check for any faults that may have your bed falling apart.



Now that you’ve learned the secrets on how to make bed higher, you are ready to go.

We expect you to be aware of the numerous effects that a more elevated bed can give you.

So, have fun, and we wish you a good night’s rest!