What Size Is The Hospital Bed? Its 3 Awesome Types!

What size is the hospital bed? It is about 38″ in width and 84″ in length. The size includes headboards and footboards.

One of the most unwanted events in our lives is being in the hospital.

It is a place full of tragic life-threatening diseases and it houses people who are sick.

Although it is an unavoidable place to be, in our lifetime we are wishing not to be in there.

But behind every corner of each room found in hospitals are the stories that show different views and lessons this life can offer.

Some may be gloomy, sad, and tragic but some are full of hope, love, and faith.

I once stayed in a hospital for a month. Not as a patient but as a watcher.

One struggle for me is that it is difficult for me to sleep for the bed can only accommodate the patient.

I can only sleep in the chair. Then I wondered “how big are hospital beds?” Is it always like this?

Or it just happened that we are in a public hospital that lacks the facilities we needed at that time.

Is there a reason why hospital beds like that?

Some consider the size of hospital beds before buying, they buy them for they intend to use them in the home.

How about the families that have patients at home?

If you are in this situation, I’ll help you find out which hospital bed size you should probably get.


What size is the hospital bed

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are intended to provide safety, mobility, and comfort for those who use them.

These beds are not entirely exclusive for hospitals but those who have patients at home can use them too.

The adaptability, as well as the versatility of these hospital beds, allows the caregivers to give their service to the diverse needs of their patients.

When it comes to the safety of the patient, hospital beds are the ideal type of bed that they should rest in.

Falls are a common accident with patients so a hospital bed must be used to provide as one of its features is the railing to avoid this type of accident.


What Size The Hospital Be Is

I often thought of “What size is the hospital bed?” I also wondered if there are various sizes and how do they vary from each other.

As I’ve dug deeper, hospital beds vary in size per model.

Standard-sized hospital beds, however, have dimensions of 220 cm x 97 cm.

That dimension should cater to a regular patient, although some manufacturers and suppliers prefer specialized bed sizes.


Bariatric and pediatric size

Take the pediatric and bariatric patients for example. These sizes are alterable depending on the necessity.

You can easily adjust their length if there are taller patients.

So that they can still use the bed without having the hassle to transfer from one bed to another.


Narrow beds

Some manufacturers also consider making hospital beds that could easily go through hospital doors.

These are specially made for the mobility of the said bed.

Making it narrower will make it more versatile in moving the beds from one room to another.

Patients that use this size of a hospital bed will not worry about getting on and off the bed during room visits.


Types Of Hospital Beds

There are 3 types of beds; manual, semi-electric, and fully electric hospital beds.


#1. Manual hospital beds

As its name suggests, this type of hospital bed is altered manually.

They may have cranks to pull to adjust the position or the height of the mattress.

There are some instances that the position of the bed must be altered depending on the patient’s injury.

It may seem pesky since you can alter anything unless you have someone physically available to alter it.


#2. Semi-electric hospital bed

Semi-electric hospital beds are a combination of both electric and manual functions.

Thus creating a more flexible feature.

The footboards and the headboards can be controlled electronically.

Pushing a button to either put the boards up or down.

The mattress height, however, can only be controlled manually.

So a semi-electric hospital bed can be utilized for those that need headboard function than height.


#3. Fully electronic hospital bed

Fully electronic hospital beds are a lot more flexible than the two types mentioned before.

It is superior when it comes to functionality and adjustability.

Plug this bed into an outlet and control all its set-ups using a remote.

Some electronic beds include interlude range features.

This type of hospital bed in my opinion is the best one.

It offers both functionalities perfectly and convenience. The only problem is the price.

Since these beds are electronic, it’s not cheaply sold too. So check your budget before buying one first.


Assembling A Hospital Bed

You may be wondering if those types of the bed should be assembled or not. Well, curiosity is not a burden.

Some hospital beds come with instructions on how to assemble one although some are already installed.



Upon reading this article, you now have an idea of what size is the hospital bed that is best for you.

You may not be the patient, but you may want to get one for a friend or a loved one.

It may sound a little scary to stay in one of these beds but fear not.

These beds are made to bring comfort especially to those who need more care and adjustments.

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