What Is A Panel Bed? 4 Best Features!

What is a panel bed? Panel beds are a standard type of bed that we typically use in our homes.

Often we are the types that give value to the things we have from the past.

What is a panel bed

The things left by ancestors, loved ones, or from other generations of the family.

Something old is sometimes valuable not just in the term of money, but also in the term of love and importance that the previous owner has invested.

When hearing the word panel bed, we often associate it with the 1960s cabin found in the woods.

But panel beds are more than the old headboard your grandma or grandpa owns.

Beds come in different forms and types, it is often associated with what the owner wants, or what type of sleepers are they.

In this article, we will know about panel beds.

The first thing that everyone should consider in choosing and setting up the bedroom is the bed, which is the centerpiece.

Good quality sleep can be achieved if you invest in the incorrect type of bed frame you got. It helps also in the aesthetics of the bedroom.

A bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture. So if you want a bed that will stand out you might consider having a panel bed.


What A Panel Bed Is?

You are probably wondering “what is a panel bed?” Well, panel beds are the standard model of beds.

Panel beds are any type of bed frame having a headboard, two side panels, and a base. In simple terms, it is a bed with having a four-wall frame.

Because of its sturdiness, this type of bed can be able to hold box springs and can hold heavy mattresses too.

Making them not being able to be matched with other types because of the sturdy structure and the support it can give.

The panel bed requires box springs and mattresses as its foundation.

This type of bed supports the mattresses with the help of wood slats or metal bars that is why it is called a panel.

This type of bed usually has a headboard, footboard, and side railings.

This type of bed offers benefits like breathability and mattress-box springs compatibility.

It is important knowledge that panel beds require a foundation like a mattress or a box spring for them to have proper support

One reason why it is often chosen by the people is that because of aesthetics. The bed being the centerpiece of the bedroom and sleeping set up.

Investing in beds with headboards is a big help when you want to elevate the look and the feel of the bedroom.


Difference Between Panel Beds And Platform Beds

Between the panel beds and platform beds, there is a difference.

We’ve highlighted these out for you.


#1. Price

Panel beds are extra pricier than the platform bed it is because panel beds often have intricate wood design or metal depending on the material used.

They also come with other features like the headboard making it costly compare to the platform bed.


#2. Size and shape

Panel beds often require mattress foundation that it also requires taller height

Regardless of the two, the size and shape of the need must.

Fit according to space and comfort you are wanting to have.


#3. Comfort

Panel bed is more at an advantage when it comes to breathability, for it has a box spring that allows continuous air flows.


#4. Design

For the classic and maximalist type of sleepers, a panel bed is perfect for you.

For the panel, the bed complements the traditional type of ambiance.

Panel beds are simple yet elegant.


Features Of Panel Bed

The following are the special features of a panel.


#1. Traditional appearance

These panel beds started way back at the beginning of the 20th century.

During these days the mass mattress production started.

Aside from that, the box springs were considered as an essential component for the sleeping setup at that time.

This is the type of bed almost all of us were raised with.


#2. Box springs

This box spring is perfect for supporting your mattresses.

Panel beds do not typically rely on mattresses alone.

The box springs will help you to get a great good night’s sleep.


#3. Headboards

This feature is known for panel beds. Panel beds are known to have big headboards with a lot of height.

Headboards and footboards usually come in different designs, you can just choose based on whatever you like.

Headboards also come from different types of materials.


#4. Under-bed storage

This feature is not for panel beds alone, some platform beds also have some storage underneath.

It is perfect for those who are saving space or needs more compartments for other things.



No more “What is a panel bed?” thoughts as we’ve covered most about it.

You now have knowledge that you’ve probably been using one.

Panel beds are what we are used to having. It is traditional yet, beautiful.

It reminds us how to appreciate the innovations of things.

We should know what the panel bed is. It has special features like headboards.

Knowing our type of bed is a must so we can be aware of which type offers us the comfort and rest that we badly needed.

We also tackled the differences, it shows that different types show different unit characteristics.

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