What Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Rustic Wedding

If you can’t decide about what does the mother of the bride wear to a rustic wedding, remember two considerations when building your wedding attire. We will discuss the venue and dress code typically seen in rustic weddings and relate the appropriate outfits for the mother of the bride. 

We’ve also included other examples of what to wear as the bride’s mother in different country and rustic weddings. And if it’s casual, why not read what does the mother of the bride wear to a casual wedding

what does the mother of the bride wear to a rustic wedding


Guide On What Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Rustic Wedding


Consider the rustic wedding venue

A rustic wedding can happen outdoors, in the barn, farm, or any country venue. That being said, think of outfits that would be comfortable in these locations. 

For example, be mindful of the dress length you’d wear. As the bride’s mother, a midi length would look classy and comfortable for an outdoor country wedding. 

The venue can also help you decide what colors to wear for the rustic mother of the bride outfit. For example, natural and earthy colors like greens and browns are flattering for a rustic wedding, and even older women can find these tones flattering. 


Follow the wedding dress code of the rustic wedding

Understand that not all rustic weddings are expected to be casual. Furthermore, remember that the bride’s mother should wear something refined and graceful. 

For example, you can wear a long-sleeved dress to a rustic wedding if it’s indoor and formal. A barn wedding can even have the bride’s mother in blazer and dress pants if you want to look sophisticated. 

A butterfly sleeve top with a skirt or pants in attractive prints might also suit a rustic wedding for the bride’s mother. And of course, your shoes can dress your attire up or down, so find something suitable for the rustic venue but still follows the wedding’s formality. 


What Does A Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Barn Wedding?

A barn wedding can inspire the bride’s mother’s outfit to be something that can be described as country chic. This means incorporating natural elements and colors into your outfit but styling them to make your attire more suitable for the wedding. 

Here are some specific mother-of-the-bride wedding attire examples for a country chic barn wedding:

  • Neutral-colored sleeveless cotton A-line dress with block heels
  • Two-piece blouse and skirt with floral pattern and dressy sandals
  • Tube dress with a cardigan with vintage accessories
  • Floral blazer with dressy pants and simple flats
  • Long-sleeved earth tone jumpsuit with ankle boots


What Color Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear To An Outdoor Wedding?

The venue and season of the wedding should give you a clue of what color to wear to an outdoor wedding. Whether it’s a rustic wedding, barn wedding, or country wedding, the popular colors tend to be earth tones. 

Think of the brown, green, red, yellow, or blue shades you see naturally outside. What’s fantastic with these colors is they can also add sophistication, especially for the mother-of-the-bride outfit. 

Alternatively, pastels and florals can be flattering for the bride’s mother for an outdoor wedding, especially if it’s spring or fall. You can also select patterns that combine light and dark colors to look more stylish. 

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What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Farm Wedding?

Dresses are typical for the wedding attire of the bride’s mother, even for a farm wedding. Remember that as the bride’s mother, you should still look sophisticated and distinguishable from the other wedding guests. 

But since it’s a farm wedding, it will likely follow rustic or vintage themes. It can be a floor-length and long-sleeved dress for a formal farm wedding or a blouse with see-through sleeves and trousers for a more casual farm wedding. 

You can also wear floral and natural patterns as the bride’s mother, especially for a rustic wedding at the farm. Gray, brown, or maroon are classy options for moms at weddings. 


What To Wear As Mother Of The Bride For Casual Outdoor Wedding?

A casual outdoor wedding for the mother of the bride can be something less dressy than cocktail attire. As the bride’s mom, you should still look classy for the wedding, even if it’s casual. 

Think of cocktail attire but consider fabrics, lengths, and colors that would be comfortable for the outdoor venue. A cotton cocktail dress in a light color and knee length, for example, would be ideal. 

You can also wear pants and a blouse or a coverup like a jacket or a cardigan to look more styled up. But of course, you can always ask your daughter if she has a style in mind for you. 



And that’s it! To recap what does the mother of the bride wear to a rustic wedding, it can be country chic or even cocktail attire inspired by the country or barn setup. 

Consider the venue and theme of the wedding to help you create the ultimate wedding outfit. You can also ask your daughter if she and her partner have planned the attire for the parents.

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