What Should A Grandmother Wear To A Wedding Examples

If you’re unsure about what should a grandmother wear to a wedding, consider four guidelines. We will ensure that what grandma is wearing follows the event’s formality, make her distinguishable from other guests, and keep her comfortable. 

Furthermore, we will give examples of specific outfits to give your grandmother ideas, whether you’re the bride or groom. Finally, please browse our blog for particular attire guidelines, such as what the bride’s mother should wear to the beach wedding

what should a grandmother wear to a wedding


What Should A Grandmother Wear To A Wedding: Attire Guidelines And Etiquette


Ideal for mobility and comfort of grandmothers

One of the critical factors to know what a grandma should wear is comfort. Whether it’s a dress or any clothing piece, the wedding outfit should always be ideal for your grandmother’s comfort. 

Start with shopping for your grandmother to ensure that the outfit she’ll get is the right size. For example, if it’s a dress, the length shouldn’t be too long that she might step on it while walking if she’s also part of the wedding processional.

You can also ask your grandma about the outfit she wants to wear. For example, if she feels more comfortable and less restricted in loose pants plus an airy blouse, then you can guide her on what color or style suits the wedding theme.  


Clothes influenced by the wedding theme

After ensuring that her outfit is comfortable and ideal for mobility, your grandmother should still wear something that follows the wedding theme. She’s a close family member, so her attire should complement the wedding theme but also don’t look like she’s a regular guest. 

Keep the formality of your wedding in mind, whether it’s semi-formal or black-tie, then the general theme, which can be traditional, romantic, or rustic. You can also use the wedding color palette when helping your grandma build an outfit. 

Also, you can talk with your partner, so your grandmothers have a somewhat similar outfit. 


Suitable style for the wedding venue

Related to the first two guidelines on what should a grandmother wear to a wedding, the next factor is to ensure that her outfit suits the wedding venue. For example, some wedding venues may require the guests to wear something formal. 

The wedding venue might even be conservative, and all female guests must cover certain body regions. If your grandma feels like she can’t breathe comfortably with a jacket for coverage, guide her on how to wear a shawl for a wedding

Finally, consider if your grandmother’s overall attire will be comfortable for the location. For example, in beach weddings, have your grandma wear sandals or flats to avoid safety risks when walking in the sand. 

To match flat shoes to any wedding type, here are tips on how to wear flat shoes to a wedding


Comfortable for the wedding season and time

Your grandmother needs to wear something appropriate for the season and time of the wedding. The venue is not the only factor for comfort and etiquette, regardless of the guest’s age. 

Take the summer season as an example. If the wedding will happen during summer, make sure your grandma wears something breathable and in a light color to keep her from feeling too hot. 

Then, the time of the wedding also influences the etiquette for grandmothers attending a wedding. For example, the evening wedding is expected to be formal, so tell your grandma to wear something appropriate or help her dress up her semi-casual attire. 


Wedding Attire Examples for Grandmothers of the Bride And Groom

Here are some ideas on what grandmothers can wear to a wedding, but please note to adjust and style them according to the four factors discussed:

  • Tea-length dress
  • Ankle-length dress
  • Suit dress
  • A-line gown with jacket
  • Flowy blouse and long skirt
  • Long-sleeved blouse and relaxed fit pants
  • Cardigan/kimono and straight leg dress pants
  • Low-heeled pumps
  • Embellished flats
  • Dressy sandals
  • Shawl
  • Brooch
  • Dainty jewelry (e.g., lightweight and small necklaces and earrings)
  • Clutch
  • Purse


What Color Should The Grandmother Of The Bride Wear To The Wedding?

The best colors for grandmothers, whether she’s the groom’s or bride’s grandma, include dusty and pastel shades of pink, blue, or green. 


Should a grandmother wear black to a wedding?

A grandmother can wear black to a wedding since black is suitable for formal and black-tie events. If it’s an evening wedding, your grandma can wear a black long-sleeved gown.


Can the mother of the bride and grandmother wear the same color?

The bride’s grandmother and mother can wear the same color. Then, their dress styles can be similar but not exact copies of each other. 


Should the grandmother of the bride wear the same color as bridesmaids?

The bridal party’s outfits should be related to each other but you still want your grandma distinguishable, so her clothes can be the same color palette as the bridesmaids but in a style that suits her comfort. 



And that’s it! We found out what should a grandmother wear to a wedding by keeping her comfort, wedding theme, venue, season, and theme in mind when creating an outfit. 

You can also use colors influenced by what the bridesmaids or mothers wear at the wedding. The key is having your grandma distinguishable from regular guests, but like other guests, in an outfit that is still low-key and classy. 

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