What Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Casual Wedding

If you’re unsure about what does the mother of the bride wear to a casual wedding, try six stylish but appropriate options for your wedding attire. We’ve included the style of dresses and dress alternatives to suit any moms attending their daughter’s casual wedding. 

Furthermore, you’ll know the etiquette of what the bride’s mother should wear to her daughter’s wedding. And if the venue will be at the beach, we have another attire guide on what the bride’s mother should wear to a beach wedding

what does the mother of the bride wear to a casual wedding


Examples Of What Does The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Casual Wedding


Tank dress

Since it’s a casual wedding, it’s likely to have a backyard for the venue. If it’s also summer, you’ll be comfortable with something sleeveless. 

The bride’s mother can wear a tank dress for her daughter’s wedding as some styles would still suit a wedding. First, select prints, colors, cuts, and designs that would suit a wedding attire. 

Add a shawl, pair the dress with heels, and wear a dressy bag to make your look more wedding-appropriate. Don’t forget to accessorize with dainty jewelry and have your hair and makeup ready for the wedding. 


Knee-length dress

Casual means guests are not required to wear clothes that you’ll usually see on evening formal occasions. And for a casual wedding, the bride’s mother can opt for midi or knee-length dresses.

This length is perfect because it’s casual, but it’s still not too short that you would feel uncomfortable moving around. As the bride’s mother, you should still avoid bridal dresses, so never wear something white, lace, or embellishments that would remind you of a wedding gown. 

Pastel colors for the knee-length dress would look nice for the bride’s mom, or she may have picked a color that you and the groom’s mother would wear. If you don’t like heels, dressy flats will look lovely with a knee-length dress. 


Floral A-line dress

Casual weddings are perfect for mothers to wear floral dresses. The bride’s mom can even be distinguished with a particular color combination or print with her dress. 

A flattering style would be an A-line dress because you can still highlight your waist but conceal the tummy area. Then, select sleeves that you think match the wedding theme and what would look best with your silhouette. 

Flutter sleeves are standard for mothers because they add style but cover the shoulder. You can also wear a sleeveless floral dress, then bring a cardigan if it gets chilly. 


Jacket and dress

The mother of the bride’s wedding attire should look classy and modest, even for a casual wedding. This doesn’t mean you have to wear formal clothes that would suit black-tie events more. 

You can always wear something over your dress or outfit to create a more sophisticated look. For example, a light-colored blazer over a pastel dress can be comfortable without looking overdressed for a casual wedding. 

Dark colors can also look fantastic if it’s a casual evening wedding. You can even ask your daughter if she wants a color scheme for the parents. 


Three-quarter sleeve blouse and skirt

A two-piece outfit can also suit the mother of the bride for casual weddings. For example, partner a midi skirt with a three-quarter sleeve blouse if you don’t feel comfortable with a sleeveless top. 

When wearing a jacket or cardigan, you can also look more stylish if you fold the sleeves up to your elbows. The style, color, and length of the skirt should match the wedding theme. 

As for the shoes, you can never go wrong with block heels, which can also support a good posture. But then, accessorize with simple jewelry so you don’t look like any guest. 


Off-shoulder top and dress pants

If you don’t like dresses and skirts, your wedding attire can be pants with a classy or dressy top. Off-shoulder blouses are common for the bride’s mother because they add sophistication and style to the overall look. 

You don’t need to worry about it looking too revealing as some are styled as modest. You can also wear a layered necklace to avoid looking too bare. 

Wide-leg pants or trousers should suit a casual wedding. However, if you have plain black jeans and your top and shoes are not very casual-looking, you can also wear them. 


What The Mother Of The Bride Should Not Wear?

Like other female guests at the wedding, the bride’s mother should avoid outfits reminiscent of bridal wear. These are white outfits, flowy dresses, skirts with tulle, lace, and even embellishments like gemstones that can look bridal. 

Of course, modesty is also essential as you don’t want to take the attention away from your daughter. But if it’s an outdoor or country wedding, here are some ideas on what does the mother of the bride wear to a rustic wedding


What Color Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear To Her Daughter’s Wedding?

Pastel colors and floral patterns will be flattering for the bride’s mother. Some brides even go dress shopping with their mom to buy their specific wedding attire.



Was this guide helpful? To recap what does the mother of the bride wear to a casual wedding consider something comfortable but classy.

They can mean sleeveless, floral, knee-length, or even combining jackets with a dress. Pants and a dressy blouse can also suit a casual wedding for moms. 

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