How Much Of Your Donation Goes To Shriners? Awesome Facts You Must Know!

Do you want to know how much of your donation goes to Shriner? In this article, we will tell you the percentage of how Shriners Hospitals are using your gifts.

They have been trusted for many years with their methods and reputation. It is always safe to do some research and listen to what other people can say about them.

how much of your donation goes to Shriners

By doing this, you get to know what charity is worth giving to and if you can support a different branch. It is good to monitor your list of charities to donate to and if something needs to change. Keep on reading to know more!


What Is Shriners Hospital?

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of people donations. They have several branches that serve in the US. They provide exceptional pediatric care with their special medical education. They have done unique researches and continue to do so for the sake of treating their patients. Because their donors can provide healthcare for children regardless of their family’s financial status and insurance. Their trustworthy reputation has been a reflection of their excellent medical staff and overall organization.


How To Donate To Shriners

If you want to donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children, they accept online donations for a hassle-free and safe transaction. You may visit their website and click the donate button. There is also a fundraiser button to see what else you can help to support.

For donating online, they use Braintree, a company from PayPal, to handle all the online donations to keep the security of the donors. You won’t need to make an account for this, and rest assured your information won’t be shared with anyone. If you prefer to donate by phone, you may contact them with the number 844-739-0849.

If you want to send a check, you will first have to fill out a form they provide if you search on their official website. Once you have carefully read and filled up the form, please send them to the “general donations” section at the Shriners International Headquarters. You may also be interested to know where to buy donation boxes and how to build a clothing donation box.


Other Ways To Give

There are other ways you can support Shriners Hospitals for Children. Other than giving donations, you can also offer to host a fundraiser event for them. However, due to the COVID-19 virus still going around, the branches have to prioritize their staff, the children, and the donor’s safety by requiring a form to be filled up found on their official website. This form helps identify where the said fundraiser will be held to know what guidelines must be implemented according to that state. Updates are needed during the preparation of the event, and if it gets risky again around that area, it is advised to postpone the event. There is also the option of hosting an online fundraiser. You can give gifts as long as they can serve the purpose of caring for the patients. Read about ways to give.


Where And How Much Of The Donation Goes To Shriners? 

Not confident that your donations are being put to good use? Shriner has reported that they make sure cash and gift donations all go to the treatment of their patients. All donations in any form, whether cash or gifts, are made to support the patients directly. Many have told stories of how grateful their conditions have been given free treatment at Shriners Hospital as a child. These people may have been inspired by the cause of Shriners and grew up to become loyal donors to them. However, there have been shocking discoveries about some of them using these funds for nonsense things. John Goline has joined the leadership, found out about these, was confirmed by the national auditor, and soon got kicked out of office.

According to Mr. Goline, more than 57% of the funds raised were used for liquor parties, bingo games, fraternity costs, and expensive trips for Shrine meetings and miscellaneous events. It was also reported that the temple treasurers have been aware of this issue.

Several temples have already been exposed as fraud due to heavy money theft and manipulation of records. Yet, despite all of this, Shriner still believes and states that if you look at the big picture, they’re doing more for the children than any other charity.  So for the big question, how much of your donation goes to Shriners? Only 2% of donations are used for the operation of hospitals and medical supplies. Only this percentage is used for the patients’ well-being and medical research. Yet, Shriner still considers that their cash problem is severe and that every time is different.


It’s A Wrap!

So how much of your donation goes to Shriners? That’s right, and the truth can be sad and infuriating. But it is true that every time is different and facilitated by other sectors of the organization. Their money accountability cannot be generalized to all branches. However, it’s still good to know that not all of their hospitals stick to the rules. We hope you have learned from this article; thank you for reading! It may also be a good idea to read about what is an in-kind donation too. 

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