What Color Curtains Go With Light Grey Walls? 9 Best Colors!

Perhaps, you are here to find what color curtains go with light grey walls. Then you are lucky, for we are about to tell you numerous colors to try.

Grey is among the most exciting shade of color that is usually integrated into different interior décor.

what color curtains go with light grey walls

This achromatic color in between white and black is among the most common wall color.

That is because it gives a room a minimalist ambiance without making a room too dark. You can easily accentuate it with any furniture color and style.

The color looks like a cloudy sky covered with ash.

Although this is often regarded as a luster-less and dull color, its light grey shade provides a drastically opposite effect.

This shade is trendy, and it is even getting more popular these days.

Designers recognize it as a color that is very classy, versatile, and sophisticated.

The color grey can be incorporated into any space, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room.

It provides a universal appeal since it can complement any accessory, artwork, and, as mentioned earlier, furniture.

Furthermore, it can infuse a luxurious look into the room, especially with a glossy finish.

But it must not end there. Your light grey wall also requires the proper window treatment in pulling off the look.


Color Curtains Go With Light Grey Walls

Curtain is one of the most well-known window treatments that are present in most homes.

They look stunning as it offers a classy and rich appeal to your windows.

For your walls in light grey color, you may hang curtains or drapes.

But what color curtains go with light grey walls.


#1. White

If there is one color that can never go wrong, without a doubt, it would be white curtains.

It can pair with grey beautifully.

It pops out when paired with walls in dark grey color.

But it also looks spectacular if paired with walls in light grey.

That combination can offer an airy and light ambiance to the room.


#2. Tan and cream

What’s best about grey is that you can pair it with other neutral colors.

Adding tan curtains to the white ones can provide warmth that may be missing if white alone is used.

This combination can provide a warm and cozy feel to the room, especially when accentuated to a grey wall.


#3. Navy blue

Another color that can go well with a light grey wall is navy blue.

It is a rich color shade that offers a dark and luxurious feel.

They are a perfect match to rooms with light grey walls because if you pair them with dark-colored walls, the room will look dark.

To attain a regal look, you can combine navy blue curtains, light grey walls, then pair them with white accents and brown furniture.


#4. Red, plum, coral, or orange curtains

We grouped these colors because they belong to one hue family.

The shares orange, red, and coral works perfectly with walls in warm grey.

You might as well use a fiery shade of orange-brown.

The color pops out in the room and creates a bold statement.

The satin sheen curtain in the shade of plum is also a great choice.

When combined with grey, this can also provide a regal look.


#5. Yellow

One of the most versatile color options is yellow.

There are different shades that you can choose from to pair your light grey walls.

For instance, you may opt for a curtain in a bright yellow color to produce a pleasant environment.

But you might as well get a mustard yellow shade to attain a refined look.

Either way, they can provide a beautiful contrast when paired with light grey walls.


#6. White, grey, and blue combination

You may choose not to stick with solid colors and try exploring patterned curtains.

For example, try the combination of white, grey, and blue.

They can offer a warm glow that is pleasing in the eye against light grey walls.


#7. Charcoal grey

Grey comes in a lot of shades. All of them are very stunning.

Curtains in charcoal grey combined with light grey walls can help in enhancing the aesthetics of your windows and the room in general.


#8. Natural green

You can give natural green a shot.

But, then, it’s either you opt for olive green or floral patterned green curtains.

Then accentuate them with brown and other warm neutral colors to produce a harmonious appeal into the room.


#9. Dusty rose

Another lovely shade that you can try is the dusty rose.

For as long as you pair it with the right colors, this can provide a perfect outcome.

Just like with light grey, for example, dusty rose can deliver an instant hit.

Then, accentuate them with burgundy or olive items and white furniture.

Make sure to use the right intensity of these colors for a harmonious blend.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know what color curtains go with light grey walls, you can surely achieve the look of the room that you are after.

The right combination can enhance your dull room.