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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls? 13 Basic Colors!

You may ask, what color curtains go with gray walls?

In this modern time, dark color is what you call the trending color of this generation.

There are different symbols and meanings for each color.

But old folks don’t like it because they link it to a bad omen, but now as you can see, dark color is so elegant, just like gray, it goes beyond your expectation.

It is a neutral color that can suit any curtain color you want. Gray wall adds a cozy impact to your room or any part of your house.

When it comes to matching the color of the wall to your curtain, you have numerous choices.

That’s why interior designers preferred neutral colors because they are free to harmonize them with other colors.


what color curtains go with gray walls

What Color Curtains Is Best With Gray Wall

Here you will know the 13 good choices of color that will match the gray wall.

So start to discover your imaginative idea in color combinations.

So, what color curtains go with gray walls?


Color #1. White

What color do curtains go with gray walls? The most dominant of all is white.

The white curtain neutralizes the dark color of gray on the wall. Look luxurious and enticing to stay.

It can define a spacious look when hanging on a full-length window.

These white curtains are nice for your living room or bedrooms, giving a cooling effect in your mind.


Color #2. Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray curtains go along with your medium gray wall. It has a classy and modern theme idea.

Gray is domineering, but it gives a luxurious feeling within the room.


Color #3. Gray

Gray curtain to another light gray wall.

Here the curtain is darker than the wall.

It gives an impressive look of neutral color by incorporating the two shades of the same color.

Interior designers call it a monochromatic scheme that will make the room harmonious to one another.


Color #4. Beige

A beige curtain gives a warmer look to your room.

Just like white, beige provides brightness to your room.

Nowadays, beige colors have become popular because of the elegant effect that goes along with other colors.


Color #5. Black

Many old folks don’t like black curtains, but if you match them with your gray wall, it will be a perfect room for you to chill.

This combination is best for your family room where you watch the movie because the black curtain blocks the light to get in since theatres are dark.

Moreover, black curtains offer elegance to your room.


Color #6.  Bright red

Are you bored of being monotonous in your color scheme? Why not try a little bolder this time.

Give a little life in your room by putting a bright red color curtain to match the gray wall of the room.

You will feel the romance within the atmosphere of your room.


Color #7. Coral

If you don’t like the brightness of red, try this softer tone of red the coral color. This coral curtain gives the gentle touch of a gray wall.

The room becomes warmer that balanced the dark shades of gray.


Color #8. Soft pink

The color gray is more masculine, and pink is more feminine.

But combining these two colors compensated one another.

A touch of pink in your room gives a striking effect to both sexes.

Guys can love the color pink too!


Color #9. Mustard yellow

Another bolder color is mustard yellow.

The yellow mustard curtain gives a dramatic effect to the gray wall.

The color brings sunshine from within. A whole day shines brightness in your room.


Color #10. Ocean blue

Ocean blue curtains match to gray wall bestows a calming effect to the viewer.

Ocean blue is so relaxing that it calm your inner self.

This color scheme is best for bedrooms for it contributed to a restful sleep.


Color #11.  Olive green

Olive green curtains match to gray wall offer freshness in the surroundings.

A warm feeling in a room with this choice of color, the darker the green is, the warmer it becomes.

It’s like a surrounding full of trees, with green leaves.


Color #12. A mix of colors

A combination of three warm colors of curtains enhanced the fabulous job of discovering the beauty it brings to the room.

Adding some accents of color like bronze or metallic gold will complete the tremendous effect of it.


Color #13. Bold pattern

Go a little bolder this time, and a bold patterned curtain gives extra uniqueness in the place.

Enjoy the beauty of different colors of pattern in simple gray walls of yours.

It will become a rainbow of colors that will lighten up the interior design of your room.

Here is another article about curtains. Click here to find out what it is.


To Wrap It Up!

Now that you already knew what color curtains go with gray walls, you will have a great time choosing what is best in your room.

Choosing the best curtains, you also have to consider the furniture or the furnishing to harmonize to the wall and the curtains.

For a safer side, cream or white furniture always goes along in gray walls.

It may be a little bit challenging, but soon you will discover the fulfillment of a successful decoration and a mixing of colors.

Hoping these ideas help you a lot in choosing what is best for your beautiful home.

how to choose curtains

4 Helpful Tips On How To Choose Curtains

Choosing a curtain has never been easier with the help of these four tips discussed below in this article. If you are looking for the perfect curtain match suitable for your home, then you are in the right place. Continue reading so that you will be able to find the best curtains fitted to your style.

What Is A Curtain?

A curtain is a hanging cloth that has different varieties used for several purposes. The first purpose is to block sunlight. The second purpose is to secure people behind the curtain. And last, the third purpose is to obscure drafts. For whatever reason, you need a curtain, detailed below are tips that you can use when it comes to choosing curtains.

Tip #1 – Know what place you are going to put it

Different areas need different kinds of curtains. For example, in the bedroom, you would need darker, solid curtains. The reason behind it is it will give a dark atmosphere. It will help you sleep faster than ever if the place is pitch black with a soft glow from the lamp. However, it is a different case for people with nyctophobia- fear of the night or darkness.


If you are one of those people, then you are better off with a light-colored curtain. As for the living room or perhaps the bathroom, there are designated curtains for them as well. So, the first tip is to know what place you are going to put it.

Tip #2 – Know the measurements

Take out the tape measure and measure the length and width of your window first. Note that measuring from top to bottom and adding 2 or 3 inches to the size is the usual process.


Try to add 4 to 8 inches on both sides for width. These additional inches would block out light from the sun, allowing you to keep your room completely dark at any time. After knowing the measurements, that’s when you are going to pick your curtain fitted to the area. 


Make sure it has the appropriate size, and it is not too long nor too short. But, short curtains do have their advantages as well. It is more durable than the longer ones because short curtains do not touch the ground. On the other hand, longer curtains bring an illusion of a bigger room.

Tip #3 – Going along with the theme of your house (or be unique!)

Curtains give a kind of classy vibe to whatever room you place it in. If you want to be unique, you can place a different curtain per area. But, if you wish the house to look similar to each other, you must go along with the theme. 


If you want your curtains to blend in with the rest of the room, choose the same color as the walls. The trick in selecting your curtains that go along with your theme is to select a shade 1-3 times lighter or darker. This is a handy tip on how to choose curtains. 


On the other hand, choose bright shades of red, blue, pink, green, and other colors to match your home’s color scheme with contracting curtains if you prefer to go to a unique or different style. These colors are ideal if you want your room to be more dramatic and energizing. 


If your room would be more exposed to the sun, however, you should avoid these colors. It will be too brightening and hurtful to the eyes.


Lavender, pastel, baby blue, purple, and pink are some fantastic colors that can give your space a calming, weekend away feel. Choose these colors if you want to transform your room into a relaxing retreat.

Tip #4 – Picking the suitable fabric

The fabric has a significant impact on the appearance of the curtains. Your choices range from lace, cotton, velvet, and many more. Traditional rooms benefit from heavier fabrics, while minimalistic rooms benefit from sheer fabrics. 


Also, keep in mind that each fabric falls differently from different elevations, so they may look different when pleated and pulled back.


At the same time, choose a fabric according to your maintenance preference. Some require heavier maintenance and cleaning, while some offer a lighter alternative.

Is A Light-Colored Curtain Much Better Than A Dark-Colored Curtain?

Before deciding whether to go for lighter or darker curtains, make sure they match the rest of the room’s furniture and wall color. Cool colors like reds, oranges, and browns, as well as more excellent colors like blues, greys, and whites, can be used on your walls. 


As recommended by interior designers, monochromatic curtains are curtains that are the same color as the wall. That means they can be approximately one shade darker or lighter than the current wall color.


You can select a complementary color to go with any wall color. On a color wheel, these are the colors that are opposite each other. Knowing this will assist you in determining whether to buy a lighter or darker curtain.

Is It Better To Have Curtains That Matches The Wall Color Or Not?

The answer to that is that it depends on your style. In today’s modern age, many houses have white walls so that it goes along with anything. Colors say a lot about your personality. So, choose what you deem fit.


With these four simple tips in mind, how to choose curtains now is a closed matter. Take note that you should know what place you will put it and do not forget about their measurements. Other things such as the color, style, and picking the suitable fabric are all up to your preference. Good luck in finding them!

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