What Causes Mold In The Fridge? 2 Best Ways To Get Rid Of It!

Do you know what causes mold in the fridge? To answer this, ask yourself, what is it that you mostly put inside the refrigerator? Food! Yes, no other culprit but food.

You may also wonder what is mold exactly?

what causes mold in the fridge

Basically, it is a fungus that is multiplying so quickly and can be dangerous to one’s health. So, seeing mold as you open the fridge might get you goosebumps.

Who wants a dirty fridge? No one, right?

You can choose to ignore it, but what about the wellness of your family? Do you not care also for the health of your fridge? In this article, we will tackle the causes of mold in the fridge, and more importantly, the things we must do as we rightly deal with it.


Causes Fridge To Mold

There are different kinds of fridges but all are not exempted from mold formation. As we said above, what causes this unwanted formation is food. However, food can only cause mold if it becomes rotten. Also, the environment is a great factor in mold formation. Molds are said to thrive in humid, warm, and dark areas.

Then why in the world does mold grow inside the fridge? How can that be if the condition of the setting where they bloom is the exact opposite of the fridge? You must be aware that certain molds are capable to live in a cold environment.

Also, there are foods in your fridge that already have mold as an essential part of the food or the process of its making, such as cheese. At first, you may observe the mold on the surface of the food, fruit, or vegetable, but it grows with time and scatters with air. Then, after days or weeks, you may notice the stain-like spots painted in your fridge. Oh, how frustrating would that be!

Dear friend, it is time for us to find out how to get rid of fridge mold after we have clearly answered our main question, “what causes mold in the fridge?”.


Ways To Get Rid Of Mold In The Fridge

There are several reasons why we must get rid of molds in the fridge. One of which is the bad odor that it creates. Let’s say that there is only one food that is being subjected to mold, and for instance, you just let it be. After a while, you noticed that the fridge stinks. Again, mold spreads with air, so as its odor.

Aside from the fact that it can ruin your day by making you breathe in a terrible stench, it can also make everything in the fridge bad. How? Again, it spreads. Its growth isn’t just finished with one target, but everything in the fridge can be the next target.

The worst that can happen with molds, if it comes to affect your health. Some of these molds can produce poisonous substances that may deteriorate one’s health. Aflatoxin is a poison brought by certain fungi that are found in our food, which can cause various illnesses, including cancer. Hoping that you have been motivated by these facts, let us now delve into the ways and processes of cleaning your fridge.


Option #1. Use vinegar

The use of vinegar is not just widely known in removing stains from clothes but even in getting rid of molds from your fridge. It would help if you took note that there are different types of vinegar. The one that is suggested to take part in this job is what we call, distilled white vinegar. Good thing, this one is considered to be the most commonly used vinegar in our homes! See? It’s readily available.

Assuming that you already turned off the fridge and have let it warm, now you have to take out everything that is in the fridge. These include the removable parts such as the shelves and drawers. Wipe everything with a soft clean dry cloth.

After which, spray a considerable amount of vinegar, consuming all the surfaces of each part, including the interior of your fridge. It would help if you noted that you don’t need to mix any substance with the vinegar, for it can do the job perfectly.

After spraying, let the vinegar rest for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, use a cloth to scrub the parts and the inside of the fridge. Lastly, wipe everything with a soft clean damp fabric.


Option #2. Do a regular cleaning

Prevention is better than cure. Wouldn’t you agree? Regular cleaning will prevent mold from infesting your fridge, thus keeping your food safe and avoiding hassles that the unwanted mold can bring.

We often neglect to clean our fridge regularly. We just do it whenever we notice that the fridge is becoming dirty or stinky. Do the cleaning every 2 to 3 months with a piece of cloth and lukewarm and slightly soaped water.

Also, ensure that you keep the inside environment of the fridge dry. You can do that by simply wiping down the wet areas with a tissue or soft cloth regularly. Yes, molds can be prevented but if it still occurs, put into your mind that vinegar is the key!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned what causes mold in the fridge. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are much appreciated!

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