How To Clean Leather Sofa With Vinegar In 4 Steps

Did you know that it’s easy to learn how to clean leather sofa with vinegar because it’s only four steps? Vinegar not only helps deodorize a leather sofa but can also restore its brightness and texture when used properly. But before you proceed, we recommend that you read this comprehensive article regarding vinegar with leather furniture. 

Leather is a naturally porous material, and vinegar can be drying. So is it even something worth practicing when maintaining the leather couch?

how to clean leather sofa with vinegar


How To Clean Leather Sofa With Vinegar Correctly


Step 1. Vacuum the leather couch

Start by vacuuming the leather sofa thoroughly to eliminate the dust and dirt build-up. This will ensure that you won’t accidentally stain the upholstery if the dust gets wet. Use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner and work one section of the sofa at a time. 

Don’t forget to target the crevices between the cushions, backrest, and armrests. You can also give the leather sofa a quick wipe after loosening the dust build-up. Just avoid using abrasive cloths that might scratch the leather upholstery.


Step 2. Make a vinegar cleaning solution

Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a bowl. Make sure to dilute the vinegar well and use distilled water. This will ensure that it’s free of minerals that might stain light-colored leather upholstery.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle and mist a soft cloth. Use this damp cloth to test the vinegar on an inconspicuous spot on the sofa. Wait for a minute or two for any fading or discoloration before proceeding with cleaning the couch.


Step 3. Wipe the leather sofa

Dampen the cloth with the vinegar solution and squeeze out the excess liquid. Don’t oversaturate the couch or use the cloth while it’s still dripping. You can wipe one area at a time in a consistent direction until you clean the whole sofa thoroughly.

Don’t forget to reach the cracks and crevices as well. You don’t need to wipe an area repeatedly unless you’re eliminating a stain. And if your sofa has spills and stains, be sure to address them first before the general cleaning to prevent spreading them further.

Use the proper spot treatment for the specific stain you have on the leather couch.


Step 4. Dry off the leather couch

After cleaning the leather couch thoroughly, proceed to wipe it with another dry cloth to remove the vinegar residue. There’s no need to scrub vigorously, and you can also use this opportunity to clean the leather sofa with baking soda. Sprinkle it all over the surface and leave it on for an hour or two before vacuuming the powder off. 

Then, use the proper leather conditioner according to the product’s application instructions to restore the moisture and luster of the couch.


Is Vinegar Safe On Leather?

Vinegar should be safe on leather as long as you dilute it with equal parts of distilled water. Nonetheless, it would be best if you still blotted your sofa with a cloth dampened with the vinegar solution to test your upholstery for the first time. It’s uncommon to notice fading or deterioration on the upholstery due to vinegar, but it’s always better to try the solution on your sofa.

Another issue that you might understandably worry about is the vinegar’s sour smell on the naturally porous leather. The excellent news is that wiping the soda afterward with a damp cloth can prevent any residual odor. Furthermore, the emphasis is necessary on conditioning the leather sofa after cleaning with vinegar since vinegar can be drying when left to air dry.


Is Baking Soda Safe On Leather?

When vinegar is discussed as a household cleaning product for leather, likely, you’ll also come across the usage of baking soda for leather. The good news is this product is relatively safe, especially for freshening the couch before vacuuming the powder off. Another cleaning procedure where baking soda helps is when you have grease stains on the leather couch. 

Use the powder to absorb the excess oils to make stain removal easier. But if you want to know about the safety and efficacy of a baking soda and water paste for leather sofa stains, test it on a small spot first or opt for the proper leather cleaner.


Does WD-40 Clean Leather?

Some homeowners swear by the effectiveness of WD-40 for cleaning leather. In particular, WD-40 should remove sticky messes on the leather upholstery. However, it’s better to use mild soap and water or the right leather cleaning product because you risk damaging the finish or coating on the leather sofa with WD-40. 


Can You Use Baby Wipes To Clean Leather Sofa?

When homeowners want to disinfect the leather couch, a common belief is to use disinfectant products, such as wipes. But while wipes like baby wipes are gentle enough for a baby’s skin, they may still contain ingredients incompatible with leather. In addition, not all leather sofas use the same leather type, and you risk drying the material or fading the finish if you use baby wipes.



Vinegar is a valuable household item that is also known for being an effective cleaner. In this guide on how to clean leather sofa with vinegar, we discovered that you could dilute it with water and then wipe the leather couch with it. Just remember to condition the couch afterward and always test the vinegar solution on a small spot before thoroughly using it.

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