How Often To Change Water Filter In Fridge? 6 Easy Steps!

As someone who owns a fridge and might be wondering, how often to change water filter in fridge? Your health depends on having access to clean water.

On its trip to your pipes, the water provided to your home picks up a lot of harmful stuff and other impurities. Like metals, contaminants, bacteria, and viruses, etc.

how often to change water filter in fridge

It is its filter’s purpose to get rid of those impurities and harmful contaminants. Yes, you read it right, my friends.

Do not worry because we will tackle all you need to know about everything you need to know about refrigerators and filters.

We will also teach you the steps and how to change your filters, and why we should change them.


Why Should We Change The Water Filter In The Fridge?

Before I tell you how often to change the filter in the fridge, you need to know why we should change the water filter. The water filter in your refrigerator is an essential component of the system.

It ensures that only pure water is distributed or used in the production of ice. The water filter does an excellent job of keeping the water in the fridge clean and changing the water filter is a requirement.

Replacing it regularly can prevent ingesting harmful particles and toxic substances that can pass through a refrigerator’s pipes. So, it’s a no-brainer to replace the water filters because it contributes to keeping your health in its maximum well-being.


How Often Should You Change The Water Filter In The Fridge?

The water filter in the fridge is the one that filtrates the water and removes the harmful toxins and contaminants. To avoid build-up and damage to refrigerators, manufacturers recommend changing refrigerator filters every six months.

It is undoubtedly the decision of the owner to determine when the best time is to change your refrigerator filter. You better take good care of your refrigerator and want to keep it in its best condition possible, changing the filter is your best bet.

But sometimes you don’t have to wait for 6 months before changing your water filter in the fridge. Many signs determine whether you need to change it now, or six months might be too long for it. These signs are vital and should always be kept in mind. It’s not only for your refrigerator but also for your health.


What Are The Signs You Need To Look Out For?

Many signs affect the needed duration on how often you should change your water filter in the fridge. It affects the performance of your water filter and might require you to change it much sooner than you are supposed to. If these signs show, you don’t have to wait for six months, and you need to replace it now.


#1. Check the indicator light

There are a lot of new models of refrigerators that have this feature. This indicator light lights up to notify the owner that the water filter needs to change. Once you’re done, you can just reset the indicator light, and you’re done.


#2. Check the flow of water

If the water in your refrigerator is running slowly, it indicates that mineral deposits are accumulating in your water filter. The reason why this happens is that it prevents pollutants from entering the water that you’re drinking. You don’t want anything harmful or toxic substances within your water entering your body and maybe endangering your life.


#3. Check the taste and odor of the water

You don’t want yourself to get sick while drinking water. Whenever you think your water taste or smell different, you need to change your water filter already. Contaminants might have been stacking inside your water filter, which causes the taste and odor of your water –even discoloration.

Sometimes it might smell bad, fishy, or sour. Bacteria can also be the cause of this because your water filter can’t filter them anymore. So, how often to change water filter in fridge?


Steps To Replace The Water Filter In The Fridge

Now that we covered almost anything you need to know about water filters, we can proceed on how to replace them. These procedures are essential and must be done correctly. If you’re having trouble with it, you can also hire someone who knows how to do it.


Step #1. Buy a replacement water filter

In able to change your water filter, you’re going to need to buy a replacement water filter online. Search your refrigerator’s manual and check for the model number of your fridge. Then, you can look it up online and find the right replacement compatible with the model you have.


Step #2. Find the location of your water filter

After you bought yourself a new replacement, you can start locating the water filter in your fridge. First, grab your fridge’s manual and look for the place where the water filter is located.


Step #3. Turn off the water supply

Once you found the water filter, turn off the water supply to stop the water from running. First, check the back of the fridge and pull it away from the wall. Then, look for a water supply valve and turn off the water supply.


Step #4. Remove the old water filter

There are two ways to remove the filter. Depending on the model of your fridge, you can either twist the filter, pull it out, or look for a release button and push it.


Step #5. Install the new water filter

Depending on how you took your old water filter out, you can install your new filter either by pushing it or twisting it. Same way with removing it, it all depends on the model of your fridge.


Step #6. Turn the water supply valve on

After successfully installing the water filter, you can now turn the water valve on and put the fridge back to where it belongs. Now that you have a new water filter, you can enjoy clean water and a clean filter.


Final Words

Thank you for taking your time and reaching the end of this article. Now that we’re done, you now know the answers on how often to change water filter in the fridge.

Rest assured, you can now enjoy drinking water without worrying about your health. I hope this helped and gave you more insights about water filters. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

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