Red Sofa What Color Walls: Best 4 Colors To Try

The answer to red sofa what color walls includes four colors. It should be easy to decorate with a red couch because you only need to remember monochromatic colors. In particular, gray, beige, white, and brown walls will go best with red furniture. 

We will also talk about a technique to help you find complementary colors for red using a color wheel. And as a bonus assignment, why not give this article a quick read to help you know what color curtains go with a red sofa?


What Color Walls Go With Red Sofa?


  • Gray

One of the best colors to use for the walls if you have a red couch is gray. This color combination creates a contemporary style in the living room, and the gray wall will help the red furniture pop out. Some specific shades of gray that will indeed work with red sofas are light gray and slate gray. 


  • Beige

A red sofa will look best on light-colored walls, mainly beige. This color combination is classy and clean, and you won’t struggle in selecting other complementary colors since beige is neutral. Beige walls also work well if you have a small space and want to create a cozy feel. 


  • White

It’s not surprising that white walls would complement red furniture. The resulting combination of red and white is a modern living space, especially if the couch is a bright shade of red. And if you want to design the living room like in the magazines, try using gray flooring. 


  • Brown

If you already have brown walls and deciding on what color sofa to get, then it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a red sofa. Combine brown walls with red furniture, and you will get a warm space with some elegance. What’s advantageous with brown walls is it will also be easy to decorate with other items without making the room look cluttered. 


How Can I Decorate My Living Room With A Red Couch?

Decorating the living room with a red couch will depend on your style. If you’re not sure about the theme yet, then a red sofa will indeed work well among neutral colors. Use neutral shades for the large surfaces such as walls and floors, then add variety and layer to the room with textured and printed accents.

For example, mix and match pillows on the sofa by playing with prints and colors. You can also add plants or even use a sofa table in the living room to bring the bold and neutral colors together. And contrary to what most assume, you can style a red sofa with other striking colors when it comes to other room decors.  


What Colors Go With Red Couch?

A valuable way to find what color walls will work best with a red sofa is with a color wheel. You can even use it to design the room for accents and other pieces of furniture. 


How to use a color wheel to find what colors go with red

The color wheel will show you that the complementary colors are direct across from each other. Therefore, the complementary color for red would be green in the color wheel. Then, you can take note of the two colors on each side of red and green to create a tetrad color scheme. 

If you find the two nearest colors for red, you’ll have an analogous color scheme. Another tip is when you use a certain number of steps to the right of red, the coordinating color for it would situate in the same number of steps to the left. 


How Can I Tone Down A Red Sofa?

One of the reasons homeowners often avoid getting red furniture is that they are afraid that it will look too intense. However, you can use this high impact to your advantage and make the living room as visually appealing as those in interior decorating magazines. The key is to tone down the red sofa with neutral colors around it. 

By using softer shades, the red sofa will become the room’s focal point without the risk of losing the openness of the space. You can also follow the classic decor rule, which is 60-30-10. This means you’ll use 60% as the backdrop color, 30% as the secondary color, and 10% as your accent color. 


What color rug goes with a red sofa?

Monochromatic colors such as beige, white, and gray are ideal for rugs in a room with a red sofa. You can have the rug close to the couch or even underneath to help the color pop out more. 


What color accent chair goes with a red sofa?

A red sofa will look best with blue or even green accent chairs. Use the color wheel to find the complementary color or select the tetrad and analogous color scheme when deciding what color accent chair to have with red furniture. 



This is your sign to get that red couch you’ve been having second thoughts with. For starters, you might think red sofa what color walls to get. This article has helped you develop the four best colors: gray, beige, white, and brown. 

You can also use the color wheel to find what accent colors to get for the rest of the room. Overall, red furniture is not something to be afraid of getting. You might even surprise yourself with the results by getting out of your decorating comfort zone!


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