How To Use A Sofa Table: 3 Best Options

There are three main ways to understand how to use a sofa table correctly. First, we will discuss how this furniture piece can add coziness, provide functionality, and harmonize everything in the room. Besides the sofa itself, you should always utilize the sofa table to its full potential. 

But before anything else, it would be best to know how to measure the sofa for the room. You need to have enough space for various arrangement options for the table and couch. The table is much easier to move, so be mindful of selecting the bulkier sofa. 


How To Use A Sofa Table

How To Use A Sofa Table For Style And Function


For functionality

  1. The sofa table can hold all the items you’ll typically use in the living room, such as books, the TV remote, or even a diffuser
  2. If you have guests often, the sofa table works as an area to hold drinks and snacks for lounging
  3. Having a sofa table acts as an extra storage space as some models have a drawer underneath that can hold more items
  4. If the sofa table is bare underneath, you can still utilize the space below it with a basket or chair
  5. The sofa table will hide your extra storage basket or seat, so the living room still looks neat while being functional 

Add coziness

  1. Placing a sofa table in the room helps make the area look cozy and inviting
  2. If you only have sofas in the space, guests might feel unsure if the living room is usable 
  3. The sofa table can hold books or candy dishes to provide an inviting element to your guests
  4. Use the sofa table to display your favorite decors and accessories and add a personal touch to your home
  5. It will be more enticing to hang around the living room if you have furniture pieces such as the sofa table to make the area look less like a display and more like a home

To bring everything together

  1. More than functionality and adding a welcoming touch to the living room, the sofa table helps bring all the elements together
  2. The placement, size, and style of the sofa table can bring order to an eclectic space 
  3. If the room needs a dash of color, the addition of a dark sofa table can get the contrast you need without overwhelming the space
  4. Another example is using the style of the sofa table to add another layer of visual interest
  5. Spacious rooms that potentially have a dead space can utilize a sofa table without you needing to commit to other furniture pieces

Where Do You Place A Sofa Table?

Make up for space

One of the most common and perhaps the most traditional placement for a sofa table is in the center or even slightly off-center in the living room. This way, the table fills the space and makes it look more lively. For example, take a look at the resulting space if you arrange a sectional sofa in a small room.

The area in the angle or curve of the sectional makes an excellent position for the sofa table, so the furniture does not look out of place. Another example is using a sofa table in excess space to make it look symmetrical. You don’t necessarily need to have the table at the center, but it can still add symmetry by filling dead space. 


At the back of the sofa

Did you know that there are sofa tables meant to go at the back of the couch? Remember that having the sofa against a wall creates too much unwanted space in the middle of the room. So instead of having the area behind it bare, place a sofa table in it. 

Use a sofa table that is at the same height or lower than the couch. You can decorate the table behind the sofa with books or other decors that can double for visual appeal and functionality. Having the table behind the sofa can even act as a division if your apartment uses an open floor plan. 


Against a wall

You can place the sofa table against the wall even if it’s not behind the sofa. Those with ample wall space can still have dimension to it without directly hanging items on the wall. Instead, add height and fill the space by decorating a sofa table against it. 

You don’t even need to use a sofa table in pair with a sofa. If you have a small space, the sofa table can double as a dining table or work table. Place it against a wall and add a chair on the opposite side of the sofa table. 



If you’re new to decorating, it can be confusing where to place or how to style pieces such as the sofa table. To recap this styling guide on how to use a sofa table, you must consider it for functionality, coziness, and as a unifying element. The placement will vary for every home, but the sofa table can either be against the wall, behind the sofa, or fill a space. 

With these examples laid out, you should quickly develop the best way to use a sofa table. For another furniture positioning, read this proximity tip on how far the sofa should be from the TV. Then, let us know how it turns out in the comments!


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