When Can Baby Use High Chair? 9 Ideal Features To Consider

The safest age on when can baby use high chair would be around 4 to 6 months old. Some parents let their babies sit in a high chair much earlier than the recommended age, which may be because of how fast their children’s bones develop. Sitting in a high chair gives them more social development as they tend to participate in family activities.


when can baby use high chair

When Is Your Baby Ready For A High Chair?


1. Neck

Before letting your baby sit in a high chair, you must first make sure that their head and neck support are very stable. You must be able to leave your baby sitting upright without any help from pillows. Some may already be able to support their head while sitting upright, but this may only last for a few minutes, so you must make sure that they are capable on their own.


2. Shoulders

Once you’ve made sure that your baby can sit and support their head, you need to check their shoulder. Babies should also be able to keep their shoulders straight or leveled once they start to sit upright. They should be able to move around their arms without being off-balanced.


Getting your baby started

Before letting your baby sit in a high chair for a long time, let them sit on it for a few minutes. This practice makes them accustomed to their tiny throne and may lessen their fear of heights. You may also give them plastic plates, spoons, and forks to play with while letting them sit in their high chair.

Let your baby sit in an area where they feel like their part of the family conversation. It makes them socially aware that they can interact with people, but keep in mind that they should be far enough from hazards such as sharp objects while sitting in their high chair. Your baby’s safety is still your top priority no matter what they do.


Safe High Chair Features


1. Adjustability

Your baby’s high chair should be able to adjust along with your baby until the age of 3. This feature makes it easy to save money, as this makes the high chair long-lasting but still usable.


2. Easily cleaned

After you’ve fed your baby, cleaning up may be very stressful, especially if their chairs are tough to clean. Look for high chairs that provide ease of cleaning, even just by wiping the surface.


3. Comfort

Keep in mind that your baby is very delicate at an early age, especially at six months old. Choose high chairs that have padded seats and footrests to give your baby a comfortable feeling while sitting.


4. Certification

High chairs that are certified by trusted associations for babies are the go-to high chairs. These certifications will assure you that your baby will be safe even while eating.


5. Safety

Aside from the comfort that high chairs should give your baby, these should have safety straps that provide easy buckling and unbuckling. These features shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, as babies tend to be very playful and may move around while sitting.


6. Size

High chairs shouldn’t take up too much space in your house, especially if you only have a small place. Go for high chairs that can accommodate areas or corners without taking too much space.


7. Mobility and stability

There are high chairs equipped with wheels, making it easier to move from one place to another. If your chair has this feature, make sure to lock the wheels when your baby is sitting on it. The chair should also be stable to avoid tipping over when your baby is moving too much.


8. Tray

You should be able to move and lift the tray using one hand for easy cleaning. It shouldn’t be too hard to operate as this may cause further damage when forced to be removed.


9. Easy usage

Putting and taking your baby out from the high chair shouldn’t be troublesome for you. Choose a high chair that has easy access for both you and your baby.


High Chair Safety

Here are a few tips to keep your baby safe in the high chair:

  • It would be best if you do not leave your babies unattended while sitting in a high chair.
  • Place the high chair close to a person, either you or a family member.
  • The chair should be stable and must be checked regularly before usage.
  • Secure the locks of foldable high chairs
  • Always inspect the high chair before letting your baby sit in it.
  • Always remember to strap your baby once you’ve placed them in the high chair.



When can baby use high chair? Babies can use a high chair from 6 months old or younger, depending on their development.

Always make sure that they are comfortable and safe and are physically ready to transition into a high chair to avoid accidents and injuries. These chairs will also make it easy for you and your family to finish a meal together.

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