Ultimate Nautical Baby Shower Planning Guide

If you want to throw a nautical baby shower, here are all the details you need to know for the ultimate party. We’ve listed everything from venues, color schemes, baby shower decorations, games, foods, and favors for the guests. 

What’s fantastic about the nautical theme is it can easily fit any gender if you also want a gender-neutral baby shower. And for those curious about other unique ideas for baby showers, you can check these modern baby shower themes if you don’t want a typical blue or pink party theme. 

nautical baby shower


Everything To Know For Planning The Best Nautical Baby Shower


Gorgeous And Practical Venues For A Nautical Baby Shower

Of course, the best venue for the nautical baby shower should be close to a body of water. However, was it possible to hold the navy or sailor theme indoors or without a pool or beach? 



The top venue choice for a nautical party is by the beach. This is also a fantastic location if you have a baby shower during summer. 

You don’t need to plan on having many baby shower decorations because the sand and sea are already picturesque. And best of all, some beaches only require a permit fee for short celebrations like baby showers, so you’re also cutting costs. 



Another natural body of water that can be your venue for the nautical baby shower is anywhere lakeside. Combine rustic details with the sailor theme for a memorable baby shower. 

You can pick a location that’s overlooking a lake. And for the guests’ comfort, make sure trees or a gazebo shade the party area.



You don’t need to spend on a venue if your baby shower budget is limited. Even if the theme is nautical, sailor, or navy, you can do the party in your backyard. 

Of course, your baby shower decorations should perfectly convey the theme. You can also set up inflatable pools for the baby shower games inspired by the sea. 



Some pools can be rented for events, or you may have a pool in your yard. These places also make fantastic nautical baby shower venues for reasons that don’t need explaining. 

You can have floating decorations, play games in the water, or just relax by the pool. Don’t forget to serve refreshing poolside cocktails with sailor-inspired appetizers. 


Indoor space

You don’t need to be outdoors to have an enjoyable nautical baby shower. Any baby shower theme is possible indoors and might even be the practical choice if the weather is uncomfortable for an outside party. 

But for those who genuinely want to celebrate outdoors, check out these outdoor baby shower ideas that guests and expecting parents will love. 


Beautiful Nautical Baby Shower Colors And Palette Ideas

When you imagine a nautical theme for the baby shower, the first color that comes to mind is navy. To give you ideas, here are the other colors you can combine with blue for baby shower invitations, decorations, and other items like favors and venue details. 


White, blue, and red

The most iconic colors that will have anyone immediately know that the theme is nautical are white, blue, and red. You can set up anchors, sailboats, lifebuoys, balloons, and paper flowers in these colors for an easy way to portray the sailor theme. 


Greens and browns

Besides blue and red, greens and browns would be perfect for the baby shower invitations, decorations, and other details for the nautical theme. The colors of the sea and shore inspire this palette, and you can also incorporate tropical elements for a fun ambiance. 


Blue, green, and gray

A modern and classy take on the nautical baby shower would be to use gray with blue and green. This color palette is perfect for an indoor venue with industrial elements and metallic details. 


Best Nautical Baby Shower Decorations For All Budgets

Your guests will surely want to take photos of the venue and party with these creative nautical decorations for the baby shower. Some of these details and items can even be DIY projects if you want to cut costs. 


Nautical backdrop ideas

  • Navy blue fabric backdrop
  • Printed fabric backdrop with sailors
  • Light blue and white stripes wooden backdrop
  • Navy blue and white straps backdrop
  • White wall with anchors and lifebuoys
  • Painted backdrop with lighthouse 
  • White and blue balloon arch
  • Fishing net backdrop
  • Boat backdrop
  • Surfboard backdrop 


Nautical banner ideas

  • Anchors and buoys baby shower banner
  • Red and blue triangles
  • Sailboats banner
  • Basic banners with a ship’s wheel as a focal point
  • Table banner tied between two boats or lighthouses
  • Banner that spells out “Ahoy!”


Nautical balloon ideas

  • Balloon arch in colors like white, blue, red, or green
  • Ballon sculpture in the shape of an anchor
  • Sea creature balloons
  • Balloon garlands with lifebuoys or ship wheels
  • Custom-printed helium balloons with sailor elements 


Nautical centerpiece ideas

  • Mini lighthouse
  • Mini boat
  • Sail table numbers and cards
  • Blue tulle table runner with shells
  • Blue lanterns
  • Buoys
  • Painted bottles
  • Flower arrangements inside boats or sails
  • Jars and bottles with sand sands


Nautical venue decorations 

  • Inflatable pool
  • Beach toys like balls 
  • Beach blankets
  • Anchors
  • Lifebuoys
  • Painted surfboards
  • Recycled boats
  • Fishing nets
  • Blue, green, red, and white fabrics 


Hilarious And Creative Nautical Baby Shower Games And Activities

Have everyone at the nautical baby shower laughing and having fun with these games that suit the party theme perfectly. We’ve also included a sentimental activity for the expecting mom and dad. 


Tug of war

Tug of war is a fun baby shower game to play that fits the sailor baby shower theme. You’ll divide the guests into two teams and prepare a rope with a tied fabric strip in the center.

You’ll mark a line or stand in the center, and the teams will pull back to try and bring the tied fabric to them and past the center. Don’t forget to prepare fun prizes for the winners of this physical but fun game.


Paper boat race

In the spirit of the sailor theme, you can give guests construction papers in colors like blue, red, and white. Have them make paper boats, which they’ll race by blowing or making waves in the water. 

This is a perfect game for a poolside party, but you can always prepare basins or inflatable pools. A variation for this if you have a co-ed nautical baby shower is to have guys and girls compete with each other. 


Baby shower message on a bottle 

A sentimental baby shower activity that will surely touch the expecting mom and/or dad is when guests give them cards with supportive messages. But for the nautical baby shower, you can modify it into a message in a bottle. 

Give guests bottles and papers to place their message for the new parents. You can also prepare a “sea” with an inflatable pool and have them leave their bottles there. 

A baby shower usually has two to three games, but if you want more ideas and your venue is outdoors, here are the best baby shower yard games


Fun And Delicious Nautical Baby Shower Food Items

The sailor theme can mean you can get creative with the food items you’ll serve at the baby shower. Here are some fun ideas that capture the navy theme perfectly:


Nautical baby shower cake

  • Blue fondant baby shower cake with an anchor cake topper
  • Green bucket-shaped buttercream cake designed like the sea with a sailboat cake topper
  • Minimalist tiered baby shower cake with white and navy and white-striped layers with icing decorations of waves, anchor ropes, and ship’s wheels
  • Printed baby shower sheet cake with a greeting and details like a ship and sea creatures
  • Round buttercream cake with brown icing for the sand, blue icing for the sea, and a lighthouse cake topper


Nautical baby shower finger foods

  • Vegetable fruit platter designed like an anchor
  • Flip-flop-shaped mini sandwiches
  • Mini pizza triangles with sails

If you need more options but no time and patience to prepare, here are easy finger foods for the baby shower.


Nautical baby shower desserts

  • Trifles with blue, green, and white layers inspired by the sea
  • Sailboat cupcakes
  • Beach ball cake pops

Nautical Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Love

End the nautical baby shower by giving guests these unique favors they’ll love. You can even make some of the products or have them customized for a more personal feel. 


Ship in a bottle

You can buy ship-in-bottle kits or make them from paper and plastic bottles. A fun idea is to decorate the sail with the guest’s name. 


Lifebuoy donuts

If you enjoy cooking, you can decorate donuts to look like lifebuoys as party favors. You can even buy mini powdered donuts and then just decorate them with orange details if you run out of time. 


Anchor key chains

Anchor key chains are surprisingly affordable, and thirty pieces only cost under $15. But to make them more personal, print tags on card stocks with a fun “thank you” to the guest. 

Here is a list of baby shower favors for more options. You can always print stickers or decorate them to fit the nautical theme. 



And that’s it! We hope this ultimate nautical baby shower planning guide has covered everything from the venue, colors, decorations, games, food, and favors. 

You can never go wrong with navy blue and sailor elements like anchors and lifebuoys on your prints and details for the baby shower. But, of course, introduce other creative elements or funny puns related to the theme to make your baby shower more memorable and unique than other nautical-themed parties. 

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