6 Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

Here are six best outdoor baby shower ideas you should consider to throw the most memorable, creative, and unique party that will have guests talking about it after. Delight your family and friends with these outdoor baby showers that you can do in a backyard, park, garden, or beach. 

We’ve even discussed venue ideas for the outdoor celebration and tips on picking the best foods, games, and favors for the event. But if the weather does not allow for an outdoor baby shower, here’s the ultimate list of the best baby shower venues for other options. 

outdoor baby shower ideas


The Best 6 Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas For The Most Memorable Party


Rustic chic outdoor baby shower theme

  • A color palette of neutrals and pastels like tan, brown, old rose, and mint green
  • Boho-inspired patterns on fabric backdrops
  • Greenery garlands with burlap decorations
  • Centerpieces with wildflowers and pinecones
  • Wooden discs on the baby shower tables
  • Finger foods like meat kebabs and layered chocolate mousse jars
  • Mason jar baby shower favors 


Mountain camping outdoor baby shower theme

  • A color palette inspired by nature: greens, browns, yellows, and reds
  • A park or campsite as the baby shower venue
  • Activities and games inspired by summer camps we had growing up
  • A teepee focal point behind the spot where the guest of honor will sit
  • Decorations like lanterns, logs, greeneries, and flowers
  • Table centerpieces with wooden and metallic elements
  • Food tables like a barbecue grill, s’mores bar, or hot chocolate bar
  • Baby shower favors like trail mix bags or marshmallows


Woodland outdoor baby shower theme 

  • A color palette with muted tones and pastels; think of the colors of macarons and neutrals like tan and white
  • Baby shower invitations with woodland creature designs like raccoons, owls, and bears
  • Baby shower banner that’s shaped like woodland animals
  • Teddy bear centerpieces and book table decorations
  • Balloon decorations like an arch or garland in cute colors with mushroom-shaped decorations
  • Owl-shaped baby shower cake
  • Cute baby shower favors like teddy bear cookies or raccoon cake pops


Garden fairy baby shower theme

  • A spring-inspired color palette with pink, purple, green, white, and yellow
  • Metallic and glittery decorations add sparkle and a magical ambiance to the venue
  • Combination of colorful flowers and pastel balloons for the balloon arch
  • Fairy-shaped cutouts and details on the baby shower invitations, menu, and other cards for the party
  • Floral baby shower cake with a fairy cake topper
  • String lights and candles to illuminate the venue
  • Colorful food items like taco cups and fruit skewers
  • Fairytale garden-inspired baby shower favors like floral bath bombs, fairy-shaped soaps, or flavored sugar of different colors in glass jars


Vintage backyard baby shower theme

  • Bright colors combined with elements like vintage patterned fabrics
  • Antique table centerpieces like frames or use vintage dinnerware
  • Add colorful streamers and garlands around the venue
  • Ask guests to dress in throwback outfits
  • Upcycle cabinets and suitcases as the gift and favor “tables” for the vintage baby shower
  • Have old-fashioned activities like embroidery at the baby shower
  • Set up zones with patterned and colorful chairs, pillows, and throws where guests can sit
  • Prepare a retro-style photo booth where guests can take home the polaroids as the baby shower favors


Tropical beach baby shower theme

  • A color palette that’s inspired by the tropics, like blue, green, yellow, and red
  • Decorations like inflatable palm trees, beach balls, and colorful beach towels
  • Table centerpieces like coconut shells or seashells
  • A fresh fruit platter and finger foods like coconut pineapple shrimp skewers
  • Creative food set-ups like grass skirts around the table, raffia placemats, and coconut cups
  • Baby shower games that would be fun by the beach, like tosses and relays 


Top 6 Outdoor Baby Shower Venues You Should Consider

Besides knowing out-of-the-box and memorable baby shower themes, picking the best venue for the party is crucial. Your budget and the weather during the baby shower date should help you decide which of these event space ideas would be suitable for your imagined celebration. 



A cheap baby shower venue that’s perfect if you’ll have few friends and family is your own backyard. You don’t need to spend on the rental, and it’s acceptable to do the party at the guest of honor’s home.

Of course, plan everything with the expecting mom and/or dad so you won’t be disruptive while preparing for the event. You’ll also manage the celebration’s food, decorations, and rentals. 



If you have a gorgeous garden or know an event space with gorgeous flowers and greenery, it would make a great space for the baby shower. You can have baby shower themes like boho or butterflies, especially for a baby girl baby shower. 

And to take advantage of the picturesque venue, you don’t need to serve a full-course meal. Delight your guests with tea party food that matches the colors of the flowers. 


Restaurant’s outdoor area

If you don’t want to worry about the food or course to serve family and friends, why not pick a restaurant with an outdoor space? Some restaurants have a garden or rooftop area where the guests can enjoy good food with a view. 

You can also pick this venue if you have a destination baby shower and want to treat the guest of honor to the area’s sights and cuisine. Research the best restaurants for outdoor dining to get some ideas. 



Perfect for summer baby showers, the guest of honor and their family and friends would enjoy the sea and sand for the party. You can also do the event during sunset for a naturally gorgeous picture backdrop.

You can book with resorts or local beaches if you’re on a budget. But like with parks, check the ordinances for celebrating at the beach. 



If your state is known for its gorgeous lakes, they will make fantastic venues for the baby shower. Think of baby shower themes like rustic or woodland during fall at a lakeside area. 

You can have picnic food items and serve warm drinks. You can also treat the mom to a relaxing stay at a cabin with family and friends. 



Your local park can be your venue for the baby shower, as some places even offer specific spots with tables and chairs. Just pick a date when the weather is excellent, and the terrain won’t be difficult for the expecting mom. 

A park baby shower is more affordable than renting an outdoor venue because you’ll typically only pay a small permit fee. But for convenience, pick a park with an indoor event space in case the weather gets bad. 


7 Delicious Foods Suitable For The Outdoor Baby Shower 

Because you’re throwing the baby shower outside, the food items in your party menu should be ideal for the outdoor weather. They shouldn’t melt or spoil quickly and should be easy to set up in any outdoor space. 

  • Greek salad skewers: something healthy to bring to an outdoor venue but easier to set up and dispose of after than salad bowls 
  • Fried spring rolls: a convenient alternative to chips and dip for the outdoor party
  • Pinwheel sandwiches: less messy to carry around than traditional sliders at an outdoor event
  • Fried mac and cheese balls: a filling food idea that wouldn’t be hard to pack and unpack at the outdoor venue
  • Pigs in a blanket: finger foods that are quick and easy to make to feed a crowd
  • Cake pops: can last well in stable temperatures as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight
  • Sugar cookies: something colorful and easy to bring and arrange at an outdoor party venue


3 Outdoor Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

Take advantage of your event space with physical and active baby shower games. Have guests laughing and having the time of their life with these ideas: 

  • Stroller Face: perfect for maximizing a large outdoor space where you can get creative with the obstacle course
  • Bobbing For Pacifiers: a hilarious game that guests will enjoy, especially at a hot outdoor baby shower
  • Egg Toss Game: pair family and friends and have each guest toss a raw egg to their partner for a thrilling baby shower event outside 


5 Adorable Outdoor Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Surely Love

The baby shower theme should inspire your gifts for everyone at the baby shower. These are some favor ideas you can consider if you have an outdoor party as they are easy to bring and set up in any venue outside:

  • Gourmet trail mix: delicious favors that are perfect for a rustic outdoor baby shower
  • Personalized umbrellas: something practical that guests can use in the outdoor space
  • Personalized can sleeves: serve your guests cold soda at the outdoor venue with cute custom can sleeves
  • Personalized tote bag: you can purchase blank tote canvas bags for cheap and paint them at home
  • Mini succulents: hand each guest a cute succulent with a personalized thank you card 


How Can I Decorate My Backyard For A Baby Shower?

Keep these tips in mind for the decor ideas and how you’ll arrange everything at the outdoor baby shower venue. Don’t forget to consult the guest of honor about how they envisioned the celebration. 

  • Draw the backyard layout on a piece of paper to know what elements you should keep, temporarily remove, or hide
  • Maximize the existing backyard items like the fountain, chairs, tables, tree, patio, etc 
  • Pick the suitable baby shower theme for your backyard style
  • Use fabric backdrops to create an intimate space within the backyard
  • Set up a focal point like a balloon arch behind the guest of honor’s seat


How Do You Have A Baby Shower At A Park?

One of the best venue ideas to pick for outdoor baby showers is the park. You’ll only spend on the permit, which is lower than renting an event space. 

But to make the most of your natural baby shower venue, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Pick a space with shade, like under a tree or gazebo, for everyone’s comfort
  • Reserve the park party venue in advance and familiarize yourself with the outlets, restrooms, etc., 
  • Know the rules for the decorations and noise 
  • Give the guests detailed instructions for the venue directions and parking
  • Prepare a food course of recipes that are easy to bring and set up; avoid messy foods or those that would require many utensils 
  • There’s no need to go over two hours for a park baby shower; keep the activities short but sentimental 

If your baby shower venue has a pavilion, learn how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower to make the most of your decorations. 


How Will You Keep The Baby Shower Guests Comfortable Outdoors?

One of the most crucial parts of planning baby showers at any outdoor venue is how you’ll keep everyone comfortable with the weather. Here are some tips to remember for a comfortable and smooth party outside: 

  • Pick an outdoor venue with shades like trees, tent, or gazebo
  • Choose an outdoor space with comfortable terrain, so guests don’t have to worry about walking 
  • Rent a tent for the party if needed
  • Place sign cards around the venue to guide guests 
  • Make sure there are nearby restrooms, or you’ll rent a porta-potty for the event
  • Opt for a venue with a nearby or comfortable parking space
  • Have the baby shower in the morning or sundown to avoid heat 
  • Do the baby shower in comfortable weather; avoid rainy or heavy winter seasons

If the weather during the event is not conducive for the party, try these options on where to host a baby shower


How Will You Ensure That The Food Stays Fresh Outdoors?

Food is meant to be enjoyed by the guest of honor and their family and friends at the baby shower. But to ensure that they stay fresh and look fantastic, remember these tips: 

  • Select recipes that won’t require intricate set-ups at the outdoor venue
  • Pick food items that won’t require many utensils or serving ware 
  • Keep the baby shower food warm by transporting them in the slow cooker 
  • Keep food items that spoil quickly chilled at the outdoor venue (e.g., place cream cheese dips in serving bar coolers)
  • Bring coolers for the drinks and opt for large blocks of ice than small ice cubes to avoid diluting the taste of the beverages
  • Bring mesh food tents to protect food from ants and flies outdoors

You can also choose to serve finger foods only as they store and set up nicely in any outdoor space. Here are the most scrumptious baby shower snacks to give you ideas. 



Was this party guide helpful? You just learned the best six outdoor baby shower ideas if you’re having a party outside. 

You can choose from rustic chic, mountain camping, woodland, garden fairy, vintage backyard, or tropical baby shower themes. However, remember to apply our decorating tips and secrets to keep the guests comfortable and the food items fresh outdoors for the ultimate outdoor celebration of the guest of honor and baby’s arrival. 

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