How To Have A Baby Shower Photoshoot That’s Not Corny

Try these themes, poses, props, and venues if you want a unique baby shower photoshoot and fun maternity photography ideas. We’ve covered everything from out-of-the-box themes and poses for photos to highlight the baby bump and capture fun memories with the expecting mom and her baby shower guests. 

You’ll also know what sentimental items and props to incorporate that would look great in the photos. And finally, we’ll teach you where to do the photoshoot for the occasion, so the pregnancy photos and memories from the occasion will be captured nicely in the pictures. 

baby shower photoshoot

And speaking of pictures, why not give your guests printed photos as baby shower favors? You can learn how to make a photo booth frame for the baby shower and set up a booth at the event so everyone can shoot to their heart’s content. 


Unique Baby Shower Photoshoot Theme Ideas, Poses, Props, And Venues For The Best Pictures 


4 Baby Shower Photoshoot Theme Ideas That Are Not Corny


High fashion

If you can’t shoot outside, you can still make your indoor maternity photography unique with a high fashion theme. Ask guests to come in their most fashionable dresses, outfits, and accessories, and talk with the maternity photographer about the concept you have in mind. 

Think of fashionable and flowy dresses against a solid-colored background and have the photos edited similarly to magazine covers. This is also a great way to show the personalities of the mom, dad, and other baby shower guests. 



A fun baby shower photoshoot idea the baby mom can do with her partner is a retro-themed shoot. Think of throwback lace dresses, polka dot patterns, and voluminous hairstyles. 

The expecting dad can dress in Gatsby fashion, and you can prepare vintage items like clocks and luggage at the photoshoot venue. This is a theme you can do indoors or outdoors.  



It can inspire your photos if you and your partner come from different backgrounds and cultures. For example, take poses together while holding your country’s flags and wearing cultural attire. 

This is also fun to shoot with baby shower guests as they can dress and bring items unique to their heritage. The photos from this shoot would be fun to show the baby later on. 


Living art gallery

Prepare oversized frames and pose like famous artworks and sculptures. The parents and their baby shower guests can recreate a museum or art gallery for their baby shower photoshoot. 

You also don’t have to copy famous artworks; you can be creative with the poses and props. For example, what would the family look like in contemporary paintings? 


5 Baby Shower Photoshoot Poses For Beautiful Maternity Photos


Highlight the baby bump.

It’s only fitting for the mom’s baby bump to be the star of the baby shower photoshoot. There are many pregnancy photo poses you can use as inspiration, whether the maternity photographer captures photos with the mom facing the front, side, or lying on her back. 


Creative silhouettes

A more artsy pregnancy photo idea the baby shower guests can do is where they play with shadows and silhouettes. They can use unique items that would cast a shadow on the baby bump or do a moody shoot with low lighting. 


Back-to-back pictures

Are you doing a co-ed baby shower where other guests also brought their other halves? A casual but fun way to take photos with your partner is when you’re back-to-back from each other.


Face-to-face pictures

The expecting mom can take sentimental pictures with the family face-to-face. An endearing photo idea is for the new mom to be face-to-face with her mom, and the maternity photographer can capture candid moments as they share sweet messages with each other.


Casual poses

If you want to take baby shower photos with friends, you can create a more intimate setting by sitting together. The host can prepare matching and personalized pajamas that everyone can wear with the expecting mom. 

This is also a fun shoot if you’re doing the baby shower photography at the expecting mom’s home. Another option is capturing candid moments as everyone sits and laughs during a spa-themed shoot. 


4 Creative Baby Shower Photoshoot Props And Maternity Photography


Items from baby shower games and activities

The photographer can capture natural pictures while everyone is having fun at the baby shower. The props and items used in the baby shower games can also be used in the pictures to capture memories more candidly. 

For example, a popular baby shower game is the stroller race so that the strollers can be used as props for the pictures taken at the occasion. Everyone can also show their products in activities like designing your own baby onesie. 


Baby sonogram

The mom and her partner can take sweet photos with the baby sonogram as their prop. There are many creative ways to incorporate this memorabilia into your baby shower photoshoot. 

For example, the family can be out of focus on the photo with baby booties and the sonogram as the picture’s subject. The sonogram would also make a fantastic prop for the maternity photoshoot. 


Large frame

The baby shower guests can use oversized frames for posing. You can make them from cardboard, and the guests can hold the frames in the baby shower photoshoot. 

Let your imagination run wild with how you’ll incorporate these props for the shoot. For example, families and friends can recreate old pictures together. 


Baby pictures

A more sentimental idea for the baby shower photoshoot is to have guests bring their favorite baby pictures of themselves. They can use these as props for the shoot and games like Guess The Baby at the event. 

The photographer can set each person up to hold their baby photo or pose on a table with it. And for better-looking pictures, check out these baby shower backdrop ideas. 


8 Baby Shower Photoshoot Venue Ideas That Are Not In A Studio


At home

You don’t need to spend for a baby shower photoshoot venue because you can take creative photos at the expecting parents’ home. An idea for a unique shoot is to have guests help decorate the nursery. 


Fun Airbnb

There are many unique Airbnb locations all over the US, and depending on your baby shower photoshoot theme, you can pick a venue that perfectly captures it. 

For example, do you want a fairy-themed maternity photoshoot with friends? Pick a cottage Airbnb with gorgeous outdoors. 


Tea Party

You can do a tea party baby shower photo shoot with family and friends at the park or backyard. Include props like colorful tea sets and cute pastries, and have everyone wear their best high tea attire. 



You might have a picturesque garden, or you can find a restaurant known for their majestic-looking garden. This shoot is perfect for a spring baby shower, or the theme for the photos is boho chic. 



You can also have a rustic photoshoot in a barn or ranch. These places make beautiful backdrops where you can take pictures or have animals in the background. 


There are many photo ideas you can do for a beach baby shower photoshoot. For example, everyone can dress in denim for a more casual style, or the mom-to-be can feature a gorgeous lace pregnancy dress that flows nicely with the sea breeze. 



Outdoor photography always results in gorgeous pictures, so why not consider a baby shower photoshoot in a forest? You can also set up an area outdoors with a milk bath and use props like tropical foliage and brightly-colored flowers. 



The lakeside makes a gorgeous golden hour venue for a silhouette pose with the baby bump. You can also find a lakefront property if you want the area to yourselves. 


Who Will Be The Subject Of The Baby Shower Photoshoot?

The focal point of the baby shower photos would be the guest of honor and her baby bump. If it’s a co-ed occasion, the expecting parents are the primary subjects of photography. 

But since it’s a baby shower combined with the maternity photoshoot, their close family and friends at the party can join for different creative pictures. The theme and other items around the venue can also be featured in the baby shower photos. 

For example, take pictures of the baby shower cake, other food items, game props, and unique decorations. After all, the pictures taken at the baby shower photoshoot are also a way to capture memories that the family can someday look back into. 


How Many People Will Be In The Baby Shower Photoshoot?

It’s up to the photographer to decide how many people will join on each photo taken at the baby shower. The party host should also discuss with the parents-to-be as they might want specific moments to be captured. 

For example, there can be pregnancy photos highlighting the new mom and photos where she’s with her partner. You can also do a photo shoot with different family members and friends in various themes and creative poses. 


What Is The Timeline For The Baby Shower Photoshoot?

A baby shower photoshoot can last for half an hour, depending on many factors. For example, will there be other activities at the event?

If it’s only short mingling with guests and the main focus of the occasion is to shoot with the guests, then you can allocate an hour for the shoot before or after eating. The budget for the photos is also a consideration. 

Know the packages and charges of the photographer, especially if you’re booking this vendor separately. You might also need to count the travel time to the photoshoot venue. 


How Many Outfit Changes Will There Be In A Baby Shower Photoshoot?

It’s up to the guest of honor how many outfits she wants for her baby shower photoshoot. For example, the photos might have two to three themes if it’s a party where the shoot is the main activity. 

Just keep convenience for pregnancy in mind when deciding the accessories and props for the mom-to-be. Pick stylish, but comfortable maternity dresses she can use for the photoshoot. 

The last thing you want is to let someone with a baby bump struggle to slip through tights. You also don’t want to get her tired from all the outfit changes. 


How Many Pictures Will Be Taken For A Baby Shower Photoshoot?

Ask about the package inclusions if you booked a photographer for the baby shower photoshoot. They’ll discuss how many pictures you can expect. 

While discussing, you should also mention the memories you expect to see in the photos. Do you want candid moments throughout the event?

Will there be portraits with family or friends? You might also gift a maternity photoshoot to the expecting parents, so mention this to the photographer. 


How Will The Pictures For The Baby Shower Be Edited?

The photographer for the baby shower is responsible for editing the photos for the event. Like with booking a photographer for any occasion, clarify if you’ll get digital and printed copies. 

Some photography studios have packages where they’ll give a flash drive of photos, but not everyone will give them raw. You can also ask for prints and how to share the photos on social media. 

But if you’re not booking a photographer for the shoot, plan who will edit the pictures afterward. You can ask help from willing family and friends or edit them yourself as there are many available and free tools online


Who Will Be Taking The Photos For The Baby Shower Photoshoot?

The host can book a photographer to take photos at the baby shower. But if the budget is limited, there might be a willing volunteer, or you can take the pictures yourself. 

Another unique idea is to let guests take event photos and give them access to a common drive. At the end of the event, everyone can share their photos in the cloud. 

If you know your guests are a fan of photography, you can also purchase disposable cameras in bulk for the event. Then, the pictures can be scanned, and you can email them to your phone for a copy. 



Does this guide tackle everything you need? To recap how to do the ultimate baby shower photoshoot, plan the theme, poses, props, and venue for the event. 

You can book a photographer for convenience and discuss what photos and moments you want to be captured. Remember that the highlight of the shoot is the guest of honor, but it’s also important to take memories of the baby shower.

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