Best Moon And Stars Baby Shower Ideas And Hosting Tips

This is the ultimate guide for the best moon and stars baby shower. We’ll cover everything from the best venues, colors, decorations, food items, games, and baby shower favors that capture the star and moon theme perfectly. 

This is one of the best baby shower ideas because it suits the baby girl or baby boy party. But if you want to compare it with other baby shower themes, here’s the list of the best gender-neutral baby shower ideas. 

moon and stars baby shower


Complete Guide For The Most Gorgeous Moon And Stars Baby Shower


Where To Host A Moon And Stars Baby Shower? 

The moon and stars theme is perfect to be celebrated in these baby shower venues: 


Indoor Baby Shower Venues

One of the best things about the moon and stars baby shower theme is it’s easy for an indoor venue. You can dress up any indoor space with stars, moon cutouts, and different colors of balloons to portray the space or night sky. 

You can even use glowing decorations and play with different projectors and lighting systems for the most visually appealing party. Baby showers held indoors also make the perfect opportunity to have hanging decorations, so you can DIY shimmering star and moon cutouts that you’ll hang on the ceiling. 



The backyard or garden is a magical location to consider for your moon and stars baby shower theme. This is also a cost-effective option for the baby shower since you won’t need to book a venue. 

You can create a boho-inspired party with moon and star decorations for a chic and unique baby shower theme. A perfect backdrop for this outdoor moon and stars party would be a white half balloon arch with a large moon that your guests will surely enjoy taking pictures with. 



A unique outdoor baby shower venue to have with moon and star decorations would be by the beach. Ideally, have the party around the evening and prepare different illuminating items to dress up the event. 

You can combine the moon and stars theme with a tropical island ambiance using large plant decor, bright colors, and fun patterns. Here are more outdoor baby shower ideas as inspiration. 


3 Gorgeous Moon And Stars Baby Shower Themes And Colors

You can combine the stars and moon elements with different baby shower themes and color palettes. Check out these magical and visually-striking ideas: 


Blue, yellow, white

Whether you use softer shades or darker hues, the colors blue, yellow, and white would be the perfect party palette for the moon and stars baby shower. Imagine navy blue backdrops with a yellow and white moon and stars decorations. 

You can also apply these colors on your venue decor, table centerpieces, and other details for the party, like guest favors, baby shower invitations, and props for baby shower games. Or you want a more creative take on the moon and stars theme; you can combine the theme with space and add details like cute rockets and planets. 


Gold, off-white, pink

The moon and stars baby shower do not mean you are limited to dark themes. The beloved pastel baby shower is still possible with this theme, and for ideas, you can combine soft pink, off-white, and gold details. 

Some ideas to incorporate this color scheme are pink pastel shades, off-white balloons with golden moon and star decorations for the balloon arch, or a pastel backdrop with gold fringe and white moon and star ornaments. The gold can also be your font for invitations and other baby shower stationery. 


Silver, gold, and neutrals

A more sophisticated and modern take on the moon and stars theme for the baby shower is a color palette of silver, gold, and neutrals. The shimmering details will add glam to the combination of neutrals and muted tones. 

This color scheme is also perfect if you have an indoor party with a venue that looks modern or industrial. You can add pink or blue flowers to incorporate bright colors if it’s a girl or boy baby shower. 


4 Must-Have Baby Shower Decorations With Moon and Stars Theme

Here are some affordable baby shower decorations that perfectly suit the moon and stars theme. What’s great about some of these decor options is you can DIY them!


Moon And Stars Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

  • Black or navy blue baby shower backdrop with string lights and shimmering star and moon details
  • Printed night sky backdrop with cute bears
  • White balloon arch with silver tassels behind it and a large moon decoration
  • Gold hanging stars and moon decorations in front of a black backdrop
  • Printed or painted milky way backdrop 


Baby Shower Banners For The Moon And Stars Baby Shower Theme

  • Basic baby shower banner with hanging stars and moon
  • Star-shaped baby shower banner
  • Printed galaxy baby shower banner
  • Simple hanging greeting underneath blue, silver, and white balloon banner
  • Golden balloon banner with star and moon balloons


Moon And Stars Baby Shower Centerpieces And Table Items

  • Space printed table runner
  • Moon lamps
  • Cloud centerpiece with glittering star and moon decorations
  • Night sky-painted wine bottles
  • Glitter mason jars


Moon And Stars Baby Shower Venue Decor Ideas

  • Hanging cloud decorations
  • Star and moon-shaped balloons
  • String lights and hanging stars and moon curtains
  • Oversized full moon decoration
  • Constellation fabrics 


What To Serve At A Moon And Stars Baby Shower?

The secret to a mouthwatering but picture-worthy baby shower food table is using star and moon cutters on your food items. But of course, use the best ingredients for each recipe, and your guests will surely grab a second piece. 


Moon And Stars Baby Shower Cake Ideas

  • Baby blue fondant cake with golden moon star cake topper
  • Galaxy tiered cake
  • Navy blue cake with stars and moon icing details
  • Blue gradient cake with moon teddy bear cake topper
  • White and yellow cake with mini moon decorations


Moon And Stars Finger Food Items

  • Star-shaped veggies and fruit platter
  • Star-shaped mini pizzas
  • Moon-cut sandwiches
  • Puff pastry cheese stars
  • Crescent rolls


Moon And Stars Dessert Ideas

  • Galaxy cake pops
  • Blue frosted cupcakes with moon chocolate decorations
  • Space-themed macarons
  • Yogurt parfaits with star-shaped biscuits
  • Blue and purple jello cups with edible moon and star toppings


What To Do At A Baby Shower With A Moon And Stars Theme?

You can always do activities like a space-themed coloring book, moon and star embroidery, or paint your own moon crafts. But for a more engaging baby shower, here are some games that suit the theme perfectly:


Moon And Star-Themed Baby Shower Bingo

You can play baby shower bingo, but to make it fit the moon stars theme more, print the cards with cute stars and moon details over a blue card. Your markers for the bingo can also be a moon or star, and you can insert stars inside each grid box. 

And for the gifts and prizes of this game, you can wrap them in paper with moon and star decorations. Some runner-up prizes can also be star or moon-shaped to fit the theme nicely. 


Pin The Rocket To Moon

A variation of the beloved party game “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” that would be perfect for the moon and stars baby shower is to use rockets instead of the tail and a moon cutout than a donkey. Blindfold guests and have them try to pin the rocket to the moon.

What’s fantastic with baby shower games like these is you can DIY the props. There are many rocket and moon designs you can use as ideas for making the game props. 


Star Toss

Not having a tossing baby shower game would make any outdoor party incomplete. And for the moon and star theme, you can hand guests throwing stars they’ll toss and try to land on a marker. 

You can even make a variation to this game by making a labeled floor game board. If the guest lands their throwing star on a grid, it’s equivalent to a point or prize. 


3 Moon And Stars Baby Shower Favor Ideas Guests Will Love

You don’t need to break the bank to give guests satisfying gifts as mementos for your moon and stars baby shower. The first one can even be DIY, but not intimidating even if you’re not a seasoned baker:


Star Cookies

You only need any sugar or butter cookie recipe and a star cookie cutter to make this baby shower favor. But to match the party theme, frost each cookie with royal icing in the colors seen at your baby shower. 


Moon Lamps

A unique baby shower gift your guests will love is moon lamps. They look like illuminating full moons over wooden stands, and they only cost around $15 per piece. 


Star Posters

Do you want a sentimental favor for the baby shower guests? Gift each guest their zodiac constellation star poster they’ll love seeing displayed in their homes. 


What Gift Can I Bring To A Moon And Stars-Themed Baby Shower?

As a bonus, here are some gift ideas of what guests can bring to a baby shower with a moon and stars theme. 

  •  Manifesting moon journal for the new mom
  • Personalized moon phase during the baby’s expected due date
  • Moon and stars baby nursery tapestry art
  • Moon phase mirror for the expecting parents’ home
  • Moon and stars plush
  • Baby space night light
  • Solar system baby mobile
  • Galaxy-themed blanket
  • Astronaut space projector light
  • Space puzzle
  • Astronaut baby onesie
  • Astronomy coloring book



And that’s it! We hope this guide for moon and stars baby shower has covered everything you’ll need from the venue, colors, decorations, food, games, and favors. 

Overall, this theme is very workable with other baby shower themes and color palettes. You can even DIY some details and items like moon cutouts, hanging star decorations, or galaxy prints for the invitations. 

Let us know below which of our tips you’ll apply to your magical moon and stars baby shower.

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