How To Play Baby Shower Bingo: 2 Best Versions

There are two ways how to play baby shower bingo. The first version uses a regular bingo card that the guests will fill out, while the other baby shower bingo uses bingo card templates with pre-filled squares. 

We’ll discuss below what to expect with baby bingo to ensure everyone will enjoy it. And for the winner, know how much to spend on baby shower prizes for ideas on what gifts to give them. 

how to play baby shower bingo


2 Fun Ways On How To Play Baby Shower Bingo


Regular bingo cards

The easiest baby shower bingo is a game that uses your typical bingo card that can be bought at any toy shop. You can also make the row line and squares, then print the cards on cardstock. 

To play this baby shower game, each guest will write a gift they think the mom or parents-to-be will receive on each square. Like regular bingo, you’ll mark off the boxes if they’re opened during the shower.

The first one who gets five squares in a row will be the game’s winner. And like other baby shower games, prepare exciting prizes for the winning guests. 


Pre-filled bingo cards from Hallmark

Another baby shower bingo you can play at the party is with printable templates you can get at Hallmark. These bingo cards already have gifts written in them compared to the first bingo game, where guests will fill the squares themselves. 

And like any other bingo game, the first one to get five boxes in a row during the gift opening will be the winner. There are also blank templates you can print if you want to write on the squares if you think this will add more creativity to the game.

Cardstocks are cheap to buy in bulk, but test printing first to ensure everything is aligned. You can also get creative with the markers you’ll give the guests according to the baby shower theme. 

For example, something sweet for a candy shop theme.    


What Is Baby Shower Gift Bingo?

A baby shower gift bingo, from the name itself, is a modification of traditional bingo for the baby shower. The guests will have bingo cards they can fill up, or the host can prepare and fill out the cards themselves. 

The bingo cards will be filled with typical baby shower gifts, and during the gift opening, the guests will mark their squares accordingly. The first one who gets five squares in a row will be the winner.  

To make the baby shower bingo more memorable for everyone, prepare exciting prizes and gifts. Here are some ideas on what kind of prizes for baby shower games


How Do You Make Baby Shower Bingo Cards?

You can make baby shower bingo cards yourself by printing a 5×5 grid. Depending on the game version, you can write the gifts in the squares or have the guests fill them out. 

You can also find free bingo card templates online, even explicitly designed for the baby shower. However, the benefit of creating your bingo cards is you can customize the style and font to fit the baby shower theme. 

You can also use funny words and phrases to make the game unique. Regardless, print the bingo cards on cardstock so they’ll have structure and withstand the game’s wear and tear. 


What Are Some Baby Shower Bingo Card Templates?

Kimbellished offers a free PDF download of baby shower bingo cards. You’ll get 100 pre-filled bingo cards with instructions, but note that you can’t re-sell these cards. 

You can also take inspiration from these templates and make your own. And, of course, prepare fun markers unique to the baby shower theme. 

Instead of guests using typical round bingo markets, you can use candies or cute pins inspired by baby items. 


How Do You Win Baby Shower Bingo?

The winner of the baby shower bingo is the first guest who marks five squares in a row, similar to a traditional bingo game. This is why it’s probably more exciting if the guests fill out their own bingo card. 

But if you want to prepare the bingo cards, why not include random and unexpected gifts in some squares? This will make it even more surprising and keep everyone participating on the edge of their seats. 


What Are Some Humorous Baby Shower Games?

Here are some baby shower game ideas that would be funny to play besides the baby shower bingo:

  • The Price Is Right: guests guess the baby item’s retail price
  • My Water Broke: each guest will have an ice cube with a plastic baby toy inside, and the first one to notice their baby outside the ice cube will yell, “My water broke!”
  • Baby Food Taste Test: guess the baby food
  • Diaper Fashion: get creative with diapers as your clothing prop
  • Blindfolded Diaper Changing: parents can compete with this co-ed friendly game
  • Labor Or Loving: if you want to play something slightly inappropriate and hilarious, have pictures of women during labor and lovemaking and try to guess which is which
  • Drink Up Baby: guests race on to finish their drink in baby bottles



And that’s it! You just learned how to play baby shower bingo, which can be with empty or pre-filled bingo cards with baby shower gifts.

The first one to have a complete row will win the game. You can print free templates or design your own cards for this crowd’s favorite baby shower game. 

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