How To Wear A Jumpsuit To A Wedding: Tips For Guests

Wedding guests curious about how to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding can consider two styling tips. First, we will talk about the appropriate jumpsuit style according to the type of wedding you’re attending and the right accessories to dress up jumpsuits. 

You can also check how to wear pants to a wedding for female guests who hate skirts and dresses. 


How To Wear A Jumpsuit To A Wedding: Two Best Styling Tips


Tip #1. Match the jumpsuit to the wedding theme

There are different styles and colors of jumpsuits, which means it’s possible to find the best jumpsuit for the theme and type of wedding you’re attending. Some jumpsuits can also be casual, while others look more appropriate for a formal dress code. 

Therefore, check the wedding invitation to know the dress code, wedding theme, and color palette to choose the jumpsuit you should wear as a wedding guest. For example, casual outdoor weddings like those held on the beach or parks can have floral jumpsuits that may show a bit of skin, whether it’s sleeveless or V-neck. 

On the contrary, guests attending a formal indoor wedding such as religious ceremonies and conservative settings must opt for a dark-colored jumpsuit that looks modest and sophisticated. If needed, you may want to wear something over it to cover your chest area or arms. 


Tip #2. Wear the right accessories to style the jumpsuit

As a wedding guest, you shouldn’t wear anything too eye-catching or distracting to avoid seeming like you’re overshadowing the bride. Therefore, it’s likely that you will choose a simple-looking jumpsuit for a wedding. 

However, it might look too plain, and you risk having a casual look that doesn’t match the wedding dress code. So to dress up the jumpsuit, you must accessorize it with classy accessories and jewelry. 

For example, you can add shape to the jumpsuit with a belt, wear a blazer over the jumpsuit for an instant formal vibe, and select dainty jewelry pieces to add contrast to the jumpsuit’s color. You can also pair the jumpsuit with a chic handbag or clutch, then choose heels or strappy sandals that match the wedding’s theme. 


Is A Jumpsuit Acceptable For A Wedding?

Jumpsuits are acceptable for weddings because they come in different styles and colors for various dress codes and themes. Furthermore, jumpsuits are generally comfortable for certain wedding venues compared to skirts and dresses. 

However, you must select a wedding guest jumpsuit that doesn’t look very sexy, distracting, or informal. Avoid white jumpsuits much like other white clothing for the bride, and wear a cover-up over the jumpsuit if it shows too much skin for a conservative wedding ceremony. 


Can a bride wear a bridal jumpsuit?

A bride can wear a jumpsuit if she prefers it over a traditional wedding gown or dress. Even designers and stores specialize in bridal jumpsuits to make her stand out from the crowd. 

Bridal jumpsuits typically come in white or related colors with details, cut, and silhouettes that give the clothing piece class and elegance. In addition, the jumpsuit may feature laces, sparkly embellishments, or even a cape in place of the bridal veil. 


How To Dress Up A Jumpsuit For A Wedding



You can use jewelry to add sophistication to your wedding jumpsuit. For example, a layered or chunky necklace can add formality and even coverage to a jumpsuit with a slightly low neckline. 

If your jumpsuit doesn’t have an interesting neckline to showcase a necklace, you can use earrings as your statement piece. Drop earrings always look great for a formal event without looking too bold. 



One of the best accessories to use with a jumpsuit is a belt. It cinches your waist to add shape to the jumpsuit, which can help make the overall attire more tailored to you. 

Since jumpsuits with long and wide-legged pants match most formal weddings, you risk losing your body shape. However, you can enhance your curves with a belt, and its style, material, and width can also complement the wedding theme. 



Jumpsuits look good with most bags. The key is selecting a piece that matches the formality of the wedding. 

For example, you can opt for detailed or leather clutches, handbags, chained shoulder bags, or even a casual tote. The color can also match your shoes or belt.



Select your wedding shoes according to the style of your jumpsuit. Casual and short jumpsuits for outdoor and casual destination weddings can have guests in strappy sandals or even comfortable high-tops for challenging terrain. 

If you want to look formal or fancy, you can always opt for thong sandals, pointed heels, block heels, mules, or even boots. And if you don’t like heels, read how to wear flat shoes to a wedding



Was this styling guide helpful? We just learned how to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding by choosing the right style, color, and accessories to dress it up according to the wedding’s dress code. 

Formal weddings can have dark-colored jumpsuits, interesting jewelry pieces, heels, and an embellished clutch bag. You can even throw over a blazer to your jumpsuit for added class. 

And for casual weddings, patterned and even slightly short jumpsuits with sandals or flats should be acceptable. We hope this helps; let us know how you wear your wedding jumpsuit. 

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