What Is A Wedding Garter: Meaning And Why It’s Done

The answer to what is a wedding garter is that it’s a type of bridal accessory traditionally removed as part of the wedding. This article will talk about everything you need to know about wedding garters, including how they’re used and their meaning. 

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what is a wedding garter


What Is A Wedding Garter: Wedding Tradition Explained

A wedding garter is a bridal accessory worn by the bride. One can also consider it as a type of lingerie as it’s hidden under the wedding gown. 

Like other garters, a wedding garter can help keep the stockings up. But nowadays, it doesn’t serve the same purpose as it’s more of a novelty or even decorative item. 


What does a wedding garter look like?

A typical wedding garter is elastic with lace and embellishments that complement the bridal gown. Being worn at the middle of the thigh, it can also look seductive, which can be a prop if the bride wants boudoir photoshoots

It’s even common for some wedding garters to be passed down in generations like other heirloom bridal accessories. But what is the garter toss?


What is the wedding garter tradition?

The wedding garter tradition can be traced back to the 14th century. In France, the garter toss proves the consummation of the marriage.

Of course, nowadays, it’s not acceptable to have wedding guests involved during the couple’s intimate moments. So the wedding toss is now used to mean good luck to the guests as they receive a piece of the bride’s outfit. 


Who buys the wedding garter?

There is no rule on who must buy the wedding garter. It can be a gift from your mom, sister, bridesmaid, or even maid of honor. 

Your groom might even purchase it for you as a wedding gift. And if you have a specific garter style in mind, you can pick out this piece of bridal lingerie for you. 

For a more sentimental wedding garter, your grandmother or any woman in your family might also pass it down on you for the next generation. Some brides even make their wedding garters from a family wedding dress. 


How many wedding garters do you need?

You can make your own wedding garter or purchase the bridal accessory for under $20. There are also more expensive garters at $40 or higher. 

That being said, it’s a good idea to have two garters. You get to keep one as a wedding souvenir, then use the other garter for tossing. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Garter In A Wedding?

The purpose of the wedding garter is related to the garter toss wedding tradition. It is believed that whoever receives it at the crowd will be the next in line for marriage. 

The garter toss is also a hilarious activity that will surely get giggles out of the wedding guests. And even if you opt not to use the garter for the garter toss, it can just be a way for the bride to feel confident and sexy as she’s wearing it. 


How to wear a wedding garter

There is no right or wrong leg regarding where to wear the wedding garter. Just make sure that it’s around the middle of your thigh. 

If you’re wearing two wedding garters, you can have the one for keeping slightly higher. The one at the lower portion will be tossed. 

It’s also up to the bride to wear it all day or keep it in her bag for reception only. 


Who takes the wedding garter off?

Traditionally, the groom will remove the wedding garter off the bride’s leg. He’ll then toss it to the male guests, typically those who are single. 


When is the garter toss?

The garter toss usually happens at the second half of the reception after the meal and toasts. However, it can also precede the dances. 


How to do the garter toss?

Your wedding MC will announce the garter toss and have the male guests gather around. The bride will sit on a chair, and the groom can also dance and include some humor to make the wedding garter toss more exciting. 

Then, the groom removes the garter from her legs with his hands or even teeth for added flirtiness. Finally, he’ll toss the garter to the guests and consider whoever catches it as the winner. 

If you’re the wedding MC, consider checking how to MC a wedding for tips in exciting the crowd. 


What Is The Symbolism Of A Wedding Garter?

The wedding garter symbolizes good luck, especially to whoever catches it. The garter toss is also the male counterpart of the bouquet toss. 

Then, whoever catches the garter is believed to get married. And as a fun activity, it’s also common in weddings for the lady who caught the bouquet to dance with the gentleman who caught the garter. 



And that’s it! To recap what is a wedding garter, it’s a bridal accessory or lingerie that’s used for the bridal toss or as a decorative piece. 

It can be a fun and humorous activity at the reception, and whoever catches the garter is believed to get married next. The garter toss is the male equivalent of the bouquet toss.  

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