How To Use Bolster Pillow. 2 Best Ways To Know

If you want to know how to use bolster pillow correctly, you have two options. This versatile cylindrical pillow can become a decorative or supportive pillow, depending on the user. How impressive, right?

Compared to the traditional flat bed pillow, a bolster has a cylindrical shape that makes it aesthetically pleasing and useful. You can use it on beds and couches as a throw pillow or as a supportive pillow for elevation and relieving tension. This article might surprise you with how you can use this roll!

How To Use Bolster Pillow


2 Best Uses Of Bolster Pillows

Anyone and everyone can take advantage of bolster pillows. Below are the two best ways to use them to make the most of them. 




Couch ornament

Perhaps the most common way to use a bolster pillow is as a decorative piece. Because of its unique cylindrical shape, it adds variety to your typical arrangements of square throw pillows. There are even multiple ways to decorate with this pillow, whether in the bed or on the couch. 


Bed pillow arrangements

For example, you can place your bolster in front of a standard Euro pillow in a twin size bed. You can start with two bed pillows against the headboard for the bigger twin size bed, followed by a layer of two Euro pillows. Finish the look with a bolster in front, and your bed will look like the ones in hotels. 

What about arranging bolster pillows in king size beds? You have so much space to play with, and you can use multiple colors, textures, and patterns. A classic way to arrange pillows in this bed is starting with two king-size pillows, a layer of three Euro pillows, two king-size pillows, and finished with a bolster in the center.  




Proper sleeping posture

The cylindrical shape of bolster pillows also makes it versatile for usage. For example, they work as a roll pillow that you can place under the neck to ensure that your spine is well-aligned while sleeping on your back or side. You can even have the bolster under the back when sitting to ensure that you have a straight posture and prevent lumbar pain. 


Lounging and baby helper

Some other ways to use the bolster pillow for support are elevating the feet, legs, or arms while sitting or sleeping to improve circulation. However, you’re not the only one who can use the bolster pillow. Moms also use it to guide their little ones during tummy time or for younger babies who need prop and support while eating or nursing. 


Physical activities

Finally, a bolster pillow is not limited for use in passive activities. During exercises or yoga, why not use a bolster to help you with floor work. This can mean supporting you during stretching, leg raises, or even sit-ups, especially for beginners. 


Types Of Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows come in different sizes, so you should select the product that would be ideal for your usage. However, you can also differentiate these pillows depending on their material or stuffing. These included polyester, foam, cotton, and microbeads, but some manufacturers may use other fillings or combine them. 

Foam bolster pillows are excellent for those who want to use the bolster pillow for support. They are firm and also durable for daily wear and tear, while microbeads feel soft and moldable for cuddling. On the other hand, polyester and cotton can provide the full and snug look best for decorative bolster pillows. 


How To Wash A Bolster Pillow

Washing and cleaning a bolster pillow is no different than other pillows. This means checking the label beforehand to know the manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid damaging your material accidentally. If you made your own bolster pillow cover, you could choose the fabric that is easy to wash and remove that you can clean more often than the pillow itself. 

You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine using warm water and mild detergent. For the machine, always select the gentle cycle and use a laundry bag if necessary. Never use bleach and fabric softeners because they might be too harsh for the pillow. 

Finally, air-dry your bolster pillow and cover to prevent mold growth. You can use the dryer’s tumble dry or low heat setting to dry the materials for you in some cases. Make sure to clean your pillow monthly, but adjust the frequency according to your usage.



The unique shape of bolster pillows makes it one of the most versatile types. In general, learning how to use bolster pillow introduces you to the two best ways. For starters, you can use a bolster pillow on your couch or bed as a throw pillow. 

You can play with sizes, colors, and textures and arrange your bolster with other decorative pillows. This pillow’s shape is also useful for encouraging a neutral sleeping posture by filling the gap between the body and the mattress. More so, you can have your bolster elevate your limbs to improve circulation while lounging. 

Speaking of support, even babies can benefit from a bolster pillow. It can prop them while nursing, eating, or even when they are exploring during tummy time. And finally, why not get active with your pillow while doing yoga and exercises and have it support you?