Who Made The First Pillow? History Explained Easily

If you’re curious about who made the first pillow, you’ll be taken back to ancient Mesopotamia. It’s truly amazing how something easy to buy or make at home nowadays has been around for a long time. This just goes to prove how the pillow is essential, regardless of the timeline.

If you’re interested in the history of the humble pillow, you came to the right article. You’ll find out how this item became a must-have for every home. Furthermore, be amazed at the uses of pillows back in the day. 

Who Made The First Pillow


The History Of Pillows

Learning about pillows’ history might shock you because of the interesting facts that you don’t know about this nifty household item. And while there is no record of the name of the person who invented the pillow, different civilizations can take credit for its birth. 


Who made the first pillow?

The exact origin of pillows and their usage is unknown, but the earliest record was in Mesopotamia. During this time, having and using pillows is a status symbol of wealth. The more pillows you own, the wealthier you are. 

One can also trace the first use of pillows in ancient Egypt. The wooden and stone pillows or headrests are used on the mummies underneath their heads to symbolize life’s essence. Interestingly, some animals have also shown the significance of using something to rest themselves on for head and neck support. 


Where do pillows come from?

Earlier civilizations have used different kinds of materials for pillows. For example, stone pillows are recorded in Mesopotamia to keep insects from crawling into the body. They may not be as comfortable as the soft ones we have now, but these stone pillows did their job well of keeping insects from ears, eyes, and nose. 

Furthermore, stones are difficult to source during this period, so only wealthy people have these stone pillows. On the other hand, the ancient Chinese civilization used bamboo, bronze, porcelain, and jade for their pillows. This is because the materials offer health benefits, but they never used softer pillows because they believed that they would steal the body’s energy. 


When do soft pillows start?

So far, the earlier civilizations opt for hard materials to use for pillows. When or who started using softer materials that are evident to the pillows we use in modern times? The first record of soft pillows was from ancient Greeks and Roman

They used a cloth filled with softer materials like straw, cotton, and reeds. Interestingly, they also started the use of down feathers for pillows. Using down feathers is a luxury during this period where only the wealthy have them, which is fascinating since down pillows tend to be pricier nowadays as well. 


When do pillows become common?

A trend you have probably noticed through the early history of pillows is that only the wealthy can acquire them, and they are a status symbol. It is not until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution that pillows became affordable, and almost every home can have them. The affordability and demand paved the way for pillows’ mass production with the help of technology. 


Who started the use of decorative pillows?

As you have read, pillows’ use started from protecting the body from insects to improving health and achieving comfort. One may wonder who started using pillows as ornaments, which is what we see now with throw pillows and other decorative types. The answer to this is that the practice began in the Victorian Era, where they used pillows in couches and chairs. 


The Pillows We Have Today

It’s truly fascinating to read how pillows began, and you’ll notice the history’s influence on the pillows we have and use today. For example, you can find various types of pillows ranging in the materials they use, how they look, and how you can use them. It would be impossible to list every type because of these multiple categories. 

The primary purpose of pillows is to ensure that we sleep comfortably. Nowadays, we have pillows that you can use for the whole body, and there are also smaller ones that target a specific part. With the different materials ranging from memory foam, polyester to even down, one can feel supported and relieve pressure. 

Modern pillows even come in different shapes, which are useful not just for sleeping. The bolster and square shape pillows, for example, are excellent ornamental and conversation pieces for the room. Finally, we also developed health pillows to alleviate the discomfort of conditions and illnesses.  



Do you ever wonder how pillows came into existence? For example, who made the first pillow? The earliest record of this household must-have dated back to Mesopotamia.  

Throughout the years, different civilizations used various materials and utilize pillows uniquely. However, a trend you’ll notice is that pillows were only available for the wealthy. Over time, people started using more comfortable and softer materials for pillows, and they also became available for the masses. 

Indeed, it’s a good read to find out how something we overlook has such rich history. Nowadays, we have created different types of pillows to suit every need. We even started using pillows as decorations!