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What Is A Bolster Pillow? Everything To Know

If you’re curious about what is a bolster pillow, it’s simply a cylindrical throw pillow. Homeowners often use bolster pillows as decorations because of their unique shape and size. However, these pillows are also useful in other ways

One can use a bolster pillow similar to how you can take advantage of a roll pillow. The cylindrical shape makes ideal support under the neck or back or even as an elevation for legs. Learn more about this versatile pillow below. 


What’s A Bolster Pillow?

A bolster pillow can be interchangeable with a roll pillow because of its cylindrical shape. Because of this exact shape, bolster pillows make excellent support in various regions of the body; hence the name bolsters or “to support.” You can also experiment with the stuffing you’ll use in a bolster pillow to find the ideal fit for your intended use. 

Remember that while bolster pillows can become supportive pillows, it’s also common for homeowners to use them as decorative pieces. Ideally, you want to have firm bolster pillows for aesthetic purposes. You can place these cylindrical pillows in sofas or beds as adornments and add a unique appeal to the setting. 

If you want to use a bolster pillow, you can treat it like a body pillow. Hugging it can help align the spine, and the act of cuddling can stimulate the release of feel-good hormones. And depending on the size, you can place your bolster pillow under the legs, back, or neck to maintain a good posture and alleviate pain or inflammation. 


Types Of Bolster Pillows

You can distinguish bolster pillows based on their sizes and materials. This could mean a different cover or stuffing, depending on the manufacturer or if you make one yourself. A common material for bolster pillows is cotton because of its soft texture, and you can also find it in decorative bolster pillows. 

Another material that is relatively easy to find is polyester, but you can select foam and microbeads instead if you want a more comfortable experience. Foam is highly durable, but some also like the tiny massaging feel of microbeads. More so, don’t be confused if you see pillows with a flat side marketed as bolsters even though they’re not a complete cylindrical shape. 


What Is A Bolster Pillow Used For?

As mentioned previously, bolster pillows are decorative pillows that you can also use for cervical, arm, and lumbar support. You can place them under your neck, back, legs, feet, and arms as you would with other roll pillows. Filling these gaps should help restore the right spine posture, whether you’re lying or sitting. 

Essentially, the loft, shape, and size of a bolster pillow make it versatile. You can add it to your decorative throw pillows to add more personality to the design, but it can also be a pillow for physical uses. Use it the same way you’ll use other pillow types like body pillows, wedge pillows, neck roll pillows, and even pregnancy pillows. 

You can even use bolster pillows to support you while you are working out. Incorporate these pillows in your leg raises and sit-ups for additional comfort and safety. And finally, a bolster pillow can work as a baby pillow and prop your little one during tummy time. 


Who Can Use A Bolster Pillow?

Anyone can use a bolster pillow as long as you know the ideal placement for it accordingly. For example, everyone can benefit from cuddling a cylindrical pillow as you would a body pillow. This can relieve stress and help straighten your spine while sleeping. 

Those who are sleeping on their back can add the bolster pillow under their backs, necks, or legs maintain a good sleeping posture, and avoid body pain. You can also elevate your head to alleviate breathing issues, or those suffering from pain due to inflammation can use a bolster pillow to improve circulation in feet and legs. Finally, pregnant women who need to sleep on their side can use the bolster pillow for support to keep them from rolling on their back. 


How To Clean Bolster Pillows

Cleaning bolster pillows are no different from cleaning other pillow types. What this means is checking the label first to know the recommendations for the material your pillow used. However, it’s common for a bolster pillow to have a removable cover that you can either hand wash or put in the machine. 

Use a gentle detergent and never harsh products to avoid damaging your pillow. More so, you don’t have to wash the pillow itself frequently. Vacuuming and exposing it to sunlight should help deodorize and remove any pathogens and dust that accumulated. And if you indeed washed your bolster pillow, it should dry thoroughly to prevent mold growth. 



Roll pillows, bolster pillows, or whatever you call them, their cylindrical shape makes them highly versatile. But what is a bolster pillow per se? You can think of it as a cylindrical throw pillow. 

It’s commonly used as a decorative piece, but you can also treat it like a body, roll, wedge, or baby pillow. You can maintain a straight spine by placing a bolster pillow under the neck or back, and you can also alleviate pressure by elevating body regions with this pillow. Some even use it for babies during tummy time, sleeping on the side while pregnant, and exercising.  

How To Use Lumbar Pillow

How To Use Lumbar Pillow. Best Overall Guide

If you want to know how to use lumbar pillow correctly, you must consider your sleeping position. Remember that lumbar pillows are essential for keeping your spine in a neutral position. However, using it will vary for every sleeping position to prevent tension and pain. 

It would help if you also considered making a lumbar pillow yourself. This way, you can modify it according to your body and needs. You can learn more about making the most of your lumbar pillow below. 


How To Use A Lumbar Pillow For Every Sleeping Position

A lumbar pillow is a useful addition when sleeping in every position. This way, you can ensure that your spine is neutral, and you can prevent back pain and other stress in different body regions. However, you should know how to use lumbar pillow according to the way you sleep. 


Back sleepers

Even though sleeping on your back is the most recommended position due to it being the closest to the natural posture, you should still place a lumbar pillow on your lower back. What this pillow does is it will fill the gap between your back and the mattress and support this region. 

Remember that the lumbar region is the place where the spine curves inward when you’re sleeping on your back. It’s one of the reasons why you might be waking up with back pain. It would be best if you also elevated your legs to help with the weight in the hips and add another pillow under your neck where there’s a space between it and the pillow or mattress. 

After placing the lumbar pillow and other additions, you should check if your ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned with each other. Using a pillow too high for the head can strain your neck, shoulder, and back. On the other hand, be sure that your lumbar pillow stays under your lower back throughout the night. 


Side sleepers

Another sleeping position that is supportive of the spine is on your side. Some people can’t sleep on their back, such as pregnant women or those suffering from breathing and acid issues. So how should you use a lumbar pillow if you’re a side sleeper?

Like sleeping on your back, you’ll notice no support between the area above the hip and the mattress. As a result, your spine bends downwards and cause straining and discomfort. Place a lumbar pillow in this region to fill the gap and support your back and use other pillows for the head, neck, shoulders, and legs.

How to achieve this? When sleeping on your side, you might benefit from a contour pillow for your head, neck, and shoulders. It has the curves to support these parts and relieve pressure. You can also add a pillow between the legs to help with the hips’ weight and encourage a neutral spine when sleeping on your side. 


Stomach sleepers

Perhaps one of the most discouraged sleeping positions is on your stomach. This is because your neck turns too far from the back, unnatural for the spine and neutral posture. However, you can still use a lumbar pillow to support healthy sleep. 

Since you flex your lower back when you sleep on your stomach, use the lumbar pillow below your abdomen to keep the spine level. It would also be best if the pillow you use is flat, similar to the one you use for your head. You can flatten a pillow, depending on the material, and use the lumbar pillow, not for the lumbar region but the pelvis area. 


What about combination sleepers?

Not everyone stays in one position throughout the night. If you’re guilty of sleeping in one position only to wake up in another, get the proper lumbar pillow to ensure that your lower back is well-supported. To complement your various switches, you should use a lumbar belt. 

What is a lumbar belt? Think of this as a pillow that surrounds your waist above the hip. Because it wraps around you, you can ensure that all sides of your lower back will be supported even if you change sleeping positions. 


Types Of Lumbar Pillows

It’s essential to experiment with pillows and sleep positions to avoid back pain. Therefore, it will be useful to know about the different types of lumbar pillows for sleep. While they may vary in materials, the most significant difference among them is their shapes. 

The most common lumbar pillows are cylindrical because you can easily slide them under the mattress gap and lower back when you sleep on your side or back. Another lumbar pillow is triangular to support the back, similar to when you use a lumbar pillow while sitting. And finally, there are lumbar belts that you can wrap above the hip, ideal for sleepers that move a lot during sleep. 



Do you frequently wake up with lower back pain? Perhaps it’s time you familiarize yourself with using lumbar pillow according to your sleeping position. For example, both back and side sleepers can fill the gap between their back and the mattress with a lumbar pillow. 

However, those who sleep on their stomach must use the lumbar pillow on the pelvis area instead. Following these guides should help keep the spine neutral and lessen the pressure on the back. It would be best that you also get the appropriate pillow for your upper and lower body. 

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