How To Turn A Mattress Into A Couch? In 4 Best Steps!

How to turn a mattress into a couch? When you are going for a mattress upgrade but still wanting to keep the old one and make use of it, you can make a couch.

In an instance that you thought of replacing your mattress with a new one but then you would want to keep it still, here is another life hack for you.

How to turn a mattress into a couch

A mattress provides comfort, and it is often used in certain things such as chairs, boats, sofa, couches, etc.

In a sense, you can use your old mattress to build any of those, but it is more efficient if you use it on something worth it.

You want to find the best choice, and for me, that is a couch. Don’t just dump your mattress. Transform it into something better and useful.


Steps To Turn A Mattress Into A Couch

When you want to make the most out of your mattress, a couch could be a possible outcome of your project. It is time to redeem yourself.

Imagine how you can save money from buying a set of couches while purchasing a new mattress to replace the old one.

So, how to turn a mattress into a couch?

Here are the things you have to follow when you want to make a couch from your old but reusable mattress.


Step #1. Gather your materials

It is the first thing one should do. You cannot do anything if you don’t have materials and tools to use.

You will need scissors, a hand saw, and a Dremel tool with a fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel for cutting the mattress.

For securing or stitching your mattress, you will need a staple gun, sewing needle, and a thread, a bunch of straight pins, a sewing machine, and pliers.

And for protection, you may use a thimble in your fingers. You will need some hand clamps and bee’s wax too.


Step #2. Cutting on the box springs

Of course, you may have an old couch.

You can use this as the basis for your measurements and estimation.

You can get your tape measure and scalpel.

Use both of these to measure and leave marks on it are where you will cut through. It is up to you to decide on this one.

Then grab your scissors and cut through the cover until the middle part and find the center of it again. Mark the springs where you will cut out. Make it visible.

Next, using your Dremel tool, cut along the springs. You may also use your hand saw if you would want to.

If it still doesn’t work, resort to the last option of using the pliers. Right after that, you can flip the springs inwards to avoid damages and injury.

Springs, when cut through getting sharp, so you have to be very careful.

You don’t want to sit on a couch that has springs going upward.

You can tie a rope within those for support.


Step #3. Cutting through the mattress

This one is not that hard since the mattress is just soft. And it doesn’t have wood in it.

Just cut through on the bed and the springs following the same steps.

Sew up the ends of both mattresses, creating a reason to form beds in two sections.

Just use short-length thread to avoid tangling and knot.

You can also sew the seam so that whatever happens on the stitched part on the mattress itself, you have a backup. Practicality is important.


Step #4. Dress it up!

After all the cutting process, which is so challenging and a bit hard to make, you are down to the last few steps that you will need to accomplish.

A sofa wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable cover.

You can lay in your fabric on the floor add markings all over using the tape measure in measuring your couch mattress.

Make sure that you have measured, including the sides of the couch mattress.

Add extra cloth for the area where you would like your zipper to be placed.

You can start sewing using your thread and needle used earlier.

Be sure to measure it first before adding the zippers to avoid headaches! Just kidding.

If you are using a fabric specially made for a couch mattress, you will have to use a thimble to help you push up the needle.

The most couch mattress cover is made of hard fabrics because it enhances the texture and the feeling of one sitting down or laying down on it.

At the bottom, when you are sticking it in to ensure you can staple gun it at the back and leave it like that for a while first.

You have to make sure it is well supported, and it won’t break or get destroyed when you sit or lay on it.

After that then you are all good.



You must know how to make use of your old thing as long as it is not that damaged yet. You spent a lot of money on that, so you have to innovate.

Good thing we answered the question “How to turn a mattress into a couch?” at least you can make use of an old mattress that you have.