How To Find A Hole In An Aluminum Air Mattress? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to find a hole in an aluminum air mattress? Have you ever experience laying down on your air mattress and suddenly felt that it deflated? That is a big problem.

An air bed mattress is one of the mattresses that gets damaged easily. Knowing it is made of rubber or plastic inflates by air once it gets poked, the air will come out.

how to find a hole in an aluminum air mattress

An air mattress with a hole or damages won’t work well. It will continue to deflate if you haven’t fixed the issue on it.

But then you should first find or locate where the issue is.

A hole must be disregarded, mostly when it is affecting your good night’s sleep.

As time goes by, the hole can grow bigger and bigger that it is harder to fix.


Steps To Find Hole In An Air Mattress

When you have an aluminum air mattress at home, you would feel how it is precisely well inflated.

The only thing that keeps your bed comfortable is the air inside it.

Come to think of what things could happen when it lacks air and goes out from time to time.

You will continue to suffer each day. You have to fix it or live with it.

Imagine pumping in air to your air mattress every day because it deflates in no time.

You have to know how to find a hole in an air mattress.

That way, you could fix the hole small while it is still tiny, and it could be patchable.

Here are the steps on how to find a hole in an aluminum air mattress:


Step#1. Remove the bed cover

It is the most top priority.

You cannot find a hole when it is all covered, so remove it.

Place your mattress cover on a clean surface or somewhere it is safe.


Step #2. Find a good spot

This step is crucial.

When you want to figure things out, you have to place your air mattress in a spacious room.

It could be in your living room.

Consider that you will have to flip it over from time to time, so space is badly needed.

You can transfer it by carrying it out of the room or by deflating it.

The place should also be quiet, has adequate lighting and safe for aluminum air mattress.

What I meant to say is it should be clean and has no spiky texture.


Step #3. Inflate the mattress

If you lifted the mattress to the living room, you would still need to inflate it to be in the right pressure and air added to it.

It will be hard for you to find the hole if it is not inflated fully. Just be careful not to overload it with air because it might rupture.


Step #4. Check the valve

One of the most important things you should do; sometimes assume that our air mattress has holes without checking the valve.

For instance, it isn’t new that your valve gets loose as time passes by.

The main problem of having an air mattress deflating over time is that the valve is not tight.

Ensure that your valve is tightly closed and that there are no gaps or open space right where it is located.


Step #5. Hear me out

After securing that your valve is tightly closed and still losing some air inside, you have to do this next step.

In this step, you will need full silence in the room.

You have to use your ears to get somehow hints of where the holes are located.

You can almost hear it when it has holes and also that when it hits your ear or face, you will that there is air coming out of one area.

Remember where that area is located. Flip your bed over and check on the other side.

It is vital to check on all sides of the aluminum air mattress to make sure.


Step #6. An eye for an eye

Here is when you should use your eyes that zoom when your partner is busy with their phones! Kidding aside, sight is indeed crucial in this step.

Grab a market with you, preferably any color that would stand out on the color of your air mattress. You will use that to mark the holes when you see it.

Right, where you have heard the sound of flowing air, use a flashlight and look for the holes.

Encircle it right where you have seen it so that you will be able to know.

Leaving marks is vital so that you wouldn’t get lost once you deflate it and prepare it for the process of patching and fixing it up.



When you have an aluminum air mattress, it is not easy to maintain one.

And that would mean you have to quality check it from time to time.

It is not recommended for long-term sleeping usage because it only uses air to support the pressure and the weight that the consumer gives.

We now have answered, “How to find a hole in an aluminum air mattress?” I hope this could help you out and that you can still fix it up.