How To Return Leesa Mattress? In 5 Easy Steps!

Has your mattress gone worse, or are you not comfortable at all? Well, this article will help you how to return Leesa mattress.

Here is a short guide:

how to return Leesa mattress

Sleep on your mattress for not more than 100 days;

Email [email protected], or call 844-335-3372;

Turn in your mattress through a charitable organization; submit the donation receipt to Leesa; and, wait within ten business days to get your full refund.

I know you cannot wait now, so enjoy reading and scroll through the article!


What Is Leesa’s Return Policy?

Leesa mattresses allow you to give back your purchased item if it is covered with their return policy.


Mattress Return Policy

Mattresses from Leesa have a 100-night trial, having your own precious time trying their product in your home.

However, the first mattress purchase only includes the trial and free return.

Leesa precisely knows that you want to try a few nights adjusting in their mattress.

With this, you are required to try their mattress for at least 30 nights from the day of its arrival.

It will give your body time adapting to the feel of your newly bought mattress at your home.

If you are not satisfied with the comfort it gives, you can apply for a return.

Your mattress should be clean; not to mention, it should be undamaged for it to be accepted by Leesa.

Damages include stained fabric, torn or ripped cover fabric, ripped or punctured foam, broken zippers, burnt cover, and others.

The mattress that you have bought should be from authorized resellers.

A perfect bed mattress will be from Krostrade. They are the best in finding the right one for you.


How To Know You Need To Replace Your Mattress?

Here are some things you need to know if your mattress has gone worse.


Old mattress

The age of your mattress must be one of the crucial things to consider. It is recommended that you replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years.


Uncomfortable sleep

A great mattress gives the best sleep. If you wake up tired or feeling drowsy, this is a sign that you need to replace it already.

Also, you are having back pain and aches when waking up when having a mattress going worse.


Visible sagging

Inspect your bed if there are signs of sagging or body impressions.

Sagging is caused by broken springs and resiliency loss. It occurs when the polyester fiber, foam, and felt compresses over a short period.

It can also produce squeaking noises that can discomfort you while sleeping.

As little as 1.5 inches, you are already prone to back pain, so with this warning, you should buy a new mattress.


Steps To Return Leesa Mattress

Here is a simple step-by-step process to how to return Leesa mattress properly with a full refund.


Step #1. Consider the time frame

You should sleep on your newly bought mattress for at least 30 days. In this period, you are free to enjoy the comfort offered by the bed mattress.

However, you should not use it for more than 100 days. In this case, you are not covered for a full refund of your purchased item.


Step #2. Contact support

Email [email protected] or call 844-335-3372.

You can also speak with a customer service agent on their website.

Prepare your order number and make sure to let them know that you’d like to return your mattress.

I recommend using the website chat with their phone numbers.

They are both the fastest ways of connecting to a representative.


Step #3. Arranging a donation

The customer care representative will ask you some questions regarding the mattress status and condition. They will assess your inquiries here.

Luckily, they are offering your mattress for a donation or a personal pickup after resolving your issue.

I strongly suggest that you donate to a local charity like the Salvation Army so someone in need can still use your pre-loved mattress.

It is also an environmentally friendly practice for Leena as they avoid throwing their mattress into landfills.

Leesa can also find you a charity that typically takes 7-10 business days and might take few weeks picking up your mattress.


Step #4. Donation receipt

After they got your mattress, you should give your donation receipt to Leesa to recognize your charitable act of kindness.


Step #5. Waiting time

Leesa will give you a full refund back to you after you submit the donation receipt to them.

Please expect the refund within ten business days.

After this, you have successfully returned your mattress. Congratulations!


To Finish

Returning your Leesa mattress only takes five simple steps to work through.

An important reminder that you should sleep on your mattress for not more than the required time frame, contact their support, and submit a donation.

Leesa will need your donation receipt and expect a full refund for ten business days.

It is good to remember the signs of a broken mattress and Leesa’s return policy.

With these, you can freely share this with your friends if they want to know how to return Leesa mattress.