Where Do I Dump A Mattress? 4 Helpful Options For You

Where do I dump a mattress?  Most of us would love to have a good sleep on our bed, especially when it gives a very comfortable and cozy feeling.

It feels like laying down upon a set of clouds.

Where do I dump a mattress

It indeed feels like heaven to rest on one of these good quality and very durable mattresses. In an instance, it is in your preference on how you would want it to feel.

Mattresses could live up to 7 – 10 years in general.

It is based on how you take care of your mattresses to live long, but you also have to consider the material used for your mattress.

Considering its materials and how it was manufactured and handled, it could give it a longer or shorter life span.

After all, mattresses are just like humans; you don’t treat them well, they’ll eventually leave.

Or not unless you would want to upgrade your mattress with something better and take you to a different comfort level, you must know how to say goodbye to it correctly.


Where To Dump A Mattress?

Where do I dump a mattress?

Dumping your mattress is not easy since you have spent a lot of time together.

Letting go is indeed challenging, but sometimes it would make your life more comfortable and even better.

When it is overused, your mattress gets very old, and it doesn’t seem comfortable anymore.

Sometimes the materials show up, and it could show signs of usage.

Or when you are thinking of just upgrading one. Either way, you should still know how to dispose of or dump your mattress correctly.

There are so many options and places where to dump your mattresses.

In case you don’t have enough idea, I will lend you some.

Stay tuned and keep on scrolling to know more, and I assure you your time would all be worth it.


Option #1. Give it to someone who can still use it

The first option of where to dump your mattress or dispose of it is to give it to someone that can still use it. In an instance, mattresses are costly to buy.

In an instance that it does not contain a lot of damages and you just went for a mattress upgrade.

Don’t think of dumping it but instead think of giving it to the less fortunate.

The way of comfort this can give to them is beyond fulfilling. You will be hitting two birds with one stone here.

You have already dumped your old mattress, and you made someone happy with your present.

You may use it, but I hope it is still handled with love.


Option #2. Innovate something for it

In an instance that you think your mattress could still be used or turned into something useful and very manageable to do, why not go for it?

There are a lot of videos, ideas you could watch online if you would want to.

A mattress is huge, and I believe it has something you could find interesting to work on with.

Do not be afraid to try and shoot your shot.


Option #3. Give and take

In this option, you can send your old mattress right where your new one came from. Isn’t that interesting?

It will be less hassle for you to carry your old mattress out and think of where you should dump it.

Some companies accept this offer, so don’t be shy to try it because it is all on you. Mattresses are sometimes still useful.

That’s why some manufacturers would accept old mattresses.

It gives a great idea of giving and take since after they give you your new mattress, they will get the old one as an exchange.

Well not really, but at least they made it easier for you to think of where to dump it.


Option #4. Wait for the garbage collector

It is essential to talk to your local garbage collectors. They can help you solve your problem.

Inform them that you have a big and bulky piece of trash which is your mattress.

Or you can tell them the moment they pick up your garbage so that the next time around, they have prepared to get larger trashes like your mattress.

Properly dumping your mattress is essential.

And if the mattress you have is very old and couldn’t be used for any instance, the only option is to throw it in the garbage; which you should consider as the only remaining option.

You cannot give or donate a mattress that is very ruined or old that it doesn’t look like it still can be used.

It would turn out as an insult if you do so; be very careful.

Sometimes you can also find someone who makes a renovation and used dumpster rental service. Ask them if they have empty space in the dumpster container for your mattress. Some people allow that.



When something you have is no longer functional, and you have to let it go because you already have a new one, find the right place where it is suited.

Dumping your mattresses won’t be easy to decide on, mostly it is bulky, but then it still has the right place where it deserves to be when it is in good condition.

And we have answered the question “Where do I dump a mattress?”

I hope that you have prepared yours and you have thought if where you should dump it in.