How To Tie Back Curtains? 5 Best Ideas For You!

Are you curious about how to tie back curtains? Doing so is just easy; you have five options to choose from. You will learn about these as you read further.

Well, curtains are one good thing you would want to have at home. It makes everything so much better.

how to tie back curtains

A curtain protects you and gives you better sleep at night by blocking light that comes through your window.

And then another thing is that curtains give you security when you are at home doing something personal.

For example, you were changing your clothes.

But then when you are done, and you need air, you have to open your windows.

That includes your curtains, of course. When curtains are not tied back, they usually close since it slips on top.

We have here simple ideas and a guide on how you can tie back your curtains to see the beautiful view outside.

Most especially when you live around a green community, you’ll see trees and plants, calming to the eyes.


Ways To Tie Back Curtains

How to tie back curtains?

When we say tie-back curtains, it is not necessarily tying it to the back of the frame only. There are times that it can be on the sides.

So, when you want to tie your curtains, there are simple steps you need to follow, and you can have something nice.

You will have to get your preferred tie-backs and gently slide your curtains. It is up to you on which side.

Either on the sides or in the middle of your frame.

If you have two curtains in one rod, you can slide them to opposite sides.

When you only have one curtain, you can compress it in the center, and you can tie it there.

Again you decide if which one you prefer most, but then we have tie-back ideas for you.

This one would help you imagine different themes and perspectives at home when you want to be a little fun and creative.


Option #1. Casual tie back

When we say casual tie back, you will use those usual ties for curtains in the stores you usually pass by.

Nothing so interesting about it, but it will maintain a simple but elegant and casual look.

The only problem you have to look for is the design and the color of tie-backs you would use.


Option #2. Seasonal tie back

Are you getting the idea for this one? If not, then I’ll spill the tea! This one is fun, especially when you enjoy having fun.

When we say seasonal, what comes to mind is spring, summer, fall, and winter.

And you will get the idea there.

You can add in decorations on simple ties by stitching or using fabric glue.

An example of spring is flowers and green grass. You can arrange it in a stick and stitch it to the tie.

The exact process goes to the other seasons as well, choose what represents a per season.

I know that your visitors will be amazed by how creative your ties are.


Option #3. Child-friendly tie

This one works for those who have kids at home.

You can make them happy by just adding ties related to what they want.

Sometimes all it takes is determination and excellent skills together with money, of course.

You can buy curtain ties designed in the shape of animals.

It is a child happy spot if ever you do it.

Having those cute toys hanging on the curtain allowing the sunlight to come in is happiness for your babies.


Option #4. Hook as tie

This one is for those who do not have enough budget to invest in ties that are pretty expensive and extravagant.

You can buy a hook and put it on the sides of your window frame and, of course, use it.

Make sure that it will not be able to get out of it. The hook facing the sides away from the window.

This one is simple, yet it can be good to look for the right colored hooks and give it a shot.


Option #5. Use magnetic tie

There are certainties in which it has magnets on both ends of it, and you insert the curtain it, and it will hold.

Simple, less hassle but a little boring on one edge, but then it is up to you to decide if you prefer most.

You can also make something about it by having good color, adding styles, and something fun.

Make it elegant by adding simple stones to buy at the supermarket and stick it to the tie.

These ties are modern, and it will help you have easier access to them, and it will not consume a lot of your time.



Upon making decisions in your life or inside your house, you need to know more about it.

You cannot be so sure when you have zero experience on that thing. Better yet, research and explore.

We have answered, “How to tie back curtains?” I hope that you have been able to learn something new today.

Your ideas that you have come to know will forever stay, and one thing more, you can always share.