How To Make Curtains Tie Backs? 6 Easy Steps To Follow!

How to make curtains tie backs? You can execute 6 steps; all of which are very easy to do, believe me!

Just read through the article, okay?

Curtain tie-backs can be the perfect finishing to your drapery or curtains.

If you are not familiar with this, they are a form of material winded around the curtain, which is then looped onto the hooks attached towards the wall.

These are beautiful accessories that are very helpful if you want to let the light enter your room.

With this, you can also show more of your creative and artsy side.

However, tie-backs do not only look great, but they are also very functional.

But remember that you need to be practical when making one.

Make sure to take into account your curtain or drapery weight.

This one is important in ensuring that you will get the suitable material to hold the curtains back successfully.

If the curtain is made of lightweight material only, then a tie-back made of any material can hold it.

For its hook, those light cups would also be sufficient in keeping it in place.


6 Easy Steps To Make Curtains Tie Backs 

As mentioned earlier, fabric tie-backs are simply rectangles of cloth that come with plastic hooks.

These hooks are attached on their end.

But its ends might also be knotted or tied together, thereby creating a loop.

So, how to make curtains tie backs?

To make one, prepare any fabric that you liked, get a measuring tape, and then follow the steps below.


Step #1. Measuring the fabric

In creating tie-backs, you need to hand your drapery or curtain first to measure the precise length you will make.

Once your curtain has been hanged already, try scooping it from your window to see if how it would look with a curtain tie back.

Get your tape measure and start looping it around the grouped curtain and take note of the inches that your tie back needs to be.

But remember to add additional inches if you intend to bow, knot, or tie it.


Step #2. Deciding the width of your tie back

In deciding the width of the tie-back, several things are to be considered.

For instance, you will need to base it on the weight of your curtains.

Remember the golden rule, the heavier your curtains, the wider is its tie-back requirement.

Aside from that, of course, you would also want to consider your personal preferences when deciding on the width.

You have to know what style are you after.

Once you have decided on this, make sure to double your desired width.

More importantly, it would help if you put an inch allowance for the seam.


Step #3. Cutting the fabric

Since you now have all of the measurements required, you can now get the fabric you choose and lay them out in your working space.

Then, cut the fabric into the proper measurements.


Step #4. Sewing the fabric

Start sewing the fabric into a long tube to make its seams.

It must be about half an inch.

The wrong side of the material must be facing outwards.

After the seams, you now have to sew an end of the curtain tie back and then push it inside out to let the fabric show’s right side.

You can do this by using a ruler.


Step #5. Sealing the fabric’s open end

It would help if you tucked in about half an inch to sell it on the open end of the fabric.

Either you do this by hand or use a glue gun in closing it.


Step #6. Finishing your curtain tie backs

Now, it is time to finish your tie-backs.

You either knot its end to make a loop which you use as a hook when attaching it to the wall.

But you might as well add wood or plastic rings if you like.

Finally, your curtain tie-backs are completed.

Meaning to say, you can now add some finishing touch onto your curtain or drapery.

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It’s A Wrap!

curtain tie-back can be an excellent finishing to your curtain or drapery.

It can add style to your window dressing.

This material is not only a cute decoration that can accentuate well with your interior decoration, but this is also functional and practical.

In most cases, finding the perfect tie-backs that can work well with your curtains and your interior design while being functional at the same time is hard.

But you can learn to make them ensure that it will match your curtain.

Making your own is also a great way to put your creative style into your home’s decorations.

Plus, you will be able to choose any fabric you like that can complement or match the fabric of your drapery or curtain.

Everything is up to you.

One tip that you have to remember is to ensure that the fabric is within the overall color scheme of the room.

If you opt for one-color or fairly neutral fabric in dressing your window, but you want to add some flavor to this basic creation, a tie-back is the answer to this.

Just choose any contrasting motif or color from among the décor of the room.

Now, you know how to make curtains tie backs!